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WEC Quick Results

Jamie Varner def. Donald Cerrone via split decision (49-46, 47-48, 49-46)
Urijah Faber def. Jens Pulver via submission (guillotine )~Round 1~ 1:34
Danillo Villefort def. Mike Campbell via TKO (strikes) ~ Round 1~ 3:53
Jose Aldo def. Rolando Perez via TKO (strikes)~ Round 1~ 4:15
Benson Henderson def. Anthony Njokuani via submission (guillotine) ~ Round 2~ 0:42
Edgar Garcia def. Hiromitsu Miura via TKO ~Round 1~1:18
Dominick Cruz def. Ian McCall via unanimous decision
Scott Jorgensen def. Frank Gomez via submission (guillotine)~ Round 1~ 1:09
Jesse Lennox def. Blas Avena via TKO (punches)~Round 2~ 0:41
Charlie Valencia def. Seth Dikun via unanimous decision

  • jj says:

    fyi: it’s airing on tsn at 8.30-10.30 CST for anyone in canada that doesnt get versus.

  • Kevin says:

    Uriah!! Finished jens so quick. That left to body was brutal. Lots of quick fights so far. Hopefully varner/cerrone goes at least two rounds.

  • nate says:

    Does Versus put its content on their website somewhere, like HDnet? I cant find it, I wish their site was clearer to figure that stuff out.

  • Cathedron says:

    Wow. Cerrone’s got to feel pretty terrible. Varner looks fucked up. I’m glad they aren’t going to DQ Cerrone, at least. Varner started to get up and then dropped back down to his knees. If he had continued to get up, he could have been KO’d. Still a good fight. Varner doesn’t need to feel bad about his performance.

    WEC seems to always have excellent shows. Even better cuz they’re free. I can’t wait for the next one. Brown/Garcia and Condit/Larson are going to be incredible.

  • TK says:

    Its a shame it ended the way it did, but fuck fans who boo fighters why dont you get your fat ass in the gym and train your ass off then step in a ring to get punched and kicked….. Jaime is a stand up guy and a good ambassador for ACS….. Cerrone also showed he is one tough s.o.b.

  • paddiosf says:

    Nice fight and Varner fought well considering he had one hand and Cerrone is like a flipping Terminator comes moving forward isnt fazed by much, I see Cerrone beating him the next time they fight, and those fans where a bunch of Idiots and I cant believe they booed after that battle..

  • mrw420 says:

    Great acting job by Varner…he knew he was ahead in points and saw an easy way to end the fight, so he took it. He pulled the same crap against Razor Rob, except that time he wanted a timeout to put in his mouthpiece.

    Never liked the guy, never will.

  • TK says:

    Ya he saw an easy way to end the fight by taking an illegal knee to the eye…… stfu you dont like him fine but dont spew garbage about a man you have never met

  • Lord Faust says:

    Varner / Cerrone definitely need a rematch. That fight had everything; built a lot of tension; I’m sad to see it ended as it did. Cerrone’s made a fan in me; dude has balls that must clank when he walks.

  • OCD says:

    Varner wasn’t as sharp as he’s been in the past, and he was gassing at the end. Watch the blow, it was glancing. Yes, it hurt, but was it a fight ending knee? I don’t know. He had no problem finding the hoodie they handed to him at the end. Notice what Varner said first at the end, “I broke my hand” and then went on to talk about his other injury. If the injury were that bad it would have been referenced first, and the hand not even mentioned.

    It will be a good rematch. Cerrone has his number next time.

  • mrw420 says:


    Then don’t kiss the ass of a man you never met. I have a right to my opinion, so you STFU. That knee was nowhere near his eye, and it wasn’t illegal. Get your facts straight next time.

  • Rich S. says:

    the knee didn’t catch him square on the head, therefore could not have rocked him.
    the knee also only grazed the SIDE OF THE EYE, and did NOT form a cut..

    there is no reason why varner shouldn’t have been able to continue..

    cowboy went 3 rounds without sight, and varner couldn’t even go the last three minutes..

    varner’s a shady dude, anybody else notice that that part in the razor fight where he called the timeout after getting rocked was the TURNING POINT in that fight..

    this guy’s willing to do whatever he has to to get a win, and at that point, i don’t even consider it a win anymore..

    what a punk..

  • mrw420 says:

    Amen Rich S., Amen. My thoughts exactly.

  • Steve says:

    Everyone who says varner was not hurt is retarded. He took that knee and immediatly went into the turtle signifying he was legit hurt. It was a really good fight and it sucks to see it end that way but that glancing knee at least had some sort of effect on varner. I would love to say a re match but saying varner took a dive there is ridiculous. Anyone who says that knee didnt hurt obviously has never left his or her couch and went to their local dojo or gym

  • Rich B says:

    Yeah, just ask Randy Couture what a shot that doesn’t catch him square on the head can do.

  • DamonO says:

    mrw420 well said

    Jamie = Great Actor. He pulled the acting job off and won the fight. He could have continued the fight. The way he handled himself proved to me that he was lying. His multiple apologies and his actions. The way he reacted to the booing crowd by getting angry and cussing at them are all reactions of someone who is definitely lying and being caught in the lie.

    Sad. I am impressed with The Cowboy. Good fight regardless.

  • chris says:

    i gotta say ive watched the fight 3 times already (lame i know but still) anyway i gotta give rounds 2 4 and 5 up until the foul to donald though it was a close fight round 2 was back and forth but that submission clinched that round and round 4 he was the busier fighter of the two trying to do more damage etc and round 5 he had the takedown and was taking control until the “foul” you could make an arguement for all 4 rounds for each fighter but thats how i saw it and varner clearly didnt seem like he took the fight serious at first i am in the gym and i am a fighter so i know the effects of all that and let me tell ya as painful as it may have been he coulda finished the fight he was allowed 5 minutes to compose himself and almost after he was im done im done etc. he didnt even try feel bad because this coulda been fight of the year candidate from my perspective until varner ruined it hopefully the rematch he doesnt pull some crap like that hats of to cowboy though stepped it up and im impressed deff top 10 potential at 155

  • red says:

    Varner saw a way to get out of that fight without loseing his title and took it. I think Cerrone would have finished him that round if it continued.

  • JJ Docker says:

    Did anyone else think the commentary in the Faber vs Pulver fight was substandard? They barely said anything during the fast-paced opening exchanges and then Mir made the call that Pulver was “faking” it after he took that body shot. Which he clearly wasn’t.

  • john says:

    mrw420 are you serious? You didn’ think that knee was illegal? I was 100 percent pulling for cowboy but you can’t knee a downed opponent, Varner was on his hands and knees and Cerrone knee’d him in the face, which is 100 percent illegal. Not to mention they had been fighting for over 20 minutes when that happened, so I imagine he tried to come back and stand but after FIGHTING FOR OVER 20 MINUTES HE GOT ILLEGALLY KNEE’D IN THE FACE.

    Also JJ Docker I think it was such a random post fight interview because Faber has so much respect for Pulver and he knew Pulver’s situation. One of his best friends was murdered and he recently had a baby so he didn’t have nearly what he needed for a full camp and when he asked for the fight to be set back a few months the WEC refused. So he took on a fight against one of the Pound for pound bests in the world with about half a camp.

  • Patrickk says:

    yeah varner-cerrone definitely would have been a candidate for fight of the year. that was a serious fight, so intense and a nailbiter for real! i just want to see the rematch march 1st!!! a triple title fight card…omg that would be like better than ufc’s ultimate 2008! the wec has some sick talent…maybe they should just outlaw kneeing unless they are completely in the standup or clinch positions, that way it would never register to knee someone while coming up…cuz what i say happen was varner was up and the millisecond before that knee landed, he for some reason had just dropped back down, so it was one of those sucky situations that we all did not want to happen.

    and yeah, cerrone was probably gonna finish varner by the end of the round!

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Mir’s commentary never recovered after the opening congratulations he received from his broadcast partner. It was a real step backwards for Frank last night.
    Cerrone is one tough cat. I didn’t like the way the fight ended.
    Urijah hits hard, too. We knew that Jens threw bricks, but Urijah’s striking power is apparently a bit underrated.

    Cathedron’s right, the next card shows incredible promise. I always clear the calendar for WEC, but that one looks special.

    I really thought the camera work was superior to anything I’d seen recently. The cuts and direction for camera angles was amazing. It’s like the director has watched or even fought MMA before. It was vastly superior to the Affliction production and I think much, much better than the UFC card last week.
    The WEC puts on the best production, and I didn’t expect it to be that good in the larger venue at the San Diego Sports Arena. Excellent show from a production standpoint.

  • bucky says:

    Jamie Varner got knocked out. Cerrone was just waiting for him to hit his feet and when he did, BAM, he threw the knee but by the time it landed Varner was back to his knees. Looks like the ref made a bad call in my opinion.

  • TK says:

    I have met Jaime we train at the samw gym… I’m not saying that I am a close personnel friend of his, but I know how hard he trained for this fight…. I apologize for being rude Its hard to see a guy I respect put his ass on the line to then get booed by a mostly unknoweldgable crowd… I have mad respect for Cerrone he took alot shots and kept coming… and the knee was illegal thats why they stopped the fight it was unintentional but illegal nonetheless….. rematch is def in order and I know Varner will bring it

  • BigDave says:

    Well looks like Varner is nothing but a little bitch. ya i said it, and id say it to his face.
    That display was worse then the one a few nights ago by Lauzon after the non lowblows. Varner should have to either forfiet his title or be stripped or have to have an imidate rematch with the cowboy.Varners actions where unsportsmanlike and for him to swear at the fans because they boo him is even more testimat to this guys lack of respect for the sport and everything that athletic compatition stands for.
    His actions in the other fight mentioned getting the time out for the mouthpeice was just gamesmanship boxers and mma fighters do it all the time but what Varner did last night makes me not want to see him fight anymore.

  • john says:

    That crowd was so insanely disrespectful, those two guys trained their butts off and put on an awesome show, just to be booed by some drunk loser in San Diego. It honestly just embarrasses me as a fan of the sport to see people boo like that. And what are you talking about in the Lauzon fight, yes it was annoying he took three different times to recover, but he got hit in the balls 3 times. Hard or not, don’t aim to hit someone in the nuts, its that easy. Not to mention Lauzon got kicked so many times the ref told him he could just chalk it up as a victory but instead, he went back in there and won the fight with a sub.

  • john says:

    Joe Lauzon on his brother’s fight:

    ” Let me tell you, Dan was not looking for any kind of break for anything other than recovering his balls from his throat. Dan is the most stubborn kid I have ever met in my life. He does not want any shortcuts in anything and wants to earn everything he gets. He clearly got kicked in the balls and he took the amount of time he was given. If I got kicked in the balls I wouldn’t want to tie me own shoes… nevermind go out and fight. It happens in fighting and in some cases you don’t need the full time. In other cases, you do… and this was one of those cases.
    I honestly cannot believe how much shit Dan is catching over this. He gets fouled and then when he takes his time to recover he is the one thats wrong? He got hit in the nuts and he took his time to recover. Thats it. Its not out fault Bobby Green consistently had terrible accuracy and hit Dan in the balls 3 times
    After the third one, they gave Dan the option of the easy win. They told Dan that Bobby would be DQ’ed if he didn’t want to continue. If Dan was looking for an easy way out, he would have said he didn’t want to continue and take the easy win. It would have been the smart move… he could have collected his money and gone home with a win. Instead, he went out and showed those HUGE BALLS and finished the fight like a man.”

  • Rich S. says:

    True Rich B.,
    but like i mentioned, Randy had a cut on his eyelid that could’ve potentially led to blindness, Varner wasn’t cut AT ALL..

    PS: i’m a little suprised to see Miura TKO’d in 1 minute.. was it an injury or something?

  • Max says:

    The replays clearly showed a knee to the eye socket, in the area of the zygomatic bone. A hard shot there, especially one coming from a knee, could easily lead to double vision or temporary blindness. Varner even told his corner he couldn’t see. It’s not about getting knocked out or getting cut. I’m not saying he was or was not acting, but you people need to get your facts straight.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I think it bears note that the crowd for that event was terrible. At first I thought they were just booing anyone who looked hispanic; then I realized they just didn’t know good fighting.

  • DH says:

    And the Razzy for worst actor goes to… Jamie Varner(applause). I love how he refused to even try and take the three minutes alotted by the rules to try and recover, he quit right then and there. Then when he gets up is he holding his head or his eye trying to clear his vision? No, he acts like he needs help getting up, he looks like a man who is in the infirmary, barely able to pull on his shirt. Finally in the post fight interview he barely alludes to the fact that he lost vision, he spends his time talking about how he broke his hand, and how he is a better fighter, and then tells the fans to eff off. Is there a sign of double vision… that the lights went out in one eye… nope. Maybe I am wrong and only Varner knows the truth but this is quite reminiscent of a 4th grader trying to get out of going to school by faking a cold.

  • john says:

    I am a Cerrone fan and I don’t particularly like Varner or anyone at MTX for that matter but I still don’t understand the backlash an ILLEGAL KNEE gets. Watch the replay again and tell me Varner wasn’t down when it happened. Also its not like it was 2 minutes into the first round, it was like 22 minutes into the fight which made the illegal blow that much harder to recover from.

  • JOe K. says:

    Yet another poorly paced WEC event. It started 10 minutes late and then ran 20 minutes over (sorry TIVO/DVR viewers).

    4 of the 5 fights were one rounders (the “bonus” pre-lim lasted about 20 seconds) and they still ran out of time.

    If any of the other main card bouts would have gone even 2 rounds one fight would have been cut out.

    I saw more commercials than the superbowl. This is pissing me off so much. They used to pack a ton of fights in, now its all commericals, ring walk-ins, and pre-fight hype.

    Bare in mind we missed a candidate on the main card last event. They also never let you know when undercard fights are going to be shown. You have to randomly watch Wreckage and by that time you have already forgotten who fought (untelevised) from the event that happened 4 weeks ago.


    P.S. Varner is a bitch

  • CubanLinx says:

    that crowd was ridiculous. its like they were trying to find chances to boo. i really hope WEC never goes to San Diego again.

  • john says:

    Yes Varner is a total bitch for fighting the whole time with a broken hand and foot, i bet all the people talking crap about him could do that no problem.

  • JOe K. says:

    10:30 minutes of fighting – the championship fight.

    What was the rest!

  • john says:

    What? The fight got stopped like 22 minutes into it

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    I agree Varner didnt want to even try and continue. He packed it in as soon as it happened, did not try and recollect himself, gave up on the fans and on his challenger. I know he must have been in immense pain from the hand and foot, which i believe lead to him calling the fight. The fans have EVERY right to boo whoever they please, no matter how good the fight is, because they paid to be there. Without the fans showing up, fighters wouldnt make money. And to curse at them is completely unprofessional. They are entitled to think he quit early and boo him accordingly. And as for this eye arguement, he didnt seem like he hurt his eye much. no swelling, no cut, he was keeping it open.

  • mrw420 says:

    To john:

    Yeah, I guess I should have said unintentional instead of illegal, so you are right. However, he was already in the act of throwing the knee while Varner’s was perched on his feet; which is why I didn’t feel it should be called illegal. To me, illegal would be if he intentionally kneed a downed opponent, which he didn’t. But, you are right…the rules are the rules.

    Still, like I said; never liked Varner, never will. I think it was the sunglasses that clinched it for me. : )

  • john says:

    hah I agree I was never a Varner fan either but the sunglasses didn’t help, not a fan of any of the MTX pretty boys. The fact that CB trains there is enough for me, I guess Bader is alright.

  • JOe K. says:

    sorry 10:30 minus the championship fights.

  • TK says:

    Just for clarification the gym that Jaime, CB, and Bader train at is arizona combat sports or ACS not MTX… MTX is their sponsor its MTX Audio this really doesnt matter but I think you should understand the guys at ACS are all stand up guys that work their ass off and mosf of them take time to help us newer fighters out with technique and the like….. Varner will most likely be out 6-8 months due to injuries, but he will be back and beat cerrone

  • mrw420 says:

    I have a lot of respect for the fighters from ACS, even Varner. I don’t like his style or work ethic, but he gets the job done. I’m probably one of the few who actually like CB as well.

    Bader is a given; the guy is just awesome. : )


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