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5 Oz. Video: Tito Ortiz updates both his contract and health statuses is on location in Los Angeles, Calif. for Affliction and M-1’s “Day of Reckoning” event this Saturday at the Honda Center in Anaheim.

Now available is an exclusive interview with Tito Ortiz in which Ortiz updates his current health status, clarifies his current contract status with the UFC, and discusses his plans for his return to active competition.

  • Tyler says:

    Tito did a pretty good job as a commentator at UFC 48 so I see no reason to believe he won’t be good for the Affliction event. Also glad to hear he’s on schedule to be healthy and return in July. Tito / Frank Shamrock is a rematch I’ve wanted to see for years.
    If you go back and watch the Tito / Rashad fight at UFC 73 aside from the last 30 seconds of the 2nd and 3rd rounds Tito was in control of that whole fight and without him getting a point deducted would have easily won a decision.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I thought Rashad should’ve won, especially after the point deduction. I don’t think Tito would do as well against Rashad now because Rashad’s stand up has improved. He’s a legitimate ko threat at this point, and he wasn’t when he fought Tito.

  • 45 Huddle says:

    Tito’s power to get a large contract has greatly diminished since his last fight.

    1. Affliction is financially hurting, and likely won’t be around when he makes his “comeback”.

    2. The UFC is doing their best PPV business ever, and without Tito Ortiz. Brock Lesnar is a bigger draw then him. UFC 92 did around 1 Million PPV Buys. GSP/Penn 2 will likely do over 500,000.

    Unless some network station wants to get into the promotion business and pay for the fighters up front, I really think Ortiz will be back in the UFC.

  • Tyler says:

    @ Mike Wolfe “I thought Rashad should’ve won” Really?
    How exactly ? Tito fought him to a draw and had a point deduction.
    If Tito hadn’t grabbed the fence at the end of the 2nd he wins that round and already won the first. Rashad really didn’t do much in the 3rd either until like the last 30 seconds also. No way would he have earned a decision.
    IMO Tito should have got a decision win despite the point deduction.

  • traydawg says:

    Funny thing is, guys are saying Rashad would beat Tito easy now like it’s a foregone conclusion. I mean isn’t that why they have fights in the first place?

    I really wish Tito would go back to the UFC, I think he could beat Chuck now if he’s healthy, and I know that is the one he really wants.

  • Kevin Miller says:

    I just can’t wait to see Tito back in action. He’s always been a great fighter to watch.

  • benkordus says:

    I too believe ortiz will be back in the UFC. He knows he’s money, and so does UFC management.

    even if he would have a four fight deal, lose every match, people would still pay to see him.



  • ctownhood says:

    Tyler, you stated “Tito fought him to a draw and had a point deduction.
    If Tito hadn’t grabbed the fence at the end of the 2nd he wins that round and already won the first.”

    But like Rashad said, had Tito not grabbed the fence, he would have been slammed on his head..and possibly finished. So the point deduction was better for Tito than not grabbing the fence 😉

  • Cathedron says:

    Tito’s always been a better talker than a fighter. He should make a good commentator.

    Rashad would have won if Tito hadn’t grabbed the fence over and over to get out of those takedowns. Sometimes a desparate fighter will realize that losing a point is better than getting potentially finished on the ground.

  • Tyler says:

    It’s amazing how people see what that want to see.
    When McCarthy deducted that point from Tito there were seconds left in the round.
    Rashad was neither going to win it on the judges cards nor finish Tito.

  • mu_shin says:

    Always appreciated Tito Ortiz for his conduct in the ring/octagon, he has been a great fighter and a terrific promoter of MMA. Wish him well in his recovery from surgery, and hope to see him fight, wherever and for whomever, soon.

    As a fan who will welcome Lyoto Machida as the UFC Light Heavyweight champion if he is successful against Thiago Silva and whoever holds the title, I always have to grimace when I hear Tito say Machida ran from him. I’ve watched that fight at least five times, and Tito’s face was a mess when that fight ended. I’ll bet his legs were bruised for weeks. Yes, Machida is elusive, and yes, he picks his shots, but he scores with deadly accuracy, and has an almost psychic sense of where his opponent’s’ attack will be coming from. Machida is pure martial arts applied in the MMA ring, and he’s unique among active fighters.

    Would strongly look forward to a Machida/Ortiz rematch. Frank Shamrock is more mouth than real threat at this point, but would possibly be a good re-entry warm-up fight for Tito. I’d rather see Ortiz fight some real competition, someone like Forrest Griffin or Rampage, to see what Tito has left, and to see if he can rise through the ranks to challenge for the title once again.

  • Cathedron says:

    “When McCarthy deducted that point from Tito there were seconds left in the round.”

    Tito was grabbing the fence throughout the round. Tito was warned several times and kept grabbing the fence every time Rashad got the better of him. That’s why he got the point deduction near the end. They don’t do point deductions unless you repeatidly do something illegal. Tito even said, “If you ain’t cheating, you’re not trying” after the fight.

    “It’s amazing how people see what that want to see.”

    So true.

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    machida did pretty much “avoid” tito the entire fight. Ive learned that by saying avoid instead of ran from, machida fans dont get as upset. Plus rashad tied tito with tito losing a point. for anyone to say rashad was winning or should have won is just stupid, because obviously had he been winning he would have gotten a UD. He obviously wasnt even winning a split decision.

  • ipena says:

    Tito….good job tonight with the affliction fight. good night for the raza….with Tom, you and Oscar…….

  • klick says:

    Yawn… Rashaad lost…


  • darkmetal says:

    First of all, if you want to be a commentator, then learn the fighters names: It is FEDOR, not FEODOR, Tito.

    The simple fact is that the way that Affliction is bleeding money (they just paid Oscar De LaHoya 5 Mil just to sit in the stands of their show) they may not even exist in 4 months, and Tito will be back asking the UFC for a contract.

    I wish I could hear Dana White’s comments on the whole Oscar De LaHoya strategy as I am sure they would be comical: “They can’t fill seats or get PPV numbers, and now they are paying boxers 5 Million F$^#’n dollars to come to the show??”

    Will Tito fight again, of course. Will he ever be a top fighter again? No.

    Also notice that Tito says that he has not been at his peak since he went 3 rounds with Ken Shamrock….and this is meant to impress us? Shamrock has not been a viable force for years. Come back and beat Babalu, Tito, and then talk.

  • Grappo says:

    Actually, as someone else pointed out in another topic, the actual pronunciation sounds more like Yemeliyanenko Fyodor (with emphasis on different syllables, and even that is probably off) So Tito got it right… once. I heard him do about 50 mangled variations, but he did hit it correctly one time. I liked that he was trying to be correct anyway. Not that it really matters. Michael Buffer mangles the English language when he tries to pronounce the names of certain states, and everyone always screws up the names of the Japanese fighters. Seems like every organization screws up the names of just about every foreign fighter.

    Tito as a commentator… hit and miss. He was smooth as baby poop when compared to the trainwreck that was Scotty Ferrall and Chuck Zito. He wasn’t bad, just needs more practice.

    “Ive learned that by saying avoid instead of ran from, machida fans dont get as upset”

    So you’ve learned that people are less likely to jump on your ass if you use accurate descriptions instead of exaggerated nonsense? Cookie for the MMA fan in NJ.

    “for anyone to say rashad was winning or should have won is just stupid, because obviously had he been winning he would have gotten a UD.”

    Because judges always make the right call? I take back that cookie I just gave you. Sucks for you. It was a Milano.

  • Sprawl says:

    Tito is a horrible commentator , he dressses to the nines but cant put together a full sentence let alone pronounce the words correctly…. get back in the gym and leave the brain work to the professionals….


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