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St. Pierre vs. Penn Weigh-ins: All fighters make weight

Las Vegas – was on location at the MGM Grand Garden Arena for the UFC 94 weigh-ins for UFC 94.

A huge crowd of approximately 3,500 fans saw UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn meet the mandated welterweight limit of 170 pounds for Saturday’s main event.

Penn, who was depicted on the documentary series UFC Primetime as having taken a vacation during the heart of his training camp, not only made 170 but he ended up weighing in two pounds under at 168 pounds.

Surprisingly, Penn was the crowd favorite at the weigh-ins with many fans having traveled from his native state of Hawaii to see him fight this weekend. Those same fans booed St. Pierre heavily when it was his turn to hit the scale.

The 10 bout card will also pit Karo Parisyan against Dong Hyun Kim in what will mark Parisyan’s first fight since last April. Reports have circulated in the last 24 hours that the UFC lined up a potential replacement out of concern that Parisyan would be forced to withdraw for the fight. However, barring an unforeseen setback, Parisyan vs. Hyun is all set for Saturday after Parisyan weighed in at 170 pounds. His opponent, Kim, weighed in at 171 pounds and is expected to have a sizable reach advantage.

Also expected to have a big reach advantage is season five lightweight champion from The Ultimate Fighter Nate Diaz. Diaz, who is 5-0 since entering the UFC, towered over his opponent, Clay Guida.

Another highlight from the weigh-ins was former PRIDE star Akihiro Gono weighing in at 171 pounds while wearing an afro wig. Right before the pre-fight staredown, Gono removed his wig and offered it to Fitch in an act of goodwill. Fitch played right along and adorned the afro while photographers took pictures of the two.

Complete weigh-in results for UFC 94 are as follows:

Main Event –

  • UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre (170) vs. UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn (168) in a 170-pound title bout

Televised Main Card –

  • Light Heavyweight (205 lbs.): Lyoto Machida (206) vs. Thiago Silva (206)
  • Light Heavyweight (205 lbs.): Stephan Bonnar (206) vs. Jon Jones (206)
  • Lightweight (155 lbs.): Nate Diaz (156) vs. Clay Guida (156)
  • Welterweight (170 lbs.): Karo Parisyan (170) vs. Dong Hyun Kim (171)

Non-televised Preliminary Card –

  • Welterweight (170 lbs.): Jon Fitch (171) vs. Akihiro Gono (171) w/fabulous Afro
  • Lightweight (155 lbs.): Manny Gamburyan (155) vs. Thiago Tavares (155)
  • Welterweight (170 lbs.): Chris Wilson (170) vs. John Howard (171)
  • Light Heavyweight (205 lbs.): Jake O’Brien (205) vs. Christian Wellisch (206)
  • Welterweight (170 lbs.): Matt Arroyo (171) vs. Daniel Cramer (171)
  • tom says:

    why is “Mr. decision” karo paryisan on the main card while a superstar like jon fitch is relegated to the undercard

    Dana. no one gives a shit about your personal beefs with fighters, if you want my dollar give me the fighters i want to see!

    not that i pay for any of your ppv’s anyway, since i watch them at bars, but still

  • DamonO says:

    “if you want my dollar give me the fighters i want to see!

    not that i pay for any of your ppv’s anyway, since i watch them at bars, but still”


  • KTru says:

    Well that was one of most confusing and ridiculous comments I have ever read.

  • Tammy Veinotte says:

    We are huge UFC fans and always purchase the PPV & we have to agree with some of the other comments….the money we spend on PPV the fight card could be alot better then it has been in the past, most of the fighters are no body’s and we pay alot of dollars to see 1 good fight! ….c’mon Dana and get with the right program!!!!

  • Jeff L says:


  • platypus says:

    penn is 168….i wonder what he would weigh in vs anderson silva if he could fight him..penn needs to stick to his natural fighting weight at 155

  • Big Perm says:

    I’m sure no one cares (I really don’t either), but I didn’t realize that the O’Brien and Wellisch fight was at 205, I saw O’Brien at the Arnold last year before he got whooped by AA, and really didn’t think he could cut to 205, he should go back to the PFC.

  • MMASwami says:

    Karo is on the main card because it’s important to Zuffa to push Dong Hyun Kim. Their television deal with the Korean station is very important too them. People like to think that this is some vendetta against Fitch but there is a method to Zuffa’s madness.

  • Joey says:

    “not only made 170 but he ended up weighing in two pounds under at 168 pounds.”

    Umm, first I thought he would come in in shape. BUT for the people that doubted he would show up in great shape, probably didn’t doubt that he would at least make the weight. He could easily come in under 170 and sitll not be in the best shape (He does fight at 155)

    Probably just the way you typed it but it sounds a little ignorant.

  • tom cruise says:

    BJ has some jacked ears. i wonder if one might come off like james thompsons? Who has the most whacked ears in MMA?

  • Lord Faust says:

    “Dana. no one gives a shit about your personal beefs with fighters, if you want my dollar give me the fighters i want to see!’

    Dana doesn’t care. and the card is good enough anyway to merit the price; many of those fights have the chance to make the PPV broadcast if time allows. Just hope we don’t see a lot of decisions.

  • Samuel Bruce says:

    This is a great card, Fitch should be on the main card, if it were not for TUF he would be, Fich vs. Gono is a better draw than Steph Bonnar vs. Jon Jones. Who is Jon Jones?

  • ZP580 says:

    I have to agree wih some of you. Bonnar vs Jones should be scrapped for Fitch vs Gono. But it is all about TUF.

  • MMAsubb says:

    I agree with swapping fitch v gono for bonnar. In all honesty I have never been, and probably never will be impressed with bonnar. He’s been sailing on his epic first battle with griffin (which he lost). I also am looking forward to Kim pulling apart Karo.


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