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Dolan: Simply Fedor

Andrei Arlovski was thought to be the biggest test in recent years for Fedor Emelianenko when the two squared off at Affliction M-1 Day of Reckoning this past Saturday night. Arlovski was the bigger, faster, younger fighter who beholds the ability to out box Fedor to hand him the first “real defeat” of his career.

The fight for Fedor was more than just a title fight; it’s a chance to prove something to the critics. There is, and forever will be, an arbitrary argument as to whom the best pound for pound fighter in the world is.

Since 2006 Fedor has found himself near the top of that list in the minds of many, but usually plays second fiddle to Anderson Silva for the crown. Many say Fedor doesn’t fight often enough and doesn’t always fight top level competition, hence there’s no way he can be number one, despite his impressive resume. All of which are credible annotations, but don’t tell the whole story.

A win vs. Arlovski would be his second straight win over a former UFC heavyweight champion. Fedor defeated Tim Sylvia in a mere 36 seconds back in June at Affliction Banned. Both Sylvia and Arlovski are not only former champions but they’re top ten talent, something recent opponents of Fedor have lacked.

As for the fight, after the opening bell rang it looked like the unthinkable was starting to take shape. Arlovski took it to Fedor right from the start landing kicks and punches to take control of the fight. It looked like Fedor was about to meet his match.

Arlovski sent Fedor into the ropes and jumped up for a flying knee and in the blink of an eye it was all over. All it took was one punch and the curtain fell on the upset attempt. With catlike reflexes Fedor snapped off a devastating right hand that connected flush on Arlovski’s chin, crumbling him to the floor, out cold.

For the first 3:13 of the first round Fedor was losing, but in a split second he changed everything. He had successfully defended his WAMMA heavyweight title and simultaneously changed the order of the best pound for pound fighter list.

Despite being undefeated since ’06 Silva no longer held the distinction as the world’s best fighter. It sounds unfair and almost has a Bowl Championship Series type feel to it, to exchange the crown without title holder losing, but at times unfair happens. Sometimes one moment, no matter how tiny of an event or how colossal it is can change everything.

Both men are at the top if their game, and both have barely even began to taste defeat in years, Silva has only dropped one round recently to Dan Henderson. Both are extremely skilled at their craft and have very few, if any, holes in their fighting abilities. One of the biggest shames is that we probably won’t ever see these two face-off, to once and for all end this debate. It’s unrealistic to ask Silva to fight at heavyweight and inconceivable to have Fedor drop down a weight-class.

So the question still might be the source of hours and hours of online fodder, but the answer to just who’s the best pound for pound fighter is in the world is simply Fedor.

  • VENOM says:

    Without question, Fedor is the #1 fighter in the world today. And possibly, EVER!

  • KTru says:

    Thanks for clarifying that the punch that put AA to sleep was pin point and not a looping lucky hail mary swing that connected.

  • HexRei says:

    I don’t think its so out of the question. Silva can make LHW and I think he could (barely) make HW also. Fedor is not such a big HW and the weight difference probably wouldn’t be all that much.

  • CAP says:

    I would have to agree. The argument of not fighting top talent now needs to be directed at Anderson Silva to maintain his p4p status much like Fedor was getting heat for it. Of course this is not mentioning a big fight this weekend that could impact the p4p rankings. That is if you actually dwell on p4p lists.

  • ultmma says:

    I still say you could flip a coin between Fedor and Silva as far as p4p top dog, and always come up with the right answer

    just look at a snap shot of their last 2 fights and their next upcoming fight

    Fedor- Sylvia, AA, and Barnett

    Silva- Irvin, Cote, Leites

    Now who has faced tougher competition?

    Also, whomever wins GSP-Penn 2 has to be considered 1-A in the p4p debate

  • Nate says:

    nice article.

    I can watch that knockout over & over. I’ve seen it 10+ times & still love it.


  • neijia says:

    I agree, Fedor is #1. Silva hasn’t been facing his match. GSP-Penn could change everything. Silva supposedly walks around at 220. Fedor seems to walk around at 230-240 but looks like he should weigh 210-215. I think they could fight at 205.

  • Jackyl says:

    Yeah it’s pretty funny listening to the haters talk about how it was a lucky punch. It was perfectly timed and hit right on the button. That was not a fluke win.

  • Davey D says:

    Anderson Silva would fight Fedor Emelianenko if asked to. Of course, they would need to be in the same org for this to happen but it isn’t out of the relam of possibilty of happening. See…if Georges beats BJ, I believe we see him fight Thiago Alves or the winner of Silva/Leites next. So, GSP vs. The Spider could perhaps go down this Summer.

    While that gets worked out, Affliction needs to build around Fedor vs. Barnett for their next card. Get opponents for Belfort, Nogueria, Jay Heroin, book Lil’ Chris vs. Upgrade, add 6 more fight’s before May (granted, thing’s change) and START PROMOTING…like your life depends on it. Make it work because if you’re gonna do more than 3 show’s, set it up the right way so the next one can fly.

    Thus, if Anderson and Fedor are able to keep winning all of their fight’s in whatever org. Trust me, they will fight each other. It is possible. My bet is that if this were to happen, the place it will be in is the UFC.

    OK, you don’t have to trust me but man…Silva vs. Emelianenko sounds fantasic. I would have to take Fedor if they fought at LHW or HW so I guess that makes him thee “pound for pound” best in my book. Cheers!!!

  • EamonJGod says:

    Since when is the p4p rankings about making people change weight class to fight one another to get a veritable gold star of mma? I’m pretty sure it’s just about your record in comparison to other fighters in other divisions and the overall standing of a fighters career and not a question of hypothetical match ups between top flight fighters in different weight classes.
    Silva crushed his weight class and is simply running out of quality opponents, but I hear they’re adding the WEC middle weight division to the ufc line up, Condit would be be a great match up for him. Condit’s well versed in submissions and has a stellar delivery on the ground, also he wouldn’t be given up a reach advantage to Silva, so this is the fight we should be focusing because it’s realistic. I highly doubt Fedor is ever going to fight Silva, Silva won’t go up in weight in the UFC because he doesn’t want to fight so many of his training partners, and feels he can continue to dominate his weight class, which is slightly lack luster at this point. Anyway by the time Fedor is in the UFC, which I don’t know that it will ever happen, I’m sure the rankings will look different, making this discussion pointless.

  • Fight Critic says:

    What is pound for pound anyway? You take attributessuch as weight and power away fromthe heavier guy and take nothing from the lighter guys. Weight and power matter in fighting, it is just like sayingIf height and power wasn’t an advantage in basketball would Jordan rate as one of the best? or would a 4 ft 2 guy who weighs 40 poundsbe better in the “pound for pound”. Fedor is the best fighter in the world at the momment and trust me Anderson Silva is not 2nd, he is just the best middle weight. Sorry to bitch but p4p seems meaningless in a sport where size and power make such a difference.

  • Big Perm says:

    Why would it be unconceivable for Fedor to drop to LHW? He could easily make 205 and straight run thru everyone. Matter of fact, that’s my X-mas wish this year, to see Fedor run through the UFC’s 205 weight division

  • Davey D says:

    The p4p debate has become a hot subject over the past year and a half or so. We talk about it all the time and it is interesting to see what people gather after so long. To judge an MMA fighter, you have to look at how they won each fight & who they did it against. You look at the body of work of what they’ve done. End results. At least I do.

    In most cases, like this, an MMA fighter succeds in one weight class. Emelianenko & Silva have both done it. Fedor more so but, that is an excellent feat. Anderson can go up but Fedor doesn’t excatly need to drop down if he doesn’t want to. It would have to be a five round Superfight at a Catchweight of 220-225 if this were to fly. It is fun to discuss all the possibilites when you look at the big picture.

  • neijia says:

    Though I am rooting for BJ against GSP, I really want to see GSP fight Anderson. I also want to see Vitor Belfort and Cung Le have a shot at Anderson. Not sure any of those guys could actually win but they sure would have a better shot than the other guys have.

  • htown-chris says:

    fedor v silva will never happen. thats reality. but it does make good conversation. but thats all it is. and p4p is merely talk. no matter how interesting. accept what these fighters are. they are hands down the best in their divisions. its like asking whos the better player joe montana or jerry rice. 2 different positions. u cant compare quarter baks and recievers. they wer just the best at their position. its neither silva or fedors fault they dont have the competition. the fact is that they arnt fighting unworthy opponents, they just make good fighters look bad because they are just that good.

  • tylerdante69 says:

    Any news about Dana White bashing Fedor on his win against Arlovski???

    I’m very curious on what he has to say about Fedor’s win against his UFC champ.

  • KIDDROK says:

    silva makes his competition look week,or like less of a challenge. where is fedor fights FORMER champions. thers no question the heavyweight devision is all over the place & other then belfort who does the middleweight div have for silva to beat

  • Nate says:

    If you made a list of EVERY “good” heavyweight in the world. Then compared it to the list of people who Fedor beat. They would match up.

    Sure he hasnt beaten Frank Mir or Lesnar. But those two were NOBODIES until this year. Fedor has been obliterating the BEST of the HW division for 3+ years already.

    Did Fedor also fight wacky fights? Sure.
    If the best chess player in the world beats a 6 year old girl, it doesnt mean he should give up his belt as the best chess player in the world.

    All this talk about how Fedor doesnt fight “the best” is completely UFC spin machine and UFC fanboys.

  • EamonJGod says:

    Frank Mir wasn’t a nobody. He didn’t fight for three years because of a motorcycle accident and it took him a few fights to get back into the swing of things. Frank Mir is or will be a legend in this sport.

  • King Solomon says:

    Fedor is Number one P4P fighter in the world. Anderson Silva is impressive, buut not that impressive. I hope Fedor fights in dream soon. Affliction takes too long to produce a fight.

  • dwill6413 says:

    Every Fedor hater makes such a big deal about how Brock Lesner would crush Fedor and want them to fight. Well, I have to say that without a doubt they need a different weight division for that roided out freak….oh, you say Fedor needs to fight the best…lol. Well fight night it is well known that after rehydrating Lesner pushes 270-280 and Fedor is 230-235…thats almost 50lbs folks…so for the sake of argument, if Anderson Silva is the best pfp then he should step in the ring at 185 with Fedor at 230-235…thats 50 lbs folks. Anyone want to quess what Just my two cents. Lesner should beat Fedor with that advantage….but he would’nt.

  • Kym Ireland says:

    Let’s face it, if there were no weight divisions like back in the old ufc days Fedor would obliterate silva, gsp and co. If you really want to boil it down Fedor IS the best fighter on the planet and the affliction night just proved that!

  • Bradical says:

    It wasnt a well executed punch. Hate on that comment all you want, but that punch landed where it counted and Fedor dropped the Pitbull. Make a rematch happen and I’d bet Fedor would be the one that drops. Lesnar is just so boring to watch & Fedor would stomp that bitch outta gen. principal. Plz bring Fedor to the UFC and watch him fight the best. Arlovski was one of the best and still is, but a mistake cost him. Other than that, who’s in Affliction that can give Fedor a challenge other than Arlovski?

  • takimeathead says:

    Feodor haters themselves just hate seeing him succeed, IMO.

  • skelet0r says:

    If those two fought, it would AA vs Fedor all over again, Anderson Silva picking him apart until Fedor touches him. Then A.S. would fall to the ground unconcious and Fedor would take his rightful place as the Last Emperor and greatest MMA fighter of all time.

  • skelet0r says:

    Furthermore, I think a great fight would be Tim Silvia vs Lesnar.. how great would it be to see the speed and power of Lesnar trample Silvia like a train.

  • neijia says:

    “a mistake cost him”.

    That is very true and 99% of what happened, but only serves to underscores the point about Fedor’s greatness. That is really what separates the best in the world from the world-class in any competition when no one is lacking in perfect techniques. Arlovski was physically better in every way. Fedor won because Arlovski totally lost his mental composure while Fedor stayed in his mental flow, and was able to exploit the mistake. I think Arlovski got excited at the idea he could actually beat a legend he kept telling himself is “only human”. He said himself he wasn’t sure why he strayed from the game plan his team gave him.

    Penn vs. GSP will probably come down to the mental game as well.

  • dwill6413 says:

    I’d like to see Arlovski vs that would be a fight to see….

  • neijia says:

    Good one.

    “I don’t know how he does it. His eyebrow doesn’t even move.”

    I love Bas Rutten’s commentary. He is the best ex-fighter commentator ever. Such a funny guy. I would love to see Rampage follow those footsteps one day.


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