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Alistair Overeem confirms UFC interest

Alistair Overeem had a very impressive 2008. He made the permanent transition to heavyweight and left many opponents in his wake. He defeated Tae Hyun Lee, Mark Hunt, and Gary Goodridge. Overeem was also dominating Mirko Cro Cop before an unintentional knee to the groin forced an early stoppage. Had Overeem finished Cro Cop, Overeem would certainly have garnered some consideration for fighter of the year.

Now, it appears Overeem has interest in fighting for the UFC. At UFC 93 in Dublin, Ireland, Overeem spoke with UFC President Dana White about possibly joining the promotion.

“I talked with Alistair Overeem,” said White. “He said, ‘yeah, let’s do it.'”

Even though Overeem was excited about the UFC, White stated that negotiations are far from complete.

“I have to talk to his managment,” White said.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Damn management always getting in the way and junk.
    I hope it happens.

  • Scott says:

    How about a fight against Heath Herring to welcome him to the UFC?

  • Austin says:


  • Chris says:

    This would be huge for the UFC HW div, Overeem would be a big pick up for the UFC. With Brock and Mir, Randy, Nogs, Carwin, kongo, Gonzaga, Cain V all in the mix, picking up Overeem would be great. Lets hope the UFC can make it happen.

    Then we need Lawler, Jake Sheilds to come to the UFC.

    And with the WEC, I want Kid, maybe Brian Cobb, M 16 for the Fly div, and get FW Rafael Assuncao, I think he is a free agent, that would be a good pick up.

  • kidneybeans says:

    Just my opinion but I don’t think Overeem has what it takes for the UFC heavyweights, the names he’s beaten lately aren’t exactly guys in the prime of their careers.

    The Badr Hari devastation was impressive and so well deserved for a tool like Badr Hari, but it was after all in K-1. And I don’t know the exact numbers but it looked to me like Overeem significantly outweighed Hari in that fight, an advantage he would not have against many UFC heavyweights.

  • Rich B says:

    He still has 2 fights on his Dream contract. Straight from his own mouth, on a previous post on this site. So it’ll be a while until he can go there in the first place. And if he really wants to fight both Fedor and Remy, it’ll be a *really* long time. In short, don’t hold your breath just yet.

  • EamonJGod says:

    I feel bad for Cro Cops nuts, they haven’t had a good time the last two years.

  • branigan007 says:

    i like Overeem, but i do think he’s just over deserved heat and way more props than i think he’s really earned in 2008.

    Tae Hyun Lee who’s only MMA win (out of three trys) is against a guy with a 13-23 record.

    Hunt lost it a tad as well, as he’s currently on a four fight losing streak. all to pretty decent… ok, exceptional competition (Fedor, Barnett, Mahoef) , but he’s lost three of those fights within 2 minutes or less.

    i also believe Badr Hari had just fought in the major K-1 tournament for 3 or more matches not even a month earlier so i don’t know if he woulda been completely prepared.

    CroCop? i don’t think he’s got it anymore. i hope i’m wrong, but it wasn’t even a victory and it’s nothing to brag about or be given props for as of yet.

    and Goodridge? man…. i use to love this guy, but he’s another that is definitely way past his prime and a stud like Overeem shouldn’t be looking at this win as a huge stepping stone to greatness. Goodridge is also on a 4 fight losing streak and is also hasn’t won a Kickboxing match in 10 tries.

    i do think Overeem would look good in the UFC, but seriously? i like this site, but i’m finding myself questioning the integrity of the reporting here when the reporters are talking about Overeem “garner(ing)ed some consideration for fighter of the year.” with these kind of credentials


  • CubanLinx69 says:

    Overeem would be an excellent addition to the UFC HW division.

  • Big Perm says:

    Alistair has what it takes to compete in the UFC’s HW division. He has a decent ground game, not great, but its there. he might run into trouble seeing as how the top of the UFC HW foodchain is dominated by wrestlers and ground fighters, but he would be top 2 best strikers if not the best, in the division bar none. Regardless, this is big if the UFC can pull it off. Also heard they were in talks with Semmy schilt too, not so amped about that (Tim Sylvia 2 IMO).


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