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Karo Parisyan’s UFC 94 status less than certain

Las Vegas — UFC welterweight Karo Parisyan has not competed inside the Octagon since a second round TKO loss to Thiago Alves at UFC Fight Night 13 last April. The native Armenian had been scheduled to return this past October at UFC 91 against Yoshiyuki Yoshida but the bout word spread just prior to weigh-ins that the bout had been scrapped after it was determined that Parisyan “was in no condition to fight.”

Scheduled once again to return this Saturday at UFC 94 in a televised bout against South Korean fighter Dong Hyun Kim, there are now questions yet again as to whether Parisyan might be scratched. learned earlier this week that multiple agents had been approached by the UFC in an attempt to secure a standby replacement in the event Parisyan arrived to Las Vegas in no condition to compete.

On the heels of that revelation comes a report by that welterweight competitor Rick Story has been enlisted to stand by for a possible fight vs. Kim in the event that Parisyan is either forced to withdraw from UFC 94 or decides to pull out.

As of Thursday afternoon, had communicated with a source close to the fight that had indicated current expectations were that Parisyan would be able to compete but that the UFC was simply looking to have some insurance in order to prepare for any last minute issues.

Parisyan, 18-5, has stated on the record in past interviews that he suffers from panic attacks and that the condition has impacted his ability to prepare properly for fights. At the time of the revelation, the 26-year old had indicated that he was treating the condition with medication.

If Story’s services are not utilized on Saturday, there is a good chance he could compete for the promotion during a future event. With a record of 7-2 and notable wins over Brandon Melendez, Jake Ellenberger, and Ryan Healy, Story is considered to be one of the top welterweight prospects currently not fighting in the UFC.

  • y2jseller says:

    I like Karo, even though there is a large collective hate against him. He is the best judoka in MMA. It is so easy to call him this name or that name from your keyboard,the reality is he’s been in 23 fights with 18 wins. Good luck Karo.

  • KTru says:

    Whatever Karo’s issues may be, the UFC should keep him on a short leash. I would be fine that he pulls out and Fitch goes to the main card.

  • JTMarshall says:

    Karo has been jerked around enough. I’m not surprised he suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. He was promised the next title shot at Welterweight several times, but was denied so that Dana could sell the Hughes/GSP/Serra/Penn fights. Karo deserved that shot three years ago. (too bad Thiago Alves destroyed his chances.) If he doesn’t fight tomorrow and win, it may be the last time we see Parisyan as a contender.

  • Jackyl says:

    I wonder if his medication would cause him to not be cleared by the athletic comission. Either way, if he ends up dropping out that sucks and I feel bad for him. He’s a very gifted fighter and was on the verge of breaking through big time. Hopefully he’ll be able to get his personal issues under control and do well Saturday night or come back strong at a later time.

  • Toad says:

    His health issues are really taking an impact on his career. Suffering from panic attacks and continuous injuries is really hard to come back from, and i know he fears to lose as well with his reaction to the loss to alves.

  • brian says:

    panic attaks are no joke hopefully he gets the correct help and back to form regardless if he fights or not, just healthy. It just proves everybody needs to moniter not just there physcial health but there mental health as well.

  • tom cruise says:

    He should call me and let me introduce him to scientology. He dosent need medication. Medication is for the weak.

    With Love

    Tom Cruise

  • Amir K says:

    Jon Fitch was bumped of the main card for this fool karo used to be a top 10 fighter now he just is a quiter

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    “Karo has been jerked around enough. I’m not surprised he suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.”


    So now Dana is to blame for THIS too?


  • JOe K. says:

    Hopefully if Karo can’t fight they’ll move Fitch to the main card.

  • JohnnyRev says:

    Amir you have no right to call someone a quitter idiot . First off Karo has never fought anyone but the toughest sons’ o bitches in the world from day one . Fitch was bumped because Gono is not a challenge for him . Last time I checked the UFC was in buisness to entertain us right ?? Fitch will walk through Gono, Karo has his hands full Kim. You should shut your mouth and look at the big picture before spouting off .

  • Austin says:

    Who cares, BRO?

  • Tean V says:

    I don’t know about his health issues, but Karo was given that fight at UFC 94…

  • jay says:

    Amir you’re a douchbag karo is WAY excititng than john the boring ass fitch.. Karo is a judoka and fitch is a lay and pray wrestler that should say enough dumbass. lol

  • jay says:

    Talk about quiters hahah forest griffin, bj penn some of you should take a GOOD look at that fights forest/silva bj/gsp LOL then you’ll see the exact quiters that walk out like a bitch forest was even running RUN FOREST RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN HAHAHAHAH…

    PS. JohnnyRev I agree most of the things you say since you and I are probably the more educated ones on this thread lol.. but gono and fitch fight was boring ass hell fitch didn’t do anything impresive lay and pray his usual game plan!

  • Jak says:

    What an odd thread to suddenly be posting in… 😕


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