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Source: Heath Herring not fighting at UFC 97

Published reports have circulated on the Internet within the last 24 hours claiming that heavyweight Heath Herring is set to return to action at UFC 97 on April 18 in Montreal, Canada.

In response to the news, contacted Herring’s management via e-mail and received a response that contradicts the new series of reports.

“Heath is not fighting in UFC 97,” wrote Herring’s attorney, Raffi Nahabedian.

Herring, 28-14, last competed in August at UFC 87, losing a unanimous decision to current UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

The defeat dropped Herring’s lifetime record inside the Octagon to 2-3 with notable wins over Cheick Kongo and Brad Imes and losses to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Jake O’Brien in addition to Lesnar.

  • Nick Merra says:

    Herring has not been impressive enough to stay in the UFC…

  • Bullylover says:

    That’s reall unfourtanate but true. He was in his prime back in the Pride days. Still i’d love to see him take on Hardonk or even Gonzaga.

  • Slakdawg says:

    If Herring hasnt been impressive enough to stay in the UFC, then what do yuo do with Big Nog? Sure he won the belt, but he got stomped by Mir and “survived” against Herring. Herring probably should have finished him, but he got tentative and let Nogueira back into the fight. He has been less than impressive, but no one has suggested he be let go. Herring lasted longer against Lesnar than Couture did.

  • Dox says:

    I would bet Herring will be leaving…further reducing the UFC HW roster…but leaving room for their reality show prospects (ie TUF).

    The UFC would prefer to breed their own fighters and control their pay scale from start to finish. It makes sense to produce all the pieces of your “product”. Controlling the costs.

  • Tyler says:

    Nick Merra aside from the O’Brien fight Herring has been what he’s always been a solid heavyweight who won’t beat the top guys. It’s all about match ups Herring is getting tough opponents if the UFC gave him a couple of tomato cans like they have fed Kongo (who Herring beat) Heath would look a lot better in the eyes of the average UFC fan.


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