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UFC gives out double “Fight of the Night” awards for Rua vs. Coleman and Davis vs. Lytle bouts

The Ultimate Fighting Championship elected to present double “Fight of the Night” awards in response to two closely-contested bouts that were featured during the promotion’s UFC 93 pay-per-view telecast from Dublin, Ireland on Saturday night. learned of the development from a source present during the UFC’s post-fight press conference.

In recognition in one of the best standup fights in recent UFC memory, both Marcus Davis and Chris Lytle received $40,000 for their explosive performances during the show’s televised opener. Both Davis and Lytle have backgrounds as professional boxers and vowed publicly to put on a strong striking display. The outcome of the fight saw Davis record his eighth career victory inside the Octagon following a split decision victory.

Mark Coleman and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua were scheduled as the show’s co-main event in response to a previous encounter that took place at PRIDE 31 nearly three years ago. In their first meeting, Coleman was declared the winner via TKO after Rua landed awkwardly on a takedown and suffered a dislocated elbow.

Rua was able to avenge the loss by recording a stunning third round TKO with just 24 seconds remaining in the fight. The native Brazilian had to fend off several scares during the contest, as a tired but game Coleman grounded him multiple times during the fight and proceeded to land big shots to Rua’s head.

Coleman and Rua both received $40,000 bonuses in addition to their guaranteed pay for their effort.

The other two recipients of “Fight Night” bonuses from the show were Alan Belcher and Dennis Siver.

Belcher received a $40,000 bonus for “Submission of the Night” in response to his slick second round guillotine choke against newcomer Denis Kang. Meanwhile, Siver earned an additional $40,000 on top of his regularly scheduled pay in recognition of his third round TKO over Nate Mohr that included a spinning back kick followed by punches.

  • saer says:

    I can’t be the only one who thinks that Shogun vs Coleman was painful to watch?

  • Conor Doyle says:

    Was at the show, first time at a UFC event, it was class.

    Rua vs Coleman was a good match but i taught Franklin vs
    Henderson was better. Davis vs Lytle was the fight of the night.

    I taught Rua should have gotten the knockout of the night.

    Not sure why Joe Rogan taught Alan Belcher put in an awesome
    performance, he got beaten up for nearly two rounds before
    getting the submission

  • Eric says:

    No, you’re not the only one. They both gassed early and they looked terrible. I don’t see how that could even be considered for FOTN.

  • Rich S. says:

    1. I commend Davis’ chin. I knew Lytle wasn’t gonna have a problem, but Davis took some bombs and i’m suprised he hung in there.. It was a tough fight to judge.. for the first 2 it was like each fighter won half of the round both times.. the 3rd made the difference..

    2. I’d like to see Lytle at MW.. or just implement his ground skills.. I know he’s been reborn as this “FOTN, brawler” type of guy, but he would get 1st round submissions on half of these guys if he wasn’t so damn scared of boring the crowd..

  • Cronk says:

    You’ve got to be shitting me. Shogun/Coleman FOTN? That was one of the most horrendous professional bouts I’ve ever seen, both fighters should be embarrassed for that performance. I mean, fuck. FIGHT OF THE NIGHT?!

  • mikemick says:


    Agreed. I thought the whole card was painful to watch. The worst UFC in recent memory. I was astonished at Shogun and Hendo’s performances. I expected much more from them. I had these guys as the very elite of their weight division, and they definitely proved me wrong. I hate to bring up an old point, but it’s still obvious that most (not all) of the Pride fighters haven’t made the transition over to the UFC very smoothly.

    For the first time I watched the UFC at a bar, and not in my living room. I’m not sure if this contributed to my perception of how the fights went down.

  • Tyler says:

    Are guys kidding? This was not a bad event at all I enjoyed every fight I saw aside from Horn/Palhares.

  • rbang says:

    Way to go Marcus

  • Lord Faust says:

    “Stunning victory”. Wow, is the bar really that low. Shogun looked pretty sorry, considering he took 2 extra rounds to finish off a winded, flat-footed, low-handed, extremely tired, 44-year-old man. I respect Coleman for hanging in there; I’m really not sure how anyone could characterize Shogun’s performance as anything but underwhelming.

  • glock says:

    I thought it was a very entertaining card.You probably have to appreciate nuance to have fully enjoyed this card.
    Lytle Davis – GREAT fight for stand up fans while still being a barn burner for mma fans.
    With Coleman what I expected was a beatdown of the “old guy”, what i got was a lesson in how much of a part heart, instinct, skill, and conditioned response can play in a fight.
    Coleman got a lot of respect from me tonight, EVEN THOUGH he looked plodding, slow and like a coma waiting to happen, thank God, luck, and his experience that he didn’t end up in one.
    Hendo Franklin was a BIG disappointment but not totally unexpected. 30-27 WAS!
    The way they BOTH looked tonight, makes Anderson SIlva look like he’s in another league by himself, and I don’t care to see either of them face him again.

    I’m not a Bisping fan but I’m thinking he would decision both of them as well.

    Belcher also showed why MMA is so great to watch. That was a slick highlight reel submission , that looks like he planned and executed.

    No one complained about the buy tonight in our group.

  • bert zee says:

    i wonder what you mean, sam by “stunning” tko ? 1 out of 6 punchs lands cleanly & the ref jumps in! any idea what the judges scores would have been?

  • James says:

    Shogun looked terrible. It seems to me that his previous injuries maybe too much to overcome. That fight was painful to watch. Lytle/Davis was good. Hendo/Franklin was ok. A bad card by UFC standards. My favorite part was when the crowd would sing. I’ve been to 2 UFC’s and I bet it was incredible just to be there. Too bad that Rampage is stuck fighting Jardine. I’m shocked and disappointed he’s not fighting Evans or Griffin. Bummer

  • Andrew says:

    The Coleman Shogun fight was comparable to watching a heavyweight fight at a local event they throw some hard punchs for 30 seconds then the old fat men roll around on the ground until the match is over. BORING

  • Milliniar says:

    i agree no idea how colman shogun got FOTN. was boring and an embarrassment to mma. WTF. Did they feel sorry for coleman and feel like giving him extra money cause he is hall of fame and lasted almost 2 more rounds than he would’ve against ANY OTHER light heavyweight? IMO coleman’s next and last fight is against Hamill. After his performance tonight and hearing he still wants to fight Lesner…..i say lesnar by actually killing coleman if that fight actually goes down.

  • Eric says:

    I think it’s ignorant to assume that if someone didn’t enjoy this card tfat the don’t appreciate nuance. I thought it was a very average card with no fights really standing out. Lytle/Davis wasn’t great, it was good. They didn’t engage enough for it to be a stand up war. Coleman and Shogun gassed far too early for the fight to be anything other than a disappointment. I didn’t see either fighter gutting it out- I watched two guys struggling to go longer than three minutes. The end of round two with Coleman turtled taking lazy shots and Shogun resting between throwing shots was ludicrous. If people didn’t like the card they may appreciate nuance but can spot a boring card when they watch one.

  • TongPoBangkok says:

    Im one of Shoguns biggest fans, but last night was horrific to watch

    Granted he had knee troubles and surgery, but hes had a long enough camp to last more than 3minutes before gassing.

    This was one of the worst matches Ive seen in a long while. Am I the only one who thought it looked like to tramps slugging it out in a pub carpark?

  • glock says:


    i’m flattered that you’re more motivated to comment on my opinion than
    you were on the fight card to begin with.

    i think it was an average card as well, but does that automatically mean not entertaining to you? For me average means average- what you expect on a day to day basis means, usually, I’m ok with what I got for my money.

    Did you expect coloeman rua to be more than a joke ??
    I didn’t- but ya know what ? I was surprised . Painful to watch , yes, but coleman kept hangin in there, surviving on instincts and years of combat, I found that entertaining.

    I’d love to keep going here , but I gotta go enjoy the nuances of clouds forming and dissipating from my hammock.

  • mark says:

    i enjoyed coleman vs shogun fight,i really think the ref should not have stopped the fight, coleman could have carried on and if it had gone to a desision colman could well have taken it. coleman took shogun down loads of times,dazzed him with a few hard punches.on the flip side shogun should have finished it late in the second round

  • Brandon says:

    How in the world did Shogun and Coleman get FOTN honor??? I thought it was brutal and in fact they should charge both of them money for that horrible performance.

  • mark says:

    brandon what are u on about,which fight should have got FOTN THEN???

  • themindone says:

    colemand v rua was not worthy of the ufc..
    they should not be a cult of personality.. why was colman fighting again? after 10 yrs out the ufc? it seemed like white just wanted to get him some money .. rua looked horrible.. way past his prime.. coleman is one dimensional.. not a modern mma fighter, not the skill set of someone who should be representing our sport..
    the fight sucked.. a lot.. what’s next “the legand ” tank abbot returns? maybe he could fight lesnar..

  • bruiser says:

    “brandon what are u on about,which fight should have got FOTN THEN???”

    None. It was a shitty card filled with underwhelming fights.

  • DamonO says:

    Coleman vs. Shogun = not fight of the night. Crazy! Both should be let go from the UFC…..immediately. Oh hey, here’s an extra bit of cash to help you out in the unemployment line. Thanks for playing the UFC game again.

  • Anom says:

    that definitely was not a good fight…both Coleman and Rua sucked….but I think Dana gave them fight of the night because he knows Coleman needs the money…
    that being said, Dana isn’t half as bad everyone says he is.

  • HexRei says:

    Brandon on January 18th, 2009 2:49 pm

    How in the world did Shogun and Coleman get FOTN honor??? I thought it was brutal and in fact they should charge both of them money for that horrible performance.

    I think you should be charged money for making that dumb post.

  • Tyler says:

    The people complaining about the Coleman/Shogun fight are crazy the fight wasn’t technically pleasing for sure, but was certainly entertaining and the two of them getting rewarded for fight of the night is not as big of a crime as people want to make it out to be.
    Was anyone really bored during the Shogun/Coleman fight?
    If yes then what the hell did you think of the Horn/Palhares?


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