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MGM Sportsbook lists Penn as an underdog for UFC 94 fight vs. St. Pierre

Las Vegas — The MGM Sportsbook released its opening line for UFC 94’s main event between UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre taking on UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn on Jan. 15 with St. Pierre installed as the opening favorite.

When the first line originally was made public, St. Pierre was listed at -180 ($180 needing to be wagered to win $100) with Penn listed at +160 (a $100 bet on Penn will garner a $160 payout on top of your original wager). As of Thursday, the line had only moved slightly with Penn listed at +140 with many fights fans likely taking advantage of the favorable payout.

The line will likely move even more with additional fans descending on Las Vegas for Friday’s weigh-ins expected to also place wagers. In a fight that’s too close to call, I made the decision to take advantage of the good value that Penn’s line represents and place a wager.

I’ve been really hesistant to make a prediction because the fight is so evently matched, but even if Penn didn’t represent good value, he’d still be my pick. I don’t see either fighter being able to finish the other and I believe the fight is destined to go the distance. I can’t tell you exactly why, but my gut tells me that Penn walks away the split decision winner.

The Penn moneyline isn’t the only good value to be had at the MGM Sportsbook. Upon hearing rumors all week that there was concern on the UFC’s part whether Karo Parisyan (-280) would pull out of Saturday’s fight vs. Don Hyun Kim, taking advantage of the fact that Kim was listed as a +240 underdog was simply too good to pass up. With news of Parisyan’s uncertain status now public, expect that line to move in Kim’s favor.

Another line that really intrigued me is the one for Stephan Bonnar (-185) vs. Jon Jones (+165). I believe that Jones is a superstar in the making and that his upset over win over Andre Gusmao at UFC 87 was no fluke. I think Jones will prove to be too athletic for Bonnar and pull of his second straight upset inside the UFC.

Other lines on the board include Thiago Silva (+240) vs. Lyoto Machida (-280), Clay Guida (-105) vs. Nate Diaz (-115), and Akihiro Gono (+400) vs. Jon Fitch (-600).

Disclaimer: in no way condones or endorses the activity of sports wagering — whether it is done legally or illegally. This article was written for entertainment purposes only and the site takes no responsibility in those that decide to wager on the fights.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I like Guida at nearly even money; if I was in Vegas that’s where my $$ would be. Nothing else looks too appealing, buth I agree that Jon Jones at +165 is intriguing… seems like pretty good value there.

  • JOe K. says:

    Betting on Thiago Silva would be a good risk. I want Machida to win but I don’t think his chances of winning reflect those odds.

  • Dayzah says:

    Diaz will sub Guida np Id hate too have money on Guida .. I wouldnt mind betting on Jones or Stun Gun tho.

  • neijia says:

    I’d bet on Penn at those odds. Better boxing and bjj vs better takedowns and wrestling. Such a tough, tough call. Somehow I see BJ as the underdog but still winning.

  • gabe says:

    thiago plus 240!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lock it up as machida’s going to feel the pain!

  • modogg says:

    Sam, i couldn’t believe it when i saw this from you. I know you have been a supporter of GSP as perhaps the best pound-for-pound fighter for sometime, and i agree the odds were good on BJ, but so were the odds on GSP since we won’t see anything that reasonable for him again.


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