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Report: Camp for B.J. Penn files complaint against Georges St. Pierre

Las Vegas – During Saturday’s UFC 94 main event that featured UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre defending his title against UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn, Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer could be seen entering the cage between rounds.

Kizer approached the corner for St. Pierre and the two parties exchanged words. At the time, the nature of the conversation was unclear but the blog is now reporting that Penn’s camp has filed a formal complaint with NSAC.

According to Cage Potato, Penn’s camp has accused one of St. Pierre’s cornermen of applying Vaseline to St. Pierre’s back between rounds. It’s an accusation that was supported by UFC President Dana White during the event’s post-fight press conference.

“I saw the commission jump up there and flipping out,” Cage Potato quotes White as saying.  “They said one of the guys was rubbing Vaseline on Georges’ back in between rounds. It was one and two, I think.

“The guys from the athletic commission went up there and started screaming at them. Knocked the Vaseline and kicked the Vaseline out of the Octagon.”

Regardless of what the commission decides, it’s very unlikely that NSAC would rule to change the outcome of the fight. At most, if a corner person is determined to have committed the alleged act, he could face displinary action on an individual basis.

“Some Vaseline on a guy’s back didn’t change the outcome of that fight, but you don’t do it,” White stated.

  • KTru says:

    Ok before most of you out there start flipping out. BJ did not make this accusation, and if supported by White, then should be reviewed. However, the vasoline or whatever, would not have changed the outcome. GSP thoroughly dominated, and most of you know that.
    Lets take a wait and see approach before 90% of you jump down BJ and his camps throat. You know you are going to do it, and call BJ and Dana everything in the book. Stuff that has been said before and redundant rhetoric.
    Try and have a legitimate opinion, without looking like a complete douche.

  • patrik says:

    Couldn’t agree more.
    Im a GSP fan and i think that all GSP fans shouldn’t jump the gun on this, obviously GSP beat him, and if the claims are substantiated, and they fight again, GSP will dominate again.
    As far as i know, the original objections were directly from the NSAC, not Penn’s camp.
    Even Dana said that GSP dominated and that vaseline wouldnt have made a difference.
    So lets listen to KTru and reserve our judgements until some valid and official info comes to light.

  • mikemick says:

    I would think White would NOT want any controversy. Especially when it involves his biggest fight ever (or one of). The fact that he has addressed the issue gives instant credibility to it. Now whether it changes the outcome of the fight is a different story. Most people would say it doesn’t (and I would agree). But, rules are rules. It’s not like they didn’t know that this was illegal. The biggest question is why would you attempt something like this when it is obvious that you are winning the fight? Another question that I think about is has GSP been doing this in his previous fights, and just finally got his hand caught in the cookie jar? I wonder if other fighters will now come out and say “Yeah, he put Vaseline on his body when he fought me also.”

  • ctownhood says:

    OK..I’ll start by saying BJ is my fav fighter. GSP dominated the whole fight. I don’t think the outcome would have been any different. But..I do hope this brings some criticism to GSP. Yoshihiro Akiyama is hated in Japan and Korea and labeled as a cheat for applying lotion to his body in MMA matches, and to his gi in judo tournaments. GSP is good enough that he doesn’t need to do something like this. I though it was strange how easily he pulled out of triangle attempts and BJ’s rubber guard.

  • mikemick says:

    This story is featured on another site as well. They give a little bit more details. Apparently the NSAC witnessed the application of Vaseline to GSP’s back and had them remove the Vaseline immediately. So it appears that he actually never fought with Vaseline on his back.

  • BigDave says:

    This ia Just what i expected to happen BJ Penn and his cronies encluding Dana White need to bitch and moun beacause they didnt get what they want. Penn is a fucking piece of garbage and if i never see him fight again i would be a very happy man. GSP is the best fighter on the planet by far, he has no equal but he doesnt speak well so Dana hates that he is the flagship of his company. Fuck Penn, Fuck Dana.

  • Grappo says:

    little irrational hatred there BigDave?

  • Max says:

    It’ll be a shame to see this taint an otherwise dominating victory.

  • BigDave says:

    Nope just genuine unadulterated hatred Grappo.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    As the subordinate Vice Chairman of Vaseline Products Canada Inc.,I approve this thread.

  • BigDave says:

    BJ Penn has filed a complaint with the Nevada State Athletic Commission after Vaseline was applied to Georges St-Pierre’s back between the second and third rounds of their UFC 94 headliner.

    During a post-fight appearance on ESPN’s MMA Live St-Pierre explained that one of his trainers applied Vaseline to his face between the first and second rounds then rubbed his back with the same hand between the second and third rounds, accidentally applying some remaining Vaseline to his back. An NSAC official who witnessed the transfer had the Vaseline immediately wiped off with a towel.

    Little is likely to come of the complaint as St-Pierre was already dominating Penn prior to the incident and the substance was immediately removed, ensuring that it had no effect on the bout’s outcome, however we’ll pass along more information on the situation when it becomes available.

  • Jeff L says:

    Awesome. This is perfect for BJ and his superfans who gloss over every loss and still proclaim him basically undefeated. We can file this one with the seperated rib and other handy dandy things.

  • Mbreckles49 says:

    An epic battle between one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world…

    and a guy with a 13-5 record.

  • Handover Fist says:

    GSP is my favorite fighter in MMA and while I admire BJ’s skills I think he is a total punk.

    With that said if GSP’s corner men where doing this with his knowledge then I’ve just lost some respect for GSP. Don’t pretend to respect your opponent by bowing to his corner when you enter the ring and then have Vaseline applied to your back.

  • Grappo says:

    At one point during the fight when BJ was on his back, he kept throwing his legs up and GSP kept slipping right out of it. I said to my firends that GSP must be one slippery SOB. Not that vaseline had anything to do with it. Just a funny coincidence to come on here and read this article.

    I’m a huge BJ fan (GSP as well) but it’s really hard to root for a guy that comes in so obviously unprepared. Take this f’ing seriously.

  • ice05 says:

    “With that said if GSP’s corner men where doing this with his knowledge then I’ve just lost some respect for GSP. Don’t pretend to respect your opponent by bowing to his corner when you enter the ring and then have Vaseline applied to your back”

    the vaseline incident happened in between rnd 2 to 3. i saw one of the regulators ask for the towel and WIPE it..

    if youre goin to loose respect put it where its due…the CORNERMAN… do you honestly think that if he was goin to cheat he’d start now? akiyama is a KNOWN cheat…

    if you watch the intermissions, youd see all GSP was doing was LISTENING… the guy was rubbing his sore-ass back you jackass

  • Chad says:

    If GSP is so great I would like to see him have the balls to go up and fight Anderson Silva. The UFC welterweight division seems watered down at best anymore!

  • Grappo says:

    Most of the divisions aren’t that weak imo… it’s just that some of them have titans at the top, and they overshadow everyone else. BJ, GSP and Silva make tough contenders look weak by comparison.

  • mikegspfan says:

    If gsp had been covering himself in vaseline for any of his past fights there would have been plenty of complaining going on for quite some time now by his list of fallen oppenents. (Matt Serra – complaining, need I say more)
    Also a commission official witnessed the vaseline application, entered the ring and it was emmediately removed before the fight continued.
    Now, had it have been on gsp all along you can be sure (that as far as complaining goes) the penn team would have screaming murder during the fight.
    There’s no way gsp has been doing this all along, nor is there any reason why he needs too.
    Penn simply got his ass kicked by a far superior fighter.
    Gsp rules, so does wanderlei.

  • MONEYMATT420 says:

    Please!!! GSP had to grab bj’s shorts just to get him down, then looked slippery than a whore in a gang bang. everytime bj’s legs went up gsp slipped right out. EVERTIME!!! gsp bout got a point taken for blows to the back of the head, was warned bout grabbin shorts then bitched out for usein vasoline. COme ON!!! WEAK

  • perfecto says:

    GSP is my favorite fighter and if he really had vaseline rubbed on his back with the intention of cheating then I s dissapointed in him but as previously stated it looks to be more the corner man and it was wiped off anyway.

    But its not like having vaseline on his back helped him dominate the stand up game or make him get better takedowns. All it really could do is make his back slippery but in a triangle penns legs would be wrapped around GSPs head and shoulder not the middle of his back and penn didnt get that chance very offten anyway. GSP beat on him in side mount and full mount alot not so much guard.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Speaking of corners, the mikes illustrated something interesting. Greg Jackson gave GSP some meaningful advice, but I didn’t hear anything substantive from Penn’s corner. It’s great to have your friends and family support you, but he should consider a more professional approach. Maybe there wasn’t anything to be said, but I doubt it.

  • mikegspfan says:


    Gsp fights deadly guys in a cage for a living, and dominates. I don’t think there’s any doubt the guy has balls.
    Will he lose down the road again? Probably at some point. All the greats have, Iceman, Wand, Penn, Hendo, Franklin,……….
    Gsp is just simply on a completely different level than any one else. For that reason and Dana new found love for super fights $$$$$$, I’m positive you will see Gsp vs Silva, and the winner is a toss up, but as far as the deeper skill set its Gsp, not taking anything away from Silva – he’s also on a whole different level.

  • Rich S. says:

    I don’t know if THIS is what i expected, but i expected something along these lines..

    you see, in the first bout, both guys gave it there all, and BJ was able to say that he and many others felt that he won..

    and now, in this bout, there STILL wasn’t a decisive victory [and by decisive i mean, HE didn’t tap, HE didn’t get knocked out, and HE didn’t quit]… with no KO or Submission, BJ can still say whatever he needs to to get yet another rematch..

  • Grappo says:

    All it really could do is make his back slippery but in a triangle penns legs would be wrapped around GSPs head and shoulder not the middle of his back and penn didnt get that chance very offten anyway.

    Penn’s legs slipped off GSP’s back and shoulders numerous times (look at 4:00-3:00 of the 2nd round), and it looked to me like he was possibly trying to position for a triangle attempt, or at the very least, control GSP and stop him from posturing up, which is pretty important too.

    Again, I don’t think vaseline had anything to do with that. Just pointing out that a slippery back (or any body part really) can really screw things up. Vaseline didn’t cause his loss. His lack of conditioning and GSP’s smothering onslaught did.

  • james says:

    Thiago Alves will defeat GSP, and Kenny Florian will defeat BJ Penn, proving that neither of the 2 guys are anythin special.

  • Johnathon says:

    Well, all I have to say is the fight was a huge yawn from the opening bell, and UFC’s starting to lose any excitement because everyone ‘respects’ eachother now. I mean what happened to the Tito Ortiz days, UFC has gone down hill since then..

  • nick says:

    Didn’t Tito Ortiz accuse Rashad Evans of being slippery during their fight?

    Kinda funny since they both train together

  • rob says:

    Chad, the welterweight division seems watered down because GSP has beaten EVERYONE in the division. How can you think he has no balls, are his shorts not tight enough for you.

  • Grappo says:

    @ james – wtf are you smoking. they are both incredible fighters, future hall of famers, and both Florian and Alves would be the first to admit that. What does a fighter have to do to be exceptional in your eyes?

    @ Johnathon – yeah, respect totally sucks doesn’t it. F these guys, all respecting each others abilities and shit. Wusses.

  • GNL says:

    First off Congrat’s to George!I also am a proud Canadian,like George.This does put a pinch in the US fight market,to some.George is bigger then the North American scene though.Its not Canada vs US.Its George vs the world.He wants his name held in the hightest esteem.This fight in my eyes is the high point of his career,but not the fight that makes him the best ever!!He has to keep on winning against the best fighters in the world.He just might be the best welterweight ever,but only time will tell.He was mentally on top of his game and if he has found a new sure way of getting to that stage on will,then he will stike fear in most any welterweight in the world.Thanks George!!!

  • Samiboy says:

    Why does a fighter have to move up in weight class to be great??? GSP isn’t dumb enough to climb up to 185 to fight Silva and what could possibly be an amazing fight, but at the same time given the amazing skills Silva has and his HUGE reach advantage could possibly overwhelm GSP being 5’10. GSP is at his prime right now, and he seems almost untouchable at weltherweight, and with that said, he will eventually slow down. MMA has gotten so much bigger and so many talented young fighters emerge every day. GSP’s skills and dominance in his division is a phase. Is there anyone else at 170 left to beat? Dana should start shopping for more complete fighers, not wrestling champs, or BJJ black belts, or boxers.

  • MonsterBoy says:

    BJ Penn is a little bitch and punk. He did all this talking before the fight and was too cocky and got exactlt what he deserved: AN ASS BEATING!!!! Humble yourself you stupid little bitch. I used to like him until I saw his big fat mouth over the previews to the fight. His brother said that muscles and athleticism didn’t matter. What a joke. A far superior conditioned athlete will always do better than a marshmellow michelin chubby bastard. HUMBLE YOURSELF you hawaiin prick. Grow up and get a brain before mouthing off. St. Pierre was nothing but humble and I am glad to see that finally a nice guy can finish on top and totally dominate this big mouth chubby bastard. BJ Penn’s mouth is much bigger than his brain and he bit off way more than he can chew. he is an arrogant prick and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him get outclassed and dominated the whole fight. You dumb asses blaming the vaseline are just cry-baby jack-asses and poor sports like your fat little out of shape fighter. Penn would get his ass kicked by many boxers in his weight class even if they had to wear boxing gloves and he could use his legs, grapple, or whatever. BTW, Dana White is a little bitch too. He has a bigger mouth that his brains as well. Just because he has tons of cash does not make him smart. He is an un-humble prick. Stop crying bitches. And BJ Penn, stop eating so much hawaiian meat. His mom was even not very humble. Maybe all that money got to his head. Florian isi going to kick his little fat ass too. Justice was served and Penn, ” who is the little bitch now?” FATTY!!!!!!!

  • benkordus says:

    didnt change the fight…maybe…
    but maybe that is why bj couldnt keep his rubber guard?

    a great fighter like gsp doesnt need that shit…whoever applied should be fined heavily. if gsp knew about it…damn…a lot of respect is gone.

    a fan of both fighters.


  • rachael says:

    I think that no one can handle the fact that Bj Penn is a quater of the fighter that GSP is and are finding every reason to pick this fight apart… face it vaseline or no vaseline he got POUNDEDDDDD!!!!!! REMATCH same thing will happen all over again… GSP IS THE CHAMPION :p

  • mikegspfan says:

    re comments: Moneymatt420

    What seems to be really weak here is your knowledge of mma. I’ll give you the short pulling incident, although I’ll have to watch it again to be sure!!
    However gsp doesn’t have to pull shorts to get guys down, did you watch the fight? How many times did gsp take penn down – several. I suppose he pulled the shorts everytime did he? He uses skill.

    As for the shots to the back of the head. If penn turns his head to avoid an incoming bomb from the top and it lands to the back of the head, whats gsp to do? Stop the punch in mid air? Watch the fight!!!! Pay attention to whats going on!!! Did you see the shot to the back of the head gsp took while ducking under a Matt Serra bomb in their first fight? That’s the shot that dazed him and allowed the beating that followed. However as much as I dislike Serra, do I think he did it intentionally – no!!!! thats just the way the shots land sometimes when your trying to avoid punishment!! Again I say pay attention!!!

    As far as the vaseline goes – you can’t hide the fact that your covered in a slippery coat of lube. Penn would have noticed, the ref would have noticed, and besides it was all wiped completely off before the next round started – pay attention!!! Gsp slipped out every time because of his posturing up to avoid submissions, its called skill. Learn something about mma and pay attention!!!

    Finally your comment as slippery as a whore in a gang bang – Which one of The Trailer park Boys are you anyway??????

  • JOe K. says:

    Chad – “If GSP is so great I would like to see him have the balls to go up and fight Anderson Silva.”

    Just wait

  • t says:

    All of you BJ fans are just looking for some excuse why he lost so bad. He lost because GSP is the bigger , stronger and more talented fighter and that’s all there is too it.

    I dont want to see GSP vs Anderson same reason i don’t want to see GSP vs BJ Penn . The bigger fighter will always win. GSP is a 170 fighter and doesn’t need to be moving up weight just so the UFC can bring in more cash.
    If the fight does happed Gsp with beat him Anderson is one of the most over rated fighters there is.

  • JOe K. says:

    I am a huge GSP fan and always have been however if you watch the fight the rounds in between 1 and 2 then 2 and 3 look a little shifty.

    I suppose we’ll leave it for the commission to decide.

    GSP’s corner are such students of the Martial arts they could be using some acupressure massage or some other technique that looks like attempts to put on vaseline.

    It’s hard to say for sure but so far with GSP’s personality would lead me to believe that it is unintentional.

    They should review other fights to see if it is an issue.

    Also, was Greg Jackson in Roger Huertas corner during the Florian fight because Florian went on record to say Roger felt very slippery.

    Greg Jackson would then be the common denominator a little Bill Belichick syndrome.

  • Jon Jones says:

    I was personally at the fight and what hasn’t been written about but I am sure of is that Chuck Liddell is the one who brought this to the NSAC’s attention. I pointed out to my friend sitting next to me that Chuck got up out of his seat during the fight. He walked over to some elderly guy, (assumingly the NSAC), pointed in the corner of GSP and started talking to him. Liddell had a good view of this as he was seated directly behind GSP’s corner and Liddell being a BJ Penn fan, I have no doubt now as to what the conversation was about. Chuck even sat back down, and got back up to point it out again the next round. This is the point when Dana walked over to the two and all three were talking. As this was going on I told my friend that Liddell is seeing something wrong in GSP’s corner and I was sure there would be an article on it. It all makes sense now.

  • tom cruise says:

    Multiple points

    Shots to the back of the head Frency kept hitting him not when he was turning his head but once it was turned 20+ times

    Vasaline might rub off but an oily substance is still left and mix water and vasaline and it is slippery. Cant keep guard or do subs when someone is slippery that is why more subs come early in fights than late when people are slippery. You cant tell me if you cant keep guard, cant hold a sub etc that it does not change the outcome of the fight. Fight needs to be declared a NC or switched into penns favor. I cant stand penn so dont flame me

  • tim mcnamara says:

    if you keep in mind bj’s failed attempts to obtain high guard slipped several times early on….i don’t know that i would say it had NO effect on the outcome…..

  • mikegspfan says:

    this oily substance that would be left over, would be all over penn’s legs as well as gsp’s back after the submission attempts. So why was there no mention of this by penn or his corner?

    RE: Rich S.
    I didn’t see bj objecting to his corner quitting on his behalf, so effectively bj did quit. I don’t like bj, but there would have been a decisive victory very shortly had bj not quit, and it truely would have been terribly damaging for penn. He made the only choice he could make, regardless if he said it or his corner said it.
    I quit.

  • Joseph says:

    BJ Penn got his ass handed to him and hes just looking for a way to try and somehow turn the attention off of his lack of conditioning and poor performance by trying to make GSP look like a cheater. BJ looked like shit and I could have kicked his ass last night after watching that performance from him.

  • Bradical says:

    F–k Penn’s corner…can anyone make a complaint for them about whining & quitting a fight? Go to Hawaii & take more time off like Penn did. Then when u get ready for a fight come back w/some competition…Penn’s corner are a bunch of pussies!

  • TerribleT says:

    If this turns out to be true then I surely hope that the cornerman that did it gets suspended for at the very least 1 year.Everybody knows without a doubt that VASELINE is definitely against the rules and banned from being applied to any part of a fighters body PERIOD!!!!!! There are NO EXCUSES WHATSOEVER for having used it if he in fact did!!!!!!!!!! Hell even a LIFETIME BAN MIGHT BE APPROPRIATE!!!!!!

  • EH says:

    “Tom Cruise” has a great point about the residual Vaseline on GSP’s back. You really need soap and water to get Vaseline off your skin; a towel and less than 60 seconds between rounds is not going to get rid of it all.

    I know its hindsight, but I thought it was amazing how he was slipping in and out BJ’s guard. Regardless, I wouldn’t say it won him the fight and I wouldn’t blame him(GSP) for the transgression.

  • josh-wa says:

    If you watch the fight again phil nurse (GSP’s cornerman) he had the glob of vaseline on his left fore hand and dip his right finger tips in it to apply to his face then he takes his left hand with no vaseline on it to rub his back to help his breathing and if there was anything on his back it was wiped off in the begining of the rounds by the NSAC

  • Dawei says:

    I wish someone would just ask BJ his opinion. In fact, I would love to hear his thoughts on the fight overall and whether or not he will be able to recuperate without brain damage. The man has a lot of pride, to be sure, but he also has a lot of talent.

    I don’t think there is any question that George was the better fighter on saturday. That vasiline incident is really stupid and unecessary. I wonder, though, if even BJ himself would say it made the difference.

    if anyone has seen any post fight footage of Penn, please let me know.

  • Porsche930_Pilot says:

    This is just bull, it was wiped off right then and it’s not like his back was covered in Vaseline to begin with. This will be BJ’s reason for the out come because he’s like a spoiled kid and we all know that’s because that’s the way he grew up, getting what ever he wanted. Their just sore losers. I mean I could see wanting to make something out of this if it was a very close fight and came down to a decision by the judges but it was so so far from that so just get over it Penn & team you still hold a belt.

  • king mah mah says:

    This absolutely changes the fights outcome. If it didn’t matter then every fighter would be allowed to cover his entire body with vasoline. Don’t give me this shit that GSP was dominating anyway. If that’s the case then why did they feel the need to rub vasoline on him?! They obviously knew that BJ would have a good chance at submitting him and tried to avoid it. The fact that Dana says it wouldn’t have changed the outcome only proves that it would have. Come on now, he can’t openly say that this “historic” fight was rigged in one fighters favor. If this holds any truth at all, then we can easily discredit GSP’s win.

  • roflWhineAndQuitter says:

    so if indeed the vaseline was put on gsp,would that change the fact that BJ was gassed after 2nd round? he allready look like he quitted there and didnt wanna go out for the 3rd round.

    if BJ’s cardio was as good as hes trash talk he might would have won,but he should accept the loss and stop with the excuses.
    he even lost the standup witch should be where hes suppose to dominate,but i guess the vaseline made an impact on that too right?

  • mikegspfan says:

    if gsp’s back is covered in vaseline then that translates to bj’s legs and arms being covered in vaseline from the multiple submission attempts from the bottom. This should have hindered gsp as well – having bj all slippery.
    However gsp was able to grab the legs of a slippery bj and take him down at will multiple times. How is this possible? Bj is supposed to be incredibly hard to take down and very flexible. Vaseline would only make it harder for gsp as well.

  • Astrocreep75 says:

    “I dont want to see GSP vs Anderson same reason i don’t want to see GSP vs BJ Penn . The bigger fighter will always win. GSP is a 170 fighter and doesn’t need to be moving up weight just so the UFC can bring in more cash.
    If the fight does happed Gsp with beat him Anderson is one of the most over rated fighters there is.”
    t on February 1st, 2009 7:44 pm

    Which is it idiot? The bigger fighter always wins? or GSP will beat him?
    I’m certain you just proved yourself completely ignorant of MMA and GSP would most likely prefer that his fans be more educated than you, especially before posting on message boards.

  • Shaolin says:

    People are wanting to blame the corner man and not gsp and are saying that this should not be ruled a no contest because gsp didnt know about it… but comeon. If the NSAC find significant reason, (bj penn trying to pull rubber guard and his leg slipping off over and over again) something has to be done. BJ Penn is one of the best guys on his back IN THE WORLD. Watch his other fights and you have to agree. If you watch this fight he tried and tried to pull guard or get a triangle and he keeps slipping off. Having vasoline on your body against a BJJ guy is like having 10 pound weights strapped to a boxers hands. Im not going to say GSP was cheating if he didnt know about it but if anyone in his corner did anything to gain a ground advantage than something has to be done and this has to be ruled a no contest. GSP was beating him standing so why didnt he continue to stand? why did he constantly take a BJJ guy down knowing he could submit him at any time during the fight? Maybe he knew more than he is saying?

  • mikegspfan says:

    gsp always takes people down, bjj or not. watch his fights

  • kile says:

    i have to start off by saying i rele dont like bj penn, i am a canadian and gsp is one of my fav fighters, but bj has GOOD ground skills he was able to get gsp back to half guard and guard multiple times and while watching the fight i kept saying wow george must be sooooooo sweaty he was just poping out when ever he wanted, even joe rogan was crapping his pants at how ez he was getting out. The vaseline clearly effects the outcome of the fight, but that being said i honestly think george would have won either way hes just way bigger, stronger and more athletic then penn, and penn was gased after the 2nd, even if penn would have got a sub george would have ez got out just from brute strength.

    GSp vs silva wud be SUCH a good fight…..gsp is much better wrestler more muscular and athletic then silva, but silva has great muay thai and has the most accurate punching in MMA imo, and hes no newbie off his back ( and u cud bet ur top dollar wont even be vaseine near gsp in his next fights xD), i think it wud be the fight everyone thought gsp vs penn would be.

  • ACK! says:

    I know I don’t have to point this out to anyone, but this is a big deal. In my opinion, greasing is as bad, if not worse than juicing because it’s a direct form of cheating. Greasing directly effects the outcome of the fight and while it’s relatively reversible (unlike juicing), the effect it has on a fight is exceptionally severe.

    I’d hate to see them rule a no contest or even rule in Penn’s favor, but it’s hard to argue that this doesn’t deserve significant punishment. When it comes down to it, you just can’t let fighters grease. It undermines the dynamics of the sport and if you let an elite fighter in a get away with it in a title fight then you are undermining the integrity of the sport.

  • JDamico23 says:

    This was about as dominating and decisive a victory can get…the vaseline was apparently wiped off before it even made it into a round so obviously it didnt come into play. GSP is just better than 13-5 BJ Penn…why is that so hard to accept

  • seeker says:

    Ok…give me a god-damn break! Penn just couldn’t walk his talk, and that’s why he’s causing this controversy. He was done in the second round anyway. He couldn’t handle GSP, so he’s trying to make him look bad because of his own short-comings. Penn is just an idiot in my opinion, if he really thinks that’s the reason he lost the fight.

    Face the truth BJ, you just weren’t good enough!

  • mikegspfan says:

    seeker – your’re right on the money. bj is a better fighter in his mind than in reality. he shot his mouth off as usual, he’s spoiled and didn’t back up his mouth.

  • king mah mah says:

    You shouldn’t let your opinions be swayed by who you like more as a fighter. Greasing up with vaseline is a really big deal, no matter if you think gsp would have “won anyway”. I guess all you gsp fans would be saying the same thing if he was wearing brass knuckles or taking pcp before the fight!

  • Axl says:

    Who cares about any of this crap man!
    Fedor still is the number one fighter in the world!
    Fedor and then, there’s everybody else!

  • Jpheezy says:

    First of all we are talking two of the very best fighters in the MMA I have much respect for both. GSP said that he wanted to fight the best BJ Penn. If anyone watched the post fight interview with GSP on ESPN MMA LIVE, then you heard GSP answer Frank Mir’s Question of “What was the commotion about in between the rounds”. George then answered “(MY TRAINER TOLD ME AFTER THE FIGHT) in between rounds 2 and 3 my trainer had a GOB of vaseline on his hand and was rubbing my shoulders and my back” that was what the commotion in GSP’s corner was about. In that statement GSP basically said that he had no idea of that happening in between rounds and his trainer told him after the fight. That sounds like bullshit. How would you not know when your getting your shoulders and back greased up. If anyone saw the athletic commission was the first to acknowledge that incident. Also the person to remove the vaseline wasn’t even a fucking referee it was MGM grand security and the wipe was very brief like 1 second. Once vaseline is on your skin a shower is the only thing to get it off I guess GSP had no idea that MGM grand security wiped his back off also. HE DEFINITELY KNEW. I have this whole fight recorded on my DVR in HI DEF and there is a big difference of how shiny GSP’s back was in round 2 compared to round 3. And if you also look in the begining of round 3 GSP’s eyebrows are white with vaseline and theres a big gob on his right eye. HIS CAMP IS GREASE HAPPY.
    If your a MMA fan how the fuck can any of you say that vaseline on a fighters back wasn’t going to affect the outcome anyway?. And if your a MMA fan you know that this sport is unpredictable and you make one mistake and your caught in BJ’s famous triangle choke. Everyone knows that the longer the fight goes the more slippery a fighter can get, but combined with vaseline on his back can make a difference in a fight.

  • Jpheezy says:

    Also in the 4th round GSP was warned three fucking times about hitting the back of BJ’s head. He should have had a point taken away for that definitely. Anyone who is a MMA fan knows that getting hit in the back of the head can throw of your equilibrium. GSP even commented on that when he fought Matt Serra that first time. GSP said that he lost his equilibrium in the Serra fight and that is why he tapped. So BJ gets hit multiple times to the back of the head with 2 minutes to go in the 4th. Then at the end of that round he is unable to continue because he had no idea where he was. The strikes GSP inflicted weren’t enough to cause that. GSP was wrestling most of the time. Then when he made a few strikes while BJ was on the ground all of the sudden FOR THE FIRST TIME BJ IS UNABLE TO CONTINUE. The same thing happened in the Hughes vs. Penn fight and BJ was fine after he got up. The difference between Hughes vs. Penn and GSP vs. Penn 2 was that GSP inflicted alot of strikes to the back of BJ’s head. GSP LISTENS TO HIS CORNER PERFECTLY, BUT HE CAN’T HEAR HERB DEAN SAY STOP HITTING HIM IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD ON THREE SEPARATE OCCASIONS.

  • Porsche930_Pilot says:

    Greasing up???? What the hell are you guys talking about? If you read the story they say he may of had a bit of vaseline still on his hands after wiping them and even so he wasn’t rubbing vaseline all over GSP’s back it was a small part of his back and shoulders again after wiping them first. GSP’s corner has never had need to cheat and you guys who are saying this crap know it. BJ was in lousy shape considering this was such a huge fight and not just physically he was gassing half through the second round and maybe once or twice at the beginning of the fight he had a chance to try and tie George up but he just couldn’t do it. So just get over it and stop trying to find anything to make an excuse for Penns loss.

  • T-Dawg says:

    I am pretty sure in the early rounds, Jackson told GSP to kickbox BJ. This does not sound like advice with intentions to cheat with a greased back.

  • BMO says:

    This comment is not an excuse for Penn losing. I do beleive that Penn was handled and that GSP did indeed take this alot more serously than Penn did and thus deserved to win. Also, I do not care much for Penn but I care even less for GSP.

    With that said, the fool(s) that say GSP had no idea what was being applied to him are just that, FOOLS!!! What if Barry Bonds said I had no idea my trainer was applying cream to my body, i was too busy listening to the batting coach, would you beleive this???

    Also, nobody can confirm how much vasoline was applied to his body sothose that argue it was a very small amount really have no basis for saying that, define small amount? Explain what amount of vasoline on a fighters body would and could have an impact on the fight when the two fight on the ground! IMO, even a little is still a little advantage, your a little more slippery, a little harder to grasp, and when you have a guy that outweight’s you, is on top of you, is one of the most athletic and skilled wresters in all the sport, it makes that little amount that much harder to overcome.

    In saying all of this I will repeat that I do beleive GSP would have won regardless. The determining factor in that decision was that based upon GSP beating Penn at the standup and seemingly having his way in the first round. I know the first was considered even, however (me voting for Penn) I felt as if GSP was more in control and looked more comfortable than PEnn in the first round.

    That’s my rant, I don’t hate GSP, I respect his dedication and skill, however his fans are a different story.

    Lastly, if you really think GSP is the P4P best fighter in the world than I urge you to find the 1st Serra fight again and watch it. If you could provide similar viewing for either A.Silva or Fedor than maybe we can talk, until then he will always be no.3!!!

  • BJ sucks and poor looser says:

    Ok guys , basically BJ is a poor looser. Take it like a man and come back stronger. Now I really want a rematch and watch St Peirre destroy BJ again.

    Im a MMA fighter and watch MMA all my life. This happens all the time its normal for your corner to put vaseline or even vick on ur chest and nose so you can breath better. If you watch other fights same thing. I lost respect for BJ, he was a big mouth before now , he is a poor looser. Even if he had vaseline on his chest look at the outcome he couldnt even stand up. All I got to say is be a man suck it up and become a better fighter if you are top .

    This is joke and BJ you just made yourself into a whinning looser


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