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Varner suffers broken foot and hand during split decision victory over Cerrone

Sunday’s WEC 38 event proved to be a rough one for WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner.

The 24-year old Arizona native was declared the split decision winner during his WEC lightweight title defense against Donald Cerrone after becoming the recipient of an illegal blow. As a result of the infraction, the fight was stopped with three and a half minutes remaining since Varner could not continue. The referee then referred to the scorecards with two of the three judges ruling in Varner’s favor.

In addition to the controversial end, a source close to the fighter that was speaking on the condition of anonymity revealed that Varner sustained both a broken foot and a broken hand during the course of the bout. While there was some concern regarding the condition of his eye, the source expressed that the injury was not believed to be serious. However, in light of suffering multiple fractures, Varner could be sidelined for several months.

It’s believed that once Varner heals, his first fight back could be a rematch against Cerrone.

“As soon as I get cleared by the athletic commission we can do this again real soon,” Varner said during a post-fight interview.

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    Cerrone deserved a better shake than that. Id love my chances vs a guy with a broken foot and a broken hand. It seemed varner dropped down when he saw the knee coming, so i wont put that on Cerrone. Plus it seemed like he was faking the vision problem. It was pretty funny when Varner said “Sorry man, i cant see” and Cerrone said “I couldnt see the whole fight”.

  • jj says:

    Cerrone was definately in control of the fight, I’m pretty suprised how many people think that Varner was winning. Cerrone had him backing up the whole fight and he was taking it to the champ. It was a close fight but Cerrone had the edge.

    Sad that it had to end that way…in the replay you can see Varner was clearly on two feet when Cerrone threw the knee, but Varner was back on his knees by the time it connected. Kind of shows how silly the knee’s on the ground rule can be at times, Varner’s positioning barely changed an inch…his upper body didn’t change position only his legs, yet a knee dab renders the strike illegal.

    Cerrone’s flashy ninja moves seemed like they would secure him the victory. I still have my doubts if the illegal shot really did connect as bad as Varner claimed or if he just wanted out. Either way I’m looking forward to the rematch.

  • O hody says:

    varner was backing up…but he was doing what he wanted when he wanted.
    taking cowboy down, landed punches..and then the g & p after take downs.

    cowboy landed some kicks but they didnt do much damage at all.

    varner hurt his foot on cowboys face, which was destroyed.

    no need for a rematch, varner would KO him.

  • O hody says:

    ps, those were some tight shades that Varner was wearing. Vandal I believe is what the banner said

  • john says:

    I think a rematch is definitely in line, O hody, the fight didn’t even go the total 5 rounds it should have and Varner was slowing down and Cerrone was looking like a machine, so i dont really know why you’d say he would KO him no problem when he couldn’t in 20 minutes.

  • Jackyl says:

    As far as I’m concerned Jamie Varner should win an Academy Award for his performance last night. The knee barely connected. Despite his other injuries the knee blow did not render him unable to continue. I think he was going for a DQ stoppage, not realizing it would go to the score cards. He’s just lucky he controlled Cerrone in the early rounds and scored big with his takedowns and ground and pound.

  • Rich S. says:

    Hmmmm, broken foot, broken hand, but no sign of a concussion or any kind of eye injury?? Hmmm… that’s weird…


  • MMA4Real says:

    Anybody that doesn’t think Varner was winning that fight across the boards is delusional.

  • Bullylover says:

    I’m with you guys, that injury sure seemed questionable. Matt hughes got poked in the eye bad in his rematch with BJ Penn & he still continued. Look at Cowboy’s eyes and he kept coming forward. There definately needs to be a rematch. I think Varner was definately ahead on the scorecards due to takedowns & G&P.In a rematch i think Cerrone would be the better of the two and would probably come up with a taylor made gameplan for Varner next time.He definately needs to work on his wrestling & takedown defense.He does have rashad Evans & GSP to work with on that.War Cowboy

  • Davey D says:

    That was fight was a war. Both had their moment’s and each man took a beating. Cerrone looked to be getting stronger and probably could’ve ended up as the victor without help from the judges. I hope we get to see these two run it back and make it offical. Btw…Zuffa/WEC, tell Versus not to eff’ with your product again or move it elsewhere. Cheers!

  • Davey D says:

    Edit: That fight was a war. Who wins the rematch? I got the Cowboy.

  • htown-chris says:

    with evans and gsp in his camp i pretty dissappointed in cowboys takedown defense. that bein said on his feet he was takin it to varner. it was clear that th knee was well on its way before varners knees hit th mat. and it is also clear that we are going to lose not only huerta to hollywood but varner as well. he should win an oscar for that acting performance. who am i kidding? tha act was wack! post fight interview “oh i broke my hand in the 2nd round”, easy translation, “uh that dude was bringin it a little harder than i expected him to in th 5th round and i was lookin for an out bro”. war cowboy in th rematch!

  • Slakdawg says:

    For those asking about the eye injury, I read on another site (totally unconfirmed, so take it with a grain of salt), that Varner suffered a detached retina and was scheduled to see an eye doctor. Like I said, unconfirmed, but if it’s true then that would explain why he was having trouble seeing.

  • john says:

    I don’t know who I’d take in the rematch. Cerrone’s kicks and will power were amazing, but his wrestling left little to be desired (which he will readily admit). On the contrary of that, Varner’s got a big overhand right when he connects and his takedowns for much of the fight were perfectly timed. However, the one main thing that would have answered my question is the time variable. It seemed like there was no doubt that Cerrone could have went the rest of that round, but could Varner have held on? I can’t wait to see this fight again but it’ll probably be a while since Varner’s hand and foot were broken. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know who (after their first fight) wouldn’t want to watch Razor Rob and Cerrone fight again. I don’t care as long as it isn’t Marcus Hicks, that guy is so boring to watch.

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    how the hell do you say no need for a rematch? Varner saying he couldnt see is what caused the end there, he owes the WEC fans and Cerrone a rematch. As for the detached retina, if that is true then i obviously dont blame him for not wanting to continue, however the knee didnt appear that bad, and Cerrone was having trouble seeing all fight. Plus im sure had there been eye damage it would have been reported along with the foot and the hand. Cerrone had him with that triangle, its just unfortunate there was little time remaining when he sank it. I believe Cowboy is the future champ of that division, and when the rematch comes around he’ll get his belt.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I had a feeling Varner had busted his hand; no doubt from those brutal kicks Cerrone was throwing. (Although, considering how tough the guy’s chin was shown to be, I wouldn’t be shocked if Varner broke his had AND foot on the guy’s face.)

  • EamonJGod says:

    True Lord Faust. I was thinking Shamrock/Kung Le the whole time Cerrone was landing those kicks. There’s no need to argue the merit of a rematch because it certainly will happen, and should happen too. It was a close fight, and it was an unfortunate end but I wouldn’t say Varner bitched out. He got hit in the eye with an illegal strike, so it’s Cerrone’s fault the fight ended and he lost. He had a good chance of winning had he kept his head and thrown an uppercut instead of knee when Varner was getting up. I’d still pick Varner in the rematch but wouldn’t be that surprised if Cerrone beat him, they are a great match for each other.

  • EamonJGod says:

    Also, I like Varner, so I don’t want to discredit him but I understand why people feel he ducked out at the end, considering what Cerrone said to him when Varner apologized to him, “I couldn’t see for half of the fight,” and taking a look at Varner
    s history in the matter, when he fought Razor Rob he was getting beat up a bit and called a TO to get his mouth piece. Granted it was at the time the ref should have been stopping action to give him his mouth piece back but it was still unprofessional, and gave him a needed rest after taking some huge shots. Hopefully Varner can get past the controversy and not leave so many questions in future fights. If not I hope Cerrone takes that belt from him because it’s kind of annoying.

  • TS says:

    I don’t pay much attention to the WEC but I do know that Varner was winning that fight. Who cares if Cerrone was backing him up. Varner took him down at will and ground and pounded the crap out of him. So what if Cerrone kept on comin, his face didn’t lie. As for sayin Varner faked. He obviously caught the knee in the eye area. For you idiots on here, the eye is very sensitive. It doesn’t take much to hurt someones eye. Especially a knee to it. I don’t know how Cerrone won on one of the judges cards, if you watched, even he was surprised.

  • Slakdawg says:

    True, TS, Cerrone looked shocked when the second judge had him winning. And the eye is a very sensative area. It doesnt take much to injure one. And it’s always funny to hear someone say “that blow didnt even hit flush, what a p*ssy” or whatever. Look no further than your own hairy beanbag. If someone hits you flush in the balls it hurts like hell. If someone just glances a shot off your sack it hurts worse. A shot to the right place, glancing or not, can still do major damage. Varner was dry heaving on all fours before the official announcement. I dont think anyone has the awareness to think “oh, crap, I should fake throwing up so eveyone believes I’m really hurt and not faking it.” Cant wait to see the sequel.

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    Lol dry heaving from an alleged shot to the eye? Pretty much slates my opinion that he was milking it. Whens the last time your eye had something to do with your stomach/esophogas? Plus, as a fighter, and one with a little integrity, you know that the second you say you cant see the fight is over. He knew he had time to recover, and instead decided to milk the injury looking for a dq or stoppage of some kind. If he wasnt faking, y not out of respect for your challenger and the fans who pay you, wait the alotted time and decide if you can continue?

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    And i think the shock came from hearing the first judge give 4 rounds for varner, then the next judge gives 3 to cerrone and 2 to varner. I dont think it was a franklin v hendo type shock.

  • Mr.PIBB says:

    that blow didn’t even hit flush….

    what a p*ssy

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    lol some guy quoted you and flamed you on the WEC quick results thread there PIBB. Varner-esque tacticts. and by that i mean cowardly….aka i give him mad credit for fighting on a broken foot and hand though…

  • Slakdawg says:

    So Pibb, if I hit you in the sack, not flush, but glancing, you telling me it wouldnt take the wind out of your sails? Oh, I forgot, only professional fighters are p*ssies, not keyboard warriors…

    I’m sure you could take Varner no problem, huh?

  • Samuel Bruce says:

    It is time for MMA to reduce the credit a person gets for a takedown. I got news for you guys who are arguing that Varner clearly won the fight, he did not! That is a huge myth! Only in round one did his takedown and gnp actually do alot of damage. I give Cerrone just as much points for controlling the standup as I give Varner for the many takedowns. The takedowns from the 2nd on were survival takedowns, some of them landed him in dangerous positions, why is it that Cerrone did not get equal points for those two funky ass chokes he tried and controlled, not to mention the triangle that would of ended Varner’s night had there been a little more time.

    I come from a wrestling background, so I am not one who usually discredits the work done on the ground. the fact is Cerrone had Varner on the defensive the whole night.

  • Mr.PIBB says:

    i was being sarcastic there slakdawg. i actually was quoting you in your comment earlier.maybe next time i will tell you all when i’m joking so as to not get your panties in a wad there buddy. Comparing getting hit in the sack and getting kneed in the head is like comparing apples and oranges.Not a good analogy.

    NJMMAFAN: i dont care if someone quoted me and “flamed” in another thread.This is America bro, stuff like that is allowed and even encouraged in some parts.Plus it was a joke so all you told me is it was a failure of communication because no one laughed.

    for the record , i DON’T think Varner is a p*ssy for quitting when he did.i dont like the fact that he took that route out seeing Cerrone squinting and having trouble seeing for the latter 3 rounds. I do think he won the fight so the outcome was the correct one.

  • DamonO says:

    All these people talking about sacks when clearly a sack is not an eye socket with bone protecting it. It’s skin, that’s it. balls does not = eyeballs

  • Lord Faust says:

    “This is America bro, stuff like that is allowed and even encouraged in some parts”

    Read the part above the box you type your comments in. This isn’t the place to bash fighters. Everyone’s opinions on your distasteful comments are as just as valid as your melodramatic Haterade(tm).

    “All these people talking about sacks when clearly a sack is not an eye socket with bone protecting it. It’s skin, that’s it. balls does not = eyeballs”

    You can maim someone for life in both of those areas. The eye doesn’t have that much bone protecting it; unless you’re trying to tell me that people with forward and peripheral vision are somehow mutants…. Ask Bob Sapp how well that orbital bone protected his eye from Cro Cop’s fist. or ask Heath Herring about that, after Lesnar crushed his eyeball with a legal blow.

    Varner was legit hurt. And for anyone to dispute that well, sorry, but you’re just some dude on a keyboard — and probably not working your way towards a medical degree. You weren’t there. It wasn’t your head that got kneed. If anything, Varner was lucky it was a grazing shot… Neck stingers are a bitch man. To those mocking the dry-heaving… Obviously you haven’t experienced a severe enough amount of pain in your life-times. Pray that you never feel hurt enough that you want to crumple up and vomit.

    I guess I shouldn’t expect a lot of sympathy for the human condition from a group of fans who, by and large, wax nostalgic about soccer kicks to downed opponents, or foot-stomping someone while they lie prone on the mat.

  • Rich S. says:

    grazing someone’s balls and grazing someone’s eye are two different things..

    the”sack” as you put it, is the most sensitive spot on a man’s body..

    in other words your argument just isn’t valid there..

    grazing a ball is probably WORSE than full contact lol..
    where as the grazing of your eyelid and/or brow doesn’t do much damage, unless in the event of a cut, which did NOT occur..

  • htown-chris says:

    so now balls = eyes. wow i did not know that. so why isnt there a five minute stoppage for fighters who get punched or kicked in the eye? plenty of eyes have been grazed or full on punched and i have never seen a timeout for that unless it was the ol inadvertant eye poke. just in case u didnt notice we wear cups and not goggles. and a strike to the eye area is legal. if you didnt notice cowboy took several shots to the eye area. c’mon man. stop with the comedy. even vlade divac the king of flops in th nba thot that was a little to much acting on varners part.

  • TerribleT says:

    No wonder he pretended he couldn’t go on because of the knee + he took many shots that were harder than that knee. I think he was scared cuz he had given Cerrone everything he had and he was still coming at him with strikes that had KO written all over ’em.He saw an opportunity to get out of the fight and he took it immediately.What about Cerrone having to close one eye and fight so he wouldn’t see double? He could’ve whined and said he couldn’t see too but he’s a warrior! What makes this more disappointing is that if Varner would’ve finished the fight he would’ve won the decision no question but he doubted himself IMO and bonked at the finish line!!!!!!! :-(

  • Lord Faust says:

    “so now balls = eyes. wow i did not know that. so why isnt there a five minute stoppage for fighters who get punched or kicked in the eye?”

    There is a time allotment for all illegal strikes. Try and keep up.

  • Samuel Bruce says:

    Why are you all so concerned about this balls versus eye convo…lol. Varner was in deep waters and was looking for a way out and Cerrone gave it to him.
    I will reiterate what I have said: Varner dd NOT clearly win that fight, that is a myth. All but one of those take downs should have been seen as insignificant due to the fact that nothing significant as far damage resulted from them. Varner’s takedowns are negated in my mind by him having to constantly backpedal in the standup. They are reduced even further due to him only winning 50% (more or less) of the resulting action from those takedowns.
    By his reaction at them going to the scorecards, Varner shows that he was hoping for a Cerrone DQ; He was scared and then relieved as the scores were read. He said to the crowd, boo me, because he knew in his heart of hearts Cerrone was robbed first by Varner, then by the judges.

  • Lord Faust says:

    “Varner’s takedowns are negated in my mind by him having to constantly backpedal in the standup. ”

    Then you should become a judge. Ultimately, it’s irrelevant; only the judges can score the bout — as much as I dislike the lack of accountability.

    The day a fight decision is made based on the Internet and public opinion… Well, it won’t be sport. It’ll be WWE.

  • BigDave says:

    So some guy who doesnt want his man mentioned says Varner broke his hand and foot,hmmm. for some reason i really dont think im gonna take that as the truth. Usually when a guy gets injured they at least say a doctor has said that a fighter has these injuries. As for the knee shot, it didnt even hit his eye. Ive watched it over and over again and the knee glaced of the side of his face between the eye and ear. So i maintain my opinion Varner is a bitch.

  • Lord Faust says:

    “As for the knee shot, it didnt even hit his eye. Ive watched it over and over again and the knee glaced of the side of his face between the eye and ear. So i maintain my opinion Varner is a bitch.”

    Apparently everyone in this forum as an anatomy expert.

    You know what else is on the side of your face between your eye and ear? Your temple. But hey, don’t let me get in the way of fighter bashing.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I doubt Varner was looking for a way out regardless of whether he had fractures. He was taking Cerrone down at will, and did significant damage with his GNP. Cerrone’s supposed to be good off his back, but he had trouble getting up or protecting himself, and didn’t throw up very many submission attempts. Varner was on his way to a decision win, and he could have hung in there for the rest of the round. Cerrone should get the rematch, but he really needs to work on his take down defense, which was surprisingly ineffective.

  • kidneybeans says:

    For all those that say the knee barely connected let me graze you in the temple with a baseball bat and see how you feel afterward.

    honestly, just because the knee did not cave in his skull doesn’t mean he was faking it. Which elbows are the ones that usually do the most damage? The ones that graze accross the face and open up cuts. Couldn’t it stand to reason that a knee that smacks accross the temple of all places might be able to do some serious damage?

    Maybe Varner was looking for a way out of that fight he was winning 4 rounds to 0 at that point? I don’t know and neither do any of you. But calling him out for that knee makes you look ridiculous.

    And jj………………..your entitled to your opinion but were you and the second judge that scored it for Cerrone watching a different fight? There was no question who won the first two rounds and while 3 and 4 were closer, giving them both to Cerrone given the number of takedowns Varner had would be an injustice. Varner won the first four rounds on every scorecard I saw, except for the inexplicable second judge.

  • htown-chris says:

    this is for those of you that are not even actual fighters and are just avid fans of mma, this is not a knock on, trust me we need you, without you we would be fighting in backyards instead of arenas and such. if you look at the fight one more time you can see the knee was already in motion before varners knees went bak to the ground. when cerrone started the knee varner was on two points, thus the knee was a legal strike. so balls, eyes, temples, who cares. i’ve been keeping up now you keep up, it was not an illegal blow. check your rule book.

  • Lord Faust says:

    “i’ve been keeping up now you keep up, it was not an illegal blow. check your rule book.”

    So…. they gave him time to recover because? Why? For giggles?

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    I agree with Htown chris, the knees where both off the ground when the knee was thrown. However, according to WEC rules from their website, their interpretation seems only to be “No knees to a grounded opponent.” And at the time it landed, he was in fact grounded. After seeing last night i think they need to revise the rules a bit. It was clear Cowboy was throwing a legal knee strike in his mind, and at the time it was. I think there needs to be some discretion or maybe a rewording of the rule. Granted Herb Dean didnt take a point away, and didnt give Cerrone a dq, however being a fighter and a ref im sure Herb knew Varner was winning, so sending it to the cards was the same thing. More honorable maybe? There is one rule in particular that caught my eye though…

    29. Timidity, including, without limitation, avoiding contact with an opponent, intentionally or consistently dropping the mouthpiece or faking an injury.

    Now im not Varner so i can only speculate as to how hurt his eye might have been, but i saw for sure, him spit his mouthpiece out when he was getting tanned by Razor Rob…and unfortunately that ended up being the turning point. Perhaps Varner is a repeat offender, and it is POSSIBLE he is faking it.

    And lastly, how is hitting me in my face with a bat the same as a short knee?
    Id bet if i hit you as hard as i can with a bat you’d surely die…however if i hit you with my knee, you will only be injured. The knee cap is the primary strike point, so thatd be like poking someone real hard with the wide end of the bat…not smashing them with the bat like a baseball.

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    Oh and maybe that rule 29 is what caused Kirrils fight to be stopped? they called it after he spat his mouthpiece out for the 2nd time…or did he verbally submit?

  • Chad says:

    Varner used the system to his advantage. He was on his way to losing the fight if he continued. I think he most likely made a pathetic move to keep his belt. I like the post fight interview when they asked him about not continuing . He apologized to the crowd and said ” sorry guys I broke my hand in like the second round”. So please clarify, you could not see? Or you broke your hand? Cerrone was definitely taking it to him. I am pretty sure Varner will drag out his recovery and try to hope Cerrone goes away. First time I can remember in a long time when a MMA guy really did not want to be in the ring. He wanted no part of it. He was more less trying to survive

  • jasonah says:

    I think he wanted out of that fight, because he was hurt.If he would have ate that knee flush.It would have been light’s out boy’s and girl’s!The cowboy will be the Champ.What would do more damage a Iron Right hand to the Eye socket.Or a Glancing.Knee that did not even connect,Glancing @best.He wanted out because the COWBOY was bringing it alot harder in round 5.

  • htown-chris says:

    no lf they didnt give him time for giggles, but there is no instant replay or red flag to throw in this sport. therfore the ref got it wrong. the blow was not illegal. the rule is no knees to the head od a grounded opponent. thats if the fighter is grounded at the time the blow is began not when it lands. refs are human and they do make errors too. and dry heaving? ive never seen that in my life. how many barn burners hav we seen wher fighter look like they went thru a meat grinder at the end? and varner didnt even use his full five minutes befor he said he coudnt go anymor.

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    Htown, i agree again with him not using the full 5, and basically ducking out…however on the website it lists the rules, and there is no add-on or amendment that specifies if the knees gotta be up throughout or just for the launch of the knee, Varners knees were down when the knee landed, so following the rules Dean made the right call. Herb Dean was a fighter too, im sure hes pretty clear on the rules. Dont get me wrong id be right along side you arguing that the rule should be clarified, and that since his knees were up when the knee was thrown it would be clean, but the way the rules are written currently Varner exploited a rule and snuck out.

  • treelizard says:

    Wow, what fight were you guys watching? Varner was clearly winning the fight. And I think he was apologizing for not fighting better, not for “ducking out.” Though it’s nice to know there are so many mind readers on here that know what was really going on.

    I don’t think he “exploited the rule” either–he didn’t know they weren’t going to call it a TKO if he refused to go back on. Also it’s possible he had a concussion. In any case he seemed really disoriented and not thinking clearly, so it’s hard to believe he was secretly plotting on how to keep his belt or whatever everyone is accusing him of. And he wouldn’t want it that way, anyway. The guy has such high standards for himself, no matter what the haters and armchair critics say.

  • zip says:

    I was a Varner fan, but that ending was weak to say the least. For the second time in a title fight Varner was desperate to do anything he could to win. I’m suprised he didn’t try to call TO again. Yes, I think he was ahead in the scorecards, but there is no doubt that Cerrone is the future of the division. I just hope the rematch isn’t another Jamie Varner circus.


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