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Amir Sadollah off UFC Fight Night 17 card due to injury

Season seven winner of The Ultimate Fighter reality television show Amir Sadollah has been forced to pull out of a Feb. 7 at UFC Fight Night 17 vs. Nick Catone due to injury. was informed of the news by a source close to the fight earlier this afternoon.

This marks the second time in which a proposed Sadollah vs. Catone bout was postponed due to an injury sustained by Sadollah. The two had previously been scheduled to fight at UFC 91 this past November but Sadollah was forced to withdraw due to a foot injury.

It is unclear whether a replacement opponent will be found for Catone or whether he his debut with the promotion will be moved to another card.

Both Sadollah and Catone have fighting roots on the East Coast with Sadollah having made a name for himself as an amateur while a part of Team Combat at the Combat Sports Center in Richmond, Virginia.

Meanwhile, Catone has fought for two major regional promotions on the East Coast and currently trains in New Jersey.

Sadollah had never fought pro before being selected to compete on the seventh season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” where he successfully defeated Gerald Harris, Matt Brown, and C.B. Dollaway (twice) en route to becoming the winner of the show’s middleweight tournament.

  • Adam says:

    Amir “The Soul Assassin” Sadollah has a nice ring to it.

  • Ctroll says:

    its funny how MMA Weekly some how “Confirms” all the News Sam reports first. In other words their source is someone who read 5 OZ.s

  • reece says:

    This guy made it through training and fighting 4 times in 6 weeks of the ultimate fighter; who the hell is he training with? Maybe he should just move in to the house permanently. Would have been nice to see him dent the side of junie’s head with a high kick.

  • CubanLinx says:


  • t says:

    To bad ive been wanting to see him fight

  • Roccy says:

    Why why why why why :(

    I’m beginning to see we won’t see him actually fight again for a long, long, loooong time.

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    yea i can see the ufc letting this guy go if hes never able to fulfill his contractual obligations. Whats the point of having the car if it cant drive out of the garage.

  • Dm says:

    Can I just see nick beat his ass already! Jeez! How sloppy is this guy to get hurt and pull out twice! Nick trains so hard, to have to deal with a unrealiable fighter. Amir needs to step his game up and train like a professional , not that it will matter much anyway because nick is still a million times the athlete amir will ever be.

  • DC says:

    Thanks for making the correction!! Happy to provide more details if you want them.



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