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5 Oz. Video: Jay Hieron talks about getting bumped at “Day of Reckoning” and KO’ing Jason High

Former IFL welterweight Jay Hieron had to wait nearly six months to make his debut for Affliction, so what was a few more hours? However, Hieron had to battle and keep his focus after getting warmed up to fight in a televised bout during HDNet’s undercard at this past Saturday’s “Day of Reckoning” event against Jason High only to be told he would have to wait until after the show to fight.

Hieron stayed strong and recorded a first round knockout over High that proceeded Fedor’s first round knockout over Andrei Arlovski during the night’s advertised main event. was able to conduct a video interview Hieron soon after the victory and get his thoughts about competing in spite of the delay; his thoughts on competing for Affliction; his goals for ’09; and more.

  • mikejj says:

    Fighting for a shady promotion that only has one or two cards a year and than all of the sudden you might end up with no chance to fight at all…

    That sux. Make Affliction go away….

  • 45 Huddle says:

    They should have shown his fight live on the PPV. They had enough time to do so.

    What Affliction di to Jay Hieron is extremely unprofessional. It sounded like he didn’t even know he was a swing bout.

  • fedor>ufc says:

    affliction is the only place you will ever see the greatest heavyweight of all time. fedor 5 ufc former champs 0

  • Matthew Lenz says:

    Mikejj & 45 Huddle. Something tells me Jay was still paid the same $$ for his effort. Unless either of you has indepth knowledge of the business of running a PPV or fight promotion I’d say you making some strong assumptions.

  • VENOM says:

    Hey guys,
    Let’s not jump down Affliction’s throat just yet. I’ve been to many MMA events that had schedule changes very close to show time, INCLUDING THE UFC. It’s common for fights to get bumped/moved for time restraints. This isn’t exclusive to Affliction, so let’s not paint them out to be the bad guy here.

    There’s many other valid reasons to paint Affliction as the bad guy! :-)

  • beenthere says:

    It was a nice knockout, until Heiron knocked the crap out of an already unconcious JAson High. Then the celebrating he did after, with only about 1,000 peopel spread out in the building? Please Jay, it wasn’t even aired. Act like you been there before…

  • kidneybeans says:

    I didn’t see the fight, I don’t know if it aired after the Fedor fight or what but I didn’t stick around to find out.

    But I was picking Jason High to win that fight, largely because of his previous quality wins over Kevin Burns and James Giboo, but also bexause I didn’t give Hieron much credit for the guys he’s beaten. So I stand corrected, and will definitely acknowledge Jay to be one of the better welterweights out there.

    Too bad to hear about his post-fight antics though, I never like to see an unconcious guy get smacked again. Until I see it though I will reserve judgement, a lot of times that stuff is as much on the ref as anyone else.

  • Dox says:

    I felt bad for Jay…but something tells me he will not get bumped again. Last time I checked, the UFC had a tendency to not include certain fighters in their PPV, well hello Jon Fitch and Mr. Arlovski.
    So let us not throw the first stone, take off your UFC hat and turn off the WWE ok.

  • ACK! says:

    Hard to be to upset with Affliction when he reportedly came away with $45,000 for a his minute-long effort. Yeah, it was unfortunate and probably somewhat unprofessional, but he dealt with it the best way he could–by going out and taking it out on his opponent.

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