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Gilbert Yvel licensed for Saturday’s fight vs. Josh Barnett at “Day of Reckoning”

Heavyweight competitor Gilbert Yvel passed his medical exams on Wednesday and was licensed by the California State Athletic Commission to fight Josh Barnett during Affliction and M-1’sDay of Reckoning” event.

There was some question as to whether the 32-year old veteran would receive clearance to fight due to several infractions committed in prior fights. However, CSAC ruled earlier this month that despite having been denied a license by the Nevada State Athletic Commission in 2007 for a proposed fight vs. Sergei Kharitonov at PRIDE 33, Yvel would be permitted to be licensed for the fight pending the approval of his medicals.

Yvel is 35-12-1 in his career with notable victories over Semmy Schilt, Kiyoshi Tamura, Tsuyoshi Koshaka, Cheick Kongo, and Gary Goodridge. While gaining great notoriety during his tenure competing for the PRIDE Fighting Championships in Japan, Yvel also earned a bad reputation following several instances of unsportsmanlike conduct during an MMA career that began in 1997.

During a fight with Atte Backman in November of 2004, Yvel was disqualified after he knocked the referee down and subsequently kicked him as he lay on the mat. The Dutch fighter was also disqualified in 1997 after biting opponent Karimula Barkalaev and again in 2001 during PRIDE 16 after raking Don Frye’s face with his fingers.

  • Matthew Lenz says:

    Was amazing to see what a humble and nice guy he was on Inside MMA. He definitely undergoes a metamorphosis when he steps into the ring. Josh obviously just needs to take him to the ground and it’ll be over. Josh is a showman though so who knows what he’ll do.

  • kidneybeans says:

    Yeah he seemed like far less of a tool than I anticipated when he was on InsideMMA, but I’m still hoping he goes down.

    Barnett subs him out in round 1

  • jj420 says:

    so are they going to make Yvel fight with oven mitts on?

  • Stan the Caddy says:

    Yvel is a pos and I won’t support any show/product that he is associated with.

  • says:

    First of all Gilbert Yvel should not be fighting at all when you consider his professional fight history. I just watched the video where he knocked a referee silly, and granted that it was funny, it should never have happened. You can’t yourself a professional fighter and pull off stunts like that. I hope Josh Barnett teaches him a lesson in MMA and Yvel never sees the inside of a ring or octagon again.

    As for the main event, if I were a betting man, I would put down money on Andrei Arlovski to pull off the biggest upset of the year against Fedor Emelianenko. Check out my review of the fight at Fedor v Arlovski


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