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Alistair Overeem vs. The World

Alistair Overeem went against the grain in a sport that puts emphasis on it’s athletes cutting to the lowest fighting weight possible when he made the move up to a weight class that holds no restrictions. The Demolition Man has been carving an absolute path of destruction since abandoning the weight limitations of the 205 pound division and has found new life as a heavyweight.

Overeem laid claim to the Strikeforce heavyweight championship in November of 2007 when he stopped dangerous UFC veteran Paul Buentello with a vicious series of knees to the ribcage. The twenty eight year old Dutchman has gone undefeated in his last five mixed martial arts bouts as a heavyweight but the most awe inspiring victory of Overeem’s comeback didn’t come in an MMA bout.

On New Years Eve, Overeem knocked out the K-1 heavyweight champion at his own game. It was a crushing series of knees and fists that left feared K-1 champion, Badr Hari, in a heap and it was that same series of pulverizing strikes that has forced many of MMA’s most distinguished decision makers to take serious notice.

Overeem confirmed in an exclusive interview with that he is in talks with everybody and wants to fight everybody in 2009.

Overeem recently had the opportunity to attend UFC 93 in Ireland and had nothing but good things to say about the event.

“I thought it was great,” said Overeem. “A really good show and very enthusiastic fans. I was impressed.”

Overeem’s fans have long speculated about how he would do if was to ever enter the mix of the UFC’s heavyweight division and according to Alistair the possibility could very well become a reality sometime very soon.

“There is a interest on both sides,” confirmed Overeem. “My management is currently talking with them.”

Always one to consider his options, the 6′ 5″ powerhouse is currently in talks with every major fighting organization in the business.

“My management is talking with the UFC, K-1, Dream, Strikeforce and Affliction but there is no deal as of yet,” said Overeem. “I’m in no rush because I still have 2 fights on my Dream contract.”

Considering that Overeem had not competed in K-1 for close to five years made the impact of his win over Hari that much more significant.

“The win over Badr Hari was one of the biggest wins of my career,” said Overeem. “It was a really good win because K-1 is not my priority.”

It wasn’t just the fact that Overeem was able to finish Hari but it was the manner and the speed in which he was able to do so. The only people that it didn’t surprise, according to Alistair, was his own corner.

“Of course I was surprised at how quickly the fight was finished,” confessed Overeem. “A fight goes as it goes but my coaches told me that they had never seen me as sharp as before this fight. They knew he would go down. ”

Overeem has no plans of cutting his stint in K-1 short. If things go his way, he’ll be facing off with the 2008 K-1 World Grand Prix champion in his next kickboxing appearance. That is, if the one that is known as The Flying Dutchman accepts the already extended challenge.

“I want to face Remy Bonjasky under K-1 rules,” said Overeem. “I have already challenged him.”

According to Overeem, he has a short list of people he wants to fight in 2009 and that list has some very big names on it. A list not excluding the man that many consider to be the best fighter on the planet.

“I think Fedor is a very professional and pleasant person,” said Overeem. “I would like to fight him by the end of this year or sometime in 2010. I’m sure I will make a surprise in that fight.”

Fedor Emelianenko isn’t the only top heavyweight that Overeem has trained his sights on for the near future. Overeem wants both of the men competing in the UFC’s upcoming heavyweight championship unification, regardless of the bouts outcome.

“I would like to fight Frank Mir whether he beats Brock Lesnar or not,” said Overeem. “I think my style matches up with him perfectly.”

The last time I spoke with Alistair he told me that he felt like he could be the one to derail the freight train known as Brock Lesnar. This time Overeem confides that he doesn’t feel a possible match up between the two would have any chance of going to the judges.

“A don’t think a fight with Brock would come to a decision,” said Overeem.

It may just be heavyweights like Lesnar that have motivated Overeem to pack on massive amounts of muscle during his quest to become the best heavyweight in the world. It has been two years since he last competed at 205 pounds and has since packed on a staggering 40-50 pounds of muscle mass.

“There is some pressure to get bigger,” said Overeem. “You have to be able to counter the strength and weight but speed is also very important.”

Overeem wanted to let the world know that one of the planet’s most talked about fighters is currently accepting applications for a few good sponsors and had a few very special people he wanted to thank.

“I’m on the lookout for a good sponsor to promote the future #1 heavyweight in the world,” said Overeem.

“Many thanks to my fans all over the world. I’m getting a lot of fanmail via my website and I appreciate it a lot. Thanks to my team, they’ve been great, and thanks to my momma!”

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Gosh! He’s packed on 50 lbs of muscle in two years! I wonder how he did that? Maybe he’s one of those genetic freaks you hear about in baseball, football, or pro wrestling.

  • BigDave says:

    Ive been a fan of Overeem for a couple years now and i think he is one of the top 3-4 Hw in the world today. I would love to see him fight in north america so we would be able to see him more. and id love to see how he would stack up to guys like Fedor, Mir(who im still not really sold on but looked good last time out) an Brock lesnar who I see as the benchmark for the progression of the Hw division. if he signs with the ufc id like to see him first fight up and commer Cain Valasquez to gauge exactly what lvl he is at in MMA then it off to a Chamionship match for the winner of that fight. but regardless how it goes ill be watching overeem fight for years to come.

  • Scott says:

    I’m not sure if the UFC would match an up-and-comer like Valasquez aginst a veteran like Overeem for his first fight. I’d mentioned in another artlice on Overeem that I think Heath Herring would make a great gatekeeper for Overeem.

  • htown-chris says:

    true enough overeem is a good fighter, but 40-50 lbs of muscle mass in two years. not water weight that he would carry around before cutting to 205, muscle mass. i dont think im the only one when is say thats alot of f’ing muscle. he must be on the barry bonds home fitness program.

  • stinkfist says:

    How does anybody pack on 40 pounds of muscle in just two years??? Is that even naturally possible?

    Either way, Overeem is a complete beast and he would be a handful for ANYONE in the UFC.

  • ACK! says:

    Overeem vs. Arlovski needs to happen. In my opinion, that’s potentially one of the best heavyweight matches any promotion could make at this point.

  • Jay says:

    Overeem would be awesome to have in the UFC. How about Overeem vs. Big Nog in his debut? I still cant get over the sight of him completely dominating Cro Cop. Cro Cop looked scared and wanted nothing to do with a rematch .

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    It’s a minor point, but Bonjasky is known as “The Flying Gentleman”.

  • Meatloaf says:

    Cro Cop was at no point “scared” against Overeem .
    You don’t get to the level of fighting in both K-1 and MMA by being scared of your opponents.
    Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Brandon says:

    He easily was cutting down 20 lbs when he used to fight at LHW. I don’t think it’s far fetched that he put in the other 20-30 lbs in muscle. His frame definitely supports HW much more then him being shriveled up at 205…

  • ryan says:

    Overeem vs. Herring would be over quicker than the first time my mushrum landed in a juicey flower!!!!!!!!
    Alister in the first round

  • ultmma says:

    what a great comeback story for Alister. talk about about completely reinventing your career.

    the guy’s strikers are dangerous. he’s a threat on the feet to anyone in the HW division

  • benni says:

    I like Overeem, I rate him as a top 5 MMA fighter in the world right now. Easily. But as impressive as his win over Hari was, I cant be the only one who expected it. I predicted he would win on decision though. With that in mind, I’m looking forward to seeing him face Remy (my fave K-1 fighter). Badr Hari is good, but he isnt as cerebral as Remy – watch the K-1 GP 2008 final – so Overeem would likely have a tougher fight. Either way, in both K-1 and UFC, I can see him putting a lot of favoured guys on their behinds.

  • ctateo says:

    Hilarious fanboyism…….

    the guy is Strikeforce HW Champ
    Pride Veteran
    Just beatdown the K-1 HW Champ

    and people think he is going to face gatekeepers if he comes to the UFC? He should face one of the top 4 HW’s. Big nog is perfect, then maybe Loser of Mir/Lesnar, then the champ……………..

  • txmma says:

    We can only hope he is roidin up. Bring back knees to ground opponent and soccer kicks
    Let’s bring back the old school mark kerr types.

  • txmma says:

    Lets hope he is roiding up. Bring back soccer kicks and knees to a ground opponent. I miss the days of huge heavy weights like Mark Kerr and Goodridge weighing in at 250s all muscle. Now all we get are tons of light weights and “gentleman’s agreements” before fights (i.e. Davis vs Lytle, Frank Sham vs. Lee) or even more bs like Ken Sham vs. Kimbo. My point? Oh yah, so what is Overeem shoots up. Many fighters especially in light hvy weight and up do. I just wonder how he will do with the cage and no knee to grounded opponent.

  • ryan says:

    All K-1 will be aired on HDNET live and replay but the new years event was not on there because of some difficulty with the Japanes government but anyways its good to see someone on here that actually likes all types of fighting. i think that this website is biased to the ufc and does a very poor job covering the world of mma and its a shame because i have seen Sam and some of the other writers talk in interviews and on tv.


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