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Arlovski set to move into boxing after fight with Fedor

According to trainer Freddie Roach, Andrei Arlovski will move into boxing following his match-up with Fedor Emelianenko at the Affliction: Day of Reckoning PPV. Roach already knows who he wants Arlovski to face.

“Andrei’s going into boxing after this,” said Roach. “After we knockout Fedor, I’d like for him to challenge for the heavyweight championship against (WBA heavyweight champion Nikolay) Valuev.”

For Arlovski to transition right into a heavyweight title fight would seem very difficult. Roach does not think such a high caliber opponent would cause any problems for the former UFC heavyweight champion.

“His boxing skills are good enough. He’s the best MMA fighter in the world. Two world champions? It would be huge.”

  • KTru says:

    Basically saying. When Fedor beats me.. .. I am ready for boxing

  • Dan says:

    Hmmm, considering Roach has admitted he knows little about the ground game in MMA, and probably Wrestling and Kickboxing to and extent, I think he’s setting Arlovski up for a big fall here. Arlovski has looked like the devastating striker we used to see in the UFC in his last 2 fights but he’s never fought anyone like Fedor, to be fair there is no-one like him, so good luck Andrei, your gonna need it!

    I’d like to see Arlovski win personally, but for him, not to see Roach bragging.

  • Jim says:

    Arlovski’s apparent fight strategy: take the combined egos of his handlers and drop it on top of Fedor’s head — instant KO!

  • The Hammaer says:

    LOL @ roach. Great trainer, but come on!

  • KingTcb says:

    May be totally far fetched but it would be pretty impressive if he was affliction champion and a heavyweight boxing champion at the same time

  • mikemick says:

    Man Roach seems to be putting a lot of pressure on Arlovski. I wonder if AA is starting feel more weight on his shoulders after all of these bold predictions that Roach is making.

    I always thought rule#1 when you are facing a tough opponent (especially one that is favored over you and is a champ) is that you don’t look pass him into the future. Worrying about who AA would match up well against for a boxing vs MMA megafight should be the last thing on Roach’s mind…I would think. Then again maybe he is announcing it now, so if AA does lose, it doesn’t look like he is retreating from MMA.

  • Josh says:

    stupid. AA is training for a boxing match…instant armbar, late first or early second, fedor will control the ground, just as roy nelson did before he was screwed by the ref, and eventually pound his way into an armbar

  • Ben says:

    WTF? this guy is now trying to be a promoter?

  • MasterZero says:

    This guy Roach is a tool. Arlovski is going to get submitted like the rest of Fedor’s victims. It sounds like he’s spending way too much time on his stand up and not enough on submission defense.

    IF (and that’s a very big IF) he defeats Fedor, Affliction’s out of business because they’ve practically built their business around Fedor especially with the baddest man on the planet episode.

  • benkordus says:

    overconfident much?

    fa fa fa Fedor. just add oppenents and watch him grow!



  • Osiris says:

    I think I understand what Roach is doing. If he gets deep enough in Arlovski’s head (which it sounds like he already has) he ensures the guy abandons MMA and follows him into boxing. The fraudulent titleholder Valuev really is terrible, and I would give Arlovski (with Roach behind him) decent odds against that slow, freakshow colossus. I don’t think Arlovski could hang with the balance of the top 5 boxing HW, but if he lifts that belt off Valuev the Mutant he could make a great money match against the real champ, W. Klitschko … or do what Valuev does now and face crappy mandatory challengers for good money.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Maybe Roach is spinning. If Arlovski loses to Fedor, which seems likely, where does he go? He was disenchanted with UFC, and a loss to Fedor is unlikely to increase his contract value there. If he stays with Affliction (and assuming it continues to be a viable org.), the only remaining fight of interest is with Barnett. Once that’s done, what’s left? Maybe he feels like his career in MMA has run its course, and boxing is what’s left.

  • maddog says:

    This is all about $$$$. If AA can fight one fight against the champion and lose it may still be the biggest payday of his career. It is not about fighting it is about mullah.

  • Majloo says:

    Where I can watch this great match please..??? Which TV channel, or web site and when??
    thx a lot

  • Nemesis says:

    Too bad that is impossible for Arlovski to get a title shot given he’s had no previous pro boxing matches. No boxing commission, even the WBA, can sanction that fight. Arlovski wants to fight Valuev, ok… but it won’t be for the title.

    If he’s serious about doing this, I hope he takes it more seriously than this.


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