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Pain Poll: The 5 Oz. Staff Breaks Down UFC 93

The staff is back to break down UFC 93. Enjoy as 5 Oz. staff members preview and predict the entire 10-bout card for tonight. After reading the picks, readers are encouraged to leave their predictions in the comment thread that proceeds this article. Enjoy the fights!

Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson

Michael Huckaby: Everywhere I go all I see are comments from fans, fighters and analysts stating Henderson can neutralize Franklin and he has the advantage in this particular matchup. To quote the great mind of Socrates, hooey! As with every other fight fan around, these are two of my favorite fighters to ever step into a ring. I have to put that aside and picture the fight. Too many people seem to forget Rich Franklin would be the #1 p4p fighter on the planet if it weren’t for Anderson Silva. You can make arguments about Franklin at 205lbs or what Silva took out of him but as of this second I haven’t seen enough to prove Dan Henderson, at this point in his career, can win a decision on Rich Franklin. Franklin will get tagged but win the standup in this fight. His wrestling is good enough to keep Henderson at bay and his BJJ will get him off the bottom, not that Henderson would stop him there. This will be a war that could go either way but my mind is telling me Rich Franklin is still the guy he was before Anderson Silva. Winner: Rich Franklin, decision.

Caleb Newby: I like Franklin here. I just don’t understand why so many people underestimate him or don’t consider him an elite fighter. The thing that baffled me the most was how a good number of people were taking Hamill over him. I just don’t get it. Anyhow, this fight will be much tougher than Franklin’s Hamill fight. If both fighters fight as they have of late, Franklin should earn a tough decision victory. He has all of the tools and well rounded game to pull this one out and avoid a Hendo haymaker and stave off the majority of the takedown attempts thrown his way. The biggest monkey wrench in my prediction is if Henderson is consistently looking to grapple instead of trade. Should Henderson manage to get takedowns fairly regularly and not spend too terribly long in the stand up game, Henderson should be able to rack up an easy decision. Random question, do you think Henderson is going to try to fight from the clinch… being as he claimed to be better than Silva with the clinch before their fight and with Franklin’s well documented problems versus Silva? That’s neither here nor there, just wondering. Winner: Rich Franklin – Decision

Brendhan Conlan: It goes without saying that there’s a lot on the line for both Dan Henderson and Rich Franklin in their main event clash. Each is looking to further establish his legacy in MMA by beating a competitor most would consider among the sport’s all-time greats. Each is hoping to move one more rung up the proverbial ladder with a goal of getting a shot at promotional gold. And, even better (note: sarcasm), each is going to win a 6-8 month gap between fights in order to tape a reality show! Removing all the outside factors and just getting into the nitty-gritty of their individual skillsets, this particular battle of 205-pounders could go down as one of the top bouts in 2009 and it’s still January. The former UFC middleweight champion, Franklin, has more tools in his stand-up box than Dan Henderson but lacks the Team Quest founding father’s wrestling or devestating right hand. “Ace” has knockouts to be sure…just ask Nate “The Rocked” Quarry…but Henderson has shown his one-punch putdown power to a number of his peers. I think he’ll utilize both his Olympic-level grappling and heavy hands to leave Franklin dazed and confused, though not quite at an Anderson Silva level of decimation. Speaking of which, Henderson is the only man to have won a round in the UFC against “The Spider”. Doesn’t that count for something? Regardless, I’m going to sit back, enjoy, and root for both of these class acts no matter whose hand is raised at the end of the show. I implore you all to do the same, because the real winners of this crown-jewel of a headliner are we long-time fans of Mixed Martial Arts who have been longing for this particular battle between PRIDE/UFC icons for a number of years. Winner: Dan Henderson, TKO, RD 2
Jonathan Snowden: I’m really excited to see this matchup because both guys have plenty of question marks. Franklin is the best fighter in the world at 185 pounds, with the lone exception of the amazing Anderson Silva. Can that success continue against bigger men? For Henderson, the clock is ticking on what has been a hall of fame career. Does he still have enough left to make one last title run? Like I said:  plenty of questions. The answer? Franklin, Decision.

Lee Gerowitz : This is an incredibly tough fight to call. I think Henderson needs to take Franklin down to the ground and out-wrestle him to win this fight. I don’t see Franklin allowing the fight to stay on the ground if it goes there. Both are well-rounded fighters, but I see Franklin picking Henderson apart over the course of three rounds. Franklin by decision.
Chris Dolan : Rich Franklin fighting Dan Henderson is a treat for fight fans, but a tough bout to pick a clear-cut winner in. Both men have made a great decision moving to light heavyweight where they can fight at a more comfortable weight, and avoid Anderson Silva. As for this fight I like Henderson. He dominated Rousimar Palhares who is considered one of the best jiu-jitsu fighters in the world. He’ll look to give Franklin a steady dose of his right hand and if he does he’ll win this fight. On the other hand Franklin has only lost to Lyoto Machida and Silva, twice, in his career, so if he were to defeat Henderson it wouldn’t catch me by surprise. In the end I think Henderson will win via TKO in the third round.
Cory Brady: Henderson always has the ability to knock anyone out with one punch and his wrestling makes him a serious threat to take Franklin to the canvas and maul him but he won’t. Franklin’s takedown defense is very polished and his striking will be too accurate and technical for Henderson. Franklin by decision.

David Andrest: Great match up.  Two guys in pretty much the same spot.  LIMBO.  This could go either way, but  I’m taking   Franklin via Decision.

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Mark Coleman

Michael Huckaby: To be fair I can’t really be impartial here. I’ve disliked Mark Coleman for years and the mouths of Hammer House in general. On top of that, Coleman hasn’t won a fight in about three years…. and that was Shogun’s broken arm. I look for Shogun to come out, swing away, get taken down and then come back when Coleman inevitably gets tired of gets swept. From there it will be a clinic of punches and kicks with Coleman trying to avoid and failing at takedowns until the ref hops in or he taps to the strikes. Winner: Shogun Rua, TKO, Rd2.

Caleb Newby: Not much of a question here. Shogun was widely considered the number one light-heavyweight when Wanderlei Silva and Chuck Liddell were the PRIDE and UFC champions, respectively. Then one loss and some injury time off later, he’s all but forgotten about. While Coleman was a pioneer in MMA, I don’t think many people give him a real shot here unless the ringrust monster bit Shogun hard. Huckaby pretty much nailed the way this fight should look. Winner: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua – Submission, Rd1

Brendhan Conlan: There is no fighter who I’d rather see succeed in 2009 more than Mauricio Rua. “Shogun” has gone from being considered the top Mixed Martial Artist in the world to a legitimate question mark. Injuries sustained both in the ring and out have slowed him and, as a result, he has yet to prove himself inside the Octagon. It will be interesting to see how Coleman, especially at the age of 44, is affected by the drop from heavyweight to light heavyweight. I think his best bet is to try and take Rua down, then pound him out. If the fight makes it beyond the first round, which I think it will, conditioning should be in the favor of the twenty-something Brazilian and allow him to finish “The Hammer” off. Then again, after “Shogun” came into his fight against Forrest Griffin looking like he had “sho” eaten a lot of doughtnuts during training camp, it’s hard to know exactly what fans should expect at UFC 93. Winner: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Submission, RD 3

Jonathan Snowden: The UFC has done a great job of promoting Coleman with their Countdown special. I’ve actually heard people saying they were putting money down on an ancient wrestler who has never bothered to expand his game. This is how Vegas keeps all those lights on up and down the strip at night. Rua, KO, Round 1.

Lee Gerowitz : This is a battle of rust. Whoever is sharper wins this fight. And I expect Coleman, who is also cutting down to 205, to have major issues. If Rua displays the form he claims he will, this fight will be over quickly. It’s “hello-goodbye” for Coleman. Rua by TKO, round one.

Chris Dolan : Mauricio “Shogun” Rua will look at avenge his 2006 loss to Mark Coleman when both men were in Pride. Shogun had his arm broken after Coleman picked him up and slammed him to the mat. Before his loss to Forrest Griffin, Shogun was considered the best light heavyweight in the world and I expect him to regain that form starting Saturday night. Coleman hasn’t competed since he lost to Fedor Emelianenko back in October of 2006, and I think the layoff will show in this fight. If Shogun can keep the fight standing he should be able to control the tempo of the fight. Shogun will win this fight via TKO in the second round.

Cory Brady: Obviously both these guys are coming off of extended layoffs so they’re even in the ring rust department. Shogun is just a better all around fighter and I expect him  to come out on fire, ending this one early. Shogun by knockout.

David Andrest: As I sit in awe of Gerowitz working in a Beetles refrence, I’ll make it unanimous.  Shogun via TKO

Denis Kang vs. Alan Belcher

Michael Huckaby: This has to be one of the two hardest fights for me to pick on this card. Everything in my mind is telling me to pick Alan Belcher but I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if Kang destroys him in the first round. Belcher should probably win but he doesn’t connect enough for me to be sure of it and in the end I don’t have the guts to put it down. If Belcher was just a TOUCH more accurate I could pull that trigger. Winner: Denis Kang, TKO, Rd3.

Caleb Newby: What a road Kang has had. From 22 fights straight without a loss to losing his next three out of four, Denis has set things back on the right track with a two fight winning streak coming into his UFC debut. I’ll be of more faith that Kang has found his rhythm and will look the part of a contender that will get people talking about him once again. Winner: Denis Kang – TKO, Rd1

Brendhan Conlan: I’m among the group of MMA-aholics who is thrilled to see Denis Kang finally make his way into the UFC. I’ve always felt he was an exciting, well-rounded fighter who has a marketable style in the ring as well as potential based on his diverse heritage. I don’t think the transition from ring to cage will affect him much based on his tenure at American Top Team and overall experience in Mixed Martial Arts. I think Alan Belcher, who has admitted that Kang is a competitor he’s looked up to for some time, may suffer from a combination of youth and adulation when face-to-face with the former PRIDE standout. The mental part of fighting is a huge factor and locking up with someone you once idolized is rarely a good thing. Just look back to Georges St. Pierre’s first bout against Matt Hughes if you need any proof. I think it my cause Belcher to come out slow and eventually slip up against Kang. Winner: Denis Kang, TKO, RD 1

Jonathan Snowden:
Finally, the UFC debut of Denis Kang. Kang is a guy that just looks like a fighter. He’s a great athlete with all the tools. The knock on Kang is that he’s never beaten a great fighter. Luckily, Belcher is not a great fighter. Kang, TKO, Round 2.

Lee Gerowitz :
The question to me is, which Kang will we see show up? I’m guessing we’ll see Kang at his best, simply because he’s making his UFC debut and he knows what’s on the line here. Belcher may hang with Kang – rhyme 100% intentional – but somewhere in round two, Kang will bang. Thank you very much. Kang by TKO, round two.

Chris Dolan :
Submission specialist Denis Kang makes his UFC debut against Alan Belcher. Belcher has been very up and down in his UFC career and will have his hands full with the very talented Kang. I don’t think Kang will have much trouble with Belcher as he should be able to take him down and control the fight on the ground. I like Kang via submission early in the second round.

Cory Brady: Kang has been hot and cold throughout his career and it’s hard to say which Kang will show up. The same thing can be said for Belcher but I expect his takedown defense to be good enough to keep this one standing and for him to stop Kang with strikes early on. Belcher via TKO.

David Andrest: I really enjoy Denis Kang as a fighter.  I’m very happy to see him in the UFC where he belongs.  With that said  I fully expect Belcher to be sharper in this fight.  Belcher via TKO

Rousimar Palhares vs. Jeremy Horn

Michael Huckaby: I just can’t pick Horn again until I see something. Horn has always been open to submissions but it’s never been this obvious before. My real question is whether Palhares will be able to finish Horn or if he’ll ride out a decent sized decision. I say Palhares on top means less of a chance for a finish as Horn will work strong from his back and take damage. I’m sticking with that. Winner: Rousimar Palhares, decision.

Caleb Newby: Palhares wins this via submission. After discussing this in the The Duel this week, I really can’t see it going any other way than Palhares’. Horn isn’t the fighter he once was and Palhares is a phenom on the ground. The real question is when does it end. Sooner than later I say. Winner: Rousimar Palhares – Submission, Rd1

Brendhan Conlan: Rousimar Palhares is every bit and more the grappler “Gumby” is. He’s younger and more athletic. Jeremy Horn hasn’t finished an opponent in over two-and-a-half years. He’s lost four of his last six fights. To be quite blunt, at this point in his career he is living off of reputation and experience, and I’m fairly certain UFC 93 will be his last appearance inside the Octagon. A win over Palhares in his final at-bat would be monumental and possibly prolong his release but I just don’t see it happening. Fight #104 for Horn may not just be a loss but an ugly one at that. Winner: Rousimar Palhares, Judges’ Decision

Jonathan Snowden: I love Jeremy Horn, one of the sports all-time cerebral assassins. This is a man who has won more than 70 fights in a career that has taken him all over the globe. He’s seen the sport change dramatically and, unfortunately for Horn, it isn’t a sport where a Jeremy Horn can thrive anymore. He’s got all the knowledge and skill. What he doesn’t have is exceptional athleticism. When your opponents are all bigger, faster, stronger, and nearly as skilled, well, you could be in a lot of trouble. Palhares, Submission, Round 3.

Lee Gerowitz : The bottom line here is Horn can be submitted now – and Palhares is an excellent submission specialist. Horn needs a win to stay in the UFC, but he won’t get it. The gas tank has to be nearly empty. If you’re a Jeremy Horn fan, get out the Kleenex, because this will be his last fight in the UFC. Palhares by submission, round two.

Chris Dolan : Jeremy Horn will look at avoid a third straight loss in the octagon but it might be unavoidable as he faces Rousimar Palhares. Look for Palhares to end this fight in the second round via submission.  Palhares by submission, round two.
Cory Brady: Both of these fighters strengths are their submissions but Palhares’ is much more explosive. Palhares should win easily by submission early on in this passing of the torch match.Palhares by submission

David Andrest: Let’s count the ways Jeremy Horn could likely win this fight…………….Winner Palhares via Submission Round 1.

Marcus Davis vs. Chris Lytle

Michael Huckaby: I would have leaned toward Lytle but I’m afraid he is going to stand and trade with Davis hoping to get the best of the boxing. Davis will win the standup and even when Lytle tries the ground game I don’t think he’ll be able to take Davis out. Everyone loves Chris Lytle but the fact remains that finishing strong fighters with his submissions just isn’t happening. It’s possible and I’ll be rooting for it 100% but as per the gameplan in my head I have to go Davis. Winner: Marcus Davis, decision.

Caleb Newby: This will be a lot of fun. Again, not to repeat myself from The Duel but Davis is the better striker and both men seemingly just want to stand and trade. With that being the case combined with Lytle’s toughness, I have to give it to Davis via decision in an all out war. Winner: Marcus Davis – Decision

Brendhan Conlan: John Witherspoon, better known David Allen Grier’s mushroom-sporting father in “Boomerang”, has apparently gotten in the ears of Marcus Davis and Chris Lytle because both fighters are without-a-doubt approaching Saturday with one general strategy in mind – BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG!!! Their bout has all the makings of a “Fight of the Night” given each man’s boxing ability, general tenacity, and durable chin. Neither man has been knocked out in his professional MMA career and they can attribute their collective trio of TKOs to cut-based stoppages. I have a shiny coin to thank for my pick in this match-up of hard-fighting welterweights. It’s truly that close a call. Winner: Chris Lytle, TKO (cuts), RD 3

Jonathan Snowden: Here’s the night’s Zuffa special:  two men looking to brawl and making no attempt at takedowns or grappling. A boxing match with four ounce gloves. That makes picking a winner tough. The loser is the first guy to get hit on the chin. I say that will be Lytle. Davis, KO, Round 3.

Lee Gerowitz : When you have two guys fighting whose nicknames are “The Irish Hand Grenade” and “Lights Out,” it’s safe to say that the chances of someone getting K.T.F.O. is high. In addition, both men are former professional boxers. This has potential “Fight of the Night” written all over it. I expect a three-round war. Davis by decision.

Chris Dolan : Marcus Davis has found a lot of success in England and I like for it to continue in his bout with Chris Lytle. This fight will go the distance with Davis coming out on top via a unanimous decision. Davis by decision.

Cory Brady: A gentleman’s agreement between two sluggers to stand up and trade for the entire bout? I’m looking forward to this one, that’s for sure. Lytle told me recently that nobody is above getting knocked out and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that neither is Marcus Davis. Lytle by knockout in a slugfest

David Andrest: I like both of these fighters, and if they do decide to stand and trade, it’s going to be a very exciting few minutes.  I think Davis has better hands, and I honestly would’nt be shocked to see Davis win via sub.   Winner: Davis via KO

Martin Kampmann vs. Alexandre Barros

Michael Huckaby: A gimme fight to get the fun Kampmann back in the game after that freakish Marquardt fight. The standup in this fight is going to be an absolute joke as Kampmann will do whatever he wants until Barros falls or tries to grapple. Kampmann will either kill him on the feet or get on the bottom of take longer to work for something. Winner: Martin Kampmann, KO, Rd1.

Caleb Newby: Knockout of the night? I say yes. Kampmann will win. Barros isn’t UFC caliber, which makes sense as he is on a UK show where seemingly half the fighters aren’t UFC caliber. There isn’t much more to say about this one as it should be over and done with quite quickly. Winner: Martin Kampmann – KO, Rd1

Brendhan Conlan: Barros, whose picture on Sherdog reminds me of a Battletoad for some reason, is a tough draw for “The Hitman” in his welterweight debut. The Brazilian product is riding a nine-fight win streak though none of his dubyas have come against opponents the level of Kampmann. I don’t expect the change in division to affect the young Dane as it might others who were dropping down, as my understanding is that he didn’t generally need to cut pounds when competing as a middleweight. I think Barros’ jiujitsu is good enough to cancel out Kampmann’s very solid ground skills. In truth, he’d be smart to focus on taking things to the mat if he wants to come out victorious in the bout. Martin’s kickboxing and stand-up in general are equivalent to his submissions, and for that matter, they’re also along the lines of ether but without the sleep-inducing chemical’s attached warning label. Winner: Martin Kampmann, Judges’ Decision

Jonathan Snowden: A huge step up in class for Barros, but this is a man who is no beginner. I saw him fight Aaron Riley back in 2002 at the first Absolute Fighting Championship. Joe Silva is looking to get Kampmann back on track. Kampmann, KO, Round 2.

Lee Gerowitz : Kampmann drops to welterweight and is a man on a mission, while Barros is another fighter making his UFC debut. Kampmann, coming off of a devastating loss to Nate Marquardt, feels right at home at welterweight, which IS bad news for Barros. I fully expect to see an aggressive, confident Kampmann dominate. Kampmann by submission, round two.

Chris Dolan : Alexandre Barros is making his UFC debut but look for Martin Kampmann to spoil it by winning this fight via TKO in the second round. Kampmann by tko, round two.

Cory Brady: Easiest pick of the night. Kampmann will make short work of  Barros finally picking up that highlight reel knockout we all know he is capable of.Kampmann by tko, round one.

David Andrest: Kampmann should dominate start to finish.  Kampmann TKO round One.

Ivan Serati vs. Thomasz Drwal

Michael Huckaby: Serati has the punchers chance but Drwal will bum rush and unload shots. Serati has that limited chance to get some side shots in but there is a better chance than not that Serati falls on his face early. Winner: Thomasz Drwal, TKO, Rd1.

Caleb Newby: Just like if Paddington Bear fought Curious George, Thomasz Drwal will dominate Ivan Serati with a carnivorous ferocity that won’t last more than five minutes due to marmalade infused ground and pound. Bet you didn’t see that analogy coming. Winner: Thomasz Drwal – TKO, Rd1

Brendhan Conlan: In one of UFC 93’s multiple throwdowns with national pride on the line, Poland’s Thomasz “Gesundheit” Drwal is looking to beat Italian Ivan Serati in hopes of getting back on another win streak comparable to the thirteen-bout run he had going before being knocked out by Thiago Silva during one of Zuffa’s other European vacations (UFC 75). The smart approach for Drwal would be to use his grappling ability to try and neutralize Serati’s power, but I honestly see both men going toe-to-toe from the opening bell until one of them crumples to the canvas. Winner: Ivan Serati, TKO, RD 1
Jonathan Snowden: Drwal has been in the Octagon before. That gives him the edge. Drwal, Decision.

Lee Gerowitz :
This is another fight that has slugfest written all over it. To me, the difference is, Drwal has been in the octagon before and Serati has not. Drwal’s last fight was his UFC debut and a loss to Thiago Silva. Serati is not Silva. Anything can happen, but I give Drwal the edge because he’s been here before. Drwal by TKO, round one.

Chris Dolan :
Thomasz Drawl lost his only fight in the UFC to Thiago Silva but there is no shame in losing to Alves. Drwal should give Ivan Serati problems in his UFC debut and will make short work of him with a first round TKO. Drwal by TKO, round one.
Cory Brady: Both of these guys like to bang and I don’t see this one lasting more than one round. Drwal was overwhelmed in his first fight in the octagon with Thiago Silva  but he won’t be against Serati. Drwal by knockout

David Andrest: Thomasz Drawl is the better fighter, Thiago Silva beat him but Serati is no Thiago Silva.  Drwal TKO Round One.

Tom Egan vs. John Hathaway

Michael Huckaby: Thomas Egan is Irish and I’ll stick to the idea that’s the reason he’s fighting on this card so early in his career. I won’t doubt Egan has the superior standup but Hathaway should get this on the ground and work his magic fairly quickly. I don’t see this lasting long enough for Egan to get another UFC UK show appearance in the future. Winner: John Hathaway, submission, Rd1.

Caleb Newby: Boxer and a wrestler. Both are UFC rookies, so there goes the old “UFC jitters” argument. Instead I’ll go with the other tried and true method. A wrestler over a striker when you don’t have enough info on the striker. Ground and pound till the ref steps in. Winner: John Hathaway – TKO, Rd1

Brendhan Conlan: Thanks to Hathaway vs. Egan, if Jimmy Lennon’s ring announcing duties carried over to the UFC, fans in Dublin would undoubtedly have an opportunity to hear him say “Someone’s ‘0’ must go!” The bout also provides UFC 93 with a classic throwback to the historical rivalry between Ireland and England, as Hathaway is from the land o’ Harry Potter and Egan from the Emerald Isle. I know very little about either fighter, but my gut tells me that Hathaway will come away victorious based on having three-times the in-ring experience as Egan and also having shown the ability to both submit and knockout his opponents. Additionally, I can see the fight’s resident Irishman being thrown off by Hathaway having a normal first name. Tom Egan’s three wins to date are against guys named “Jonny”, “Arturas”, and my personal favorite, “Mindaugus Myle”. Winner: John Hathaway, TKO, RD 1

Jonathan Snowden: Even though Hathaway is a Cage Rage prospect, I’ve got to go with Egan. If only because he appeared with me on Oliver Copp’s Tough Talk podcast. Egan, TKO, Round 2.

Lee Gerowitz : Both men are undefeated, but both men are also making their UFC debuts. Maybe both will just pee themselves and we’ll call it a draw. Not likely. I see these two trying to make big statements by coming out swinging. I’ve never seen them fight, but my research tells me that this should be an action-fight and that Hathaway’s experience gives him the edge. Hathaway by TKO, round two.

Chris Dolan : The undefeated John Hathaway will make his UFC debut vs. Tom Egan and will keep his winning ways going, improving to 10-0 with a first round TKO of Egan. Hathaway by TKO, round one.

Cory Brady: This one’s tough to call. Two undefeated prospects that I know very little about. Hathaway has more experience, I’m going with him. Hathaway via knockout.

David Andrest: While it might be nice for the hometown guy to win, it’s not happening in this fight. Hathaway via TKO round two.

Nate Mohr vs. Dennis Siver

Michael Huckaby: Just on paper this looks like a bad matchup for Mohr and that’s probably too bad. Siver will use his strength to get control and I don’t think Mohr is big enough or good enough to stop Siver. The question is if Siver will stop the fight or ride on Mohr for 15 minutes. Winner: Dennis Siver, submission, Rd2.

Caleb Newby: This really is a loser leaves the UFC fight. Not that I know for certain, but it’s a safe guess. Want to know what another safe guess is? I’ll tell you… Winner: Dennis Siver – KO, Rd1

Brendhan Conlan: Nate “My Nickname by Default is ‘The Great'” Mohr is 8-5 with all of his losses coming via submission. Based on his previous difficulty on the mat, my feeling is that Siver’s reputation as a grappler is going to be more than Mohr can handle. Winner: Dennis Siver, Submission, RD 1
Jonathan Snowden: Siver is a submission specialist. Mohr has lost all his fights on the ground. Think the UFC is trying to build a German fighter for their debut in Cologne later this year? Siver, Submission, Round 1.

Lee Gerowitz : Mohr and Siver have just two wins combined in seven UFC fights. The loser can kiss the UFC goodbye, at least for now. Siver is a submission fighter, Mohr is not. Siver will try to take this one down to the ground and force Mohr to say “No Mohr.” Horrible joke, horrible matchup in my opinion. Siver by submission, round three.

Chris Dolan :
Nate Mohr has had an up and down career in the octagon but I like for him to pick up the victory over Denis Siver via unanimous decision. Nate Mohr via decision.

Cory Brady: Mohr is more well rounded than Siver and should be able to manage the decision victory that will send Siver on a vacation from the UFC.Nate Mohr via decision.

David Andrest: A guy who loses on the ground vs. a ground fighter.  Winner Siver sub

Eric Schafer vs. Antonio Mendes

Michael Huckaby: I really don’t want to pick this fight. Mendes is better than he showed in the Silva fight but Schafer just has the experience advantage against better competition. This goes to the ground, Schafer takes some punishment, in the end I think Schafer has enough to pull off a mid fight submission after a Mendes mistake. Winner: Eric Schafer, submission, Rd3.

Caleb Newby: I am having a definite problem overly caring about this undercard. I wanted to admit that now and apologize. That out of the way, I’m taking Schafer here. If Huckaby can be all gaga over Lytle because they share a home state, I can take a guy because he’s from my original home state, the land of cheese, Wisconsin. What? That reasoning sucks? Fine… and because I think Schafer will take Mendes down and control the positioning battle before maneuvering in for a submission. Winner: Eric Schafer – Submission, Rd2

Brendhan Conlan: This bout has quite a bit of potential for a curtain-jerker and should kick off UFC 93 on the right note. As they say, styles make fights, and the cliche could not be more true than it is in the case of Schafer’s ground-based arsenal being paired against Mendes’ knockout-friendly striking. I expect Mendes to come out firing with “Red” weathering the storm until he can procure a takedown. Schafer is coming off a winning performance against the brick-bodied Houston Alexander so I’m positive he’ll be prepared to defend any sort of stand-up attack Mendes can mount. Mendes won’t be as easy to submit as Alexander was, but the Brazilian is still susceptible to being tapped out by someone with Schafer’s jiujitsu skills (as are most fighters). I can see Mendes gassing out after a relentless cycle of takedowns, positioning, and submission attempts, so I’m going to give the nod to the man who will also be the obvious crowd favorite.
Winner: Eric Schafer, Submission, RD 2

Jonathan Snowden:
This should be a real even fight. When in doubt, go with the guy that has a big show pedigree. That’s Schafer. Schafer, Decision.

Lee Gerowitz : Mendes is another fighter on the card whose last fight was a loss to Thiago Silva. Meanwhile, Schafer submitted Houston Alexander last September. This could be another “loser goes home” fight. So the question is, who will submit to that pressure? If Mendes can keep the fight standing, he has a shot. But based on his performance on the ground against Silva, I expect Schafer to take this one to the ground and finish Mendes. Schafer by submission, round two.

Chris Dolan : I like Eric Schafer to pull out another victory in the octagon over Antonio Mendes with a third round submission victory.  Schafer by submission, round 3.

Cory Brady: Schafer will have little problems latching onto Mendes and overwhelming him on the canvas for an early submission. My prediction, arm triangle, Schafer. Red by submission

David Andrest: Schafer will contol from bell until Mendes is sleeping.   Winner  Schafer via sub round one.

  • CaptainAmerica1967 says:

    I’m a Coleman fan because I used to work out in a gym when I lived on Ohio where The Hammer did his weight lifting back in 1995-1996 and started watching his original fights. I think Coleman fighting at 205 opens up some questions whether some individuals competitors can handle his size with a guy that normally walks around at 240pds. Coleman may also be in much better cardiovascular condition at this weight and may be more apt to stand and strike versus relying on his wrestling background which he did when he got tired.

    I’m hoping for a comeback and that means beating Shogun. Shogun hasn’t fought much in a cage like Coleman has and that may give some advantages to Coleman like dirty boxing against the cage especially with the weight advantage. Shogun cannot use the head stomps and soccer kick that he used to win many (6) of his Pride fights and if it goes to the ground where Coleman is vicious for ground and pound (The Hammer), Shogun has been choked out twice, once by Bobalu, and once by Forrest. Shogun may have BJJ, but he has only ever submitted one person, Coleman’s friend, Randleman via kneebar.

    It’s Hammer time! Coleman wins via near naked choke!

    Henderson has had tougher opponents (many) than has Franklin (two in which he lost to A. Silva and Machida).

    Henderson by decision or TKO.

  • KTru says:

    Most of you guys are really drinking the “Ace” Kool-Aid.
    He is a great fighter and yes he has only lost to 2 elite-level fighters. But make that 3 after Saturday.
    All this talk about Franklin being the “2nd best MW’ is confusing. Henderson to myself is the only fighter trailing Silva. There, I said it, because the proclamation of Franklin holding that mythical achievement means absolutely nothing!

    Finally my ultimate reason, Huckaby picked Franklin……

  • Cathedron says:

    The fact that Coleman is still fighting is just sad. And yet, I still think he has a shot against Rua. Much like Wanderlei, Shogun’s wreckless kickboxing with minimal ground game doesn’t translate as well into the Octagon. In a ring, wrestlers aren’t nearly as dangerous as they are in a cage. That gives Colemen a much better chance this time. Shogun won’t be able to rely on the constant stand ups of ring fighting to save him on the ground.

    I think this will be a boring fight. Both guys tend to blow their wads early. After the initial flurry of the first round, I’m expecting lots of lay n pray, sloppy takedowns, and weak strikes with neither fighter capable of finishing the other. The judges will have to flip a coin to pick a winner.

  • Freedom says:

    Along with the Ace kool aid I’d like to add the Jeremy Horn kool aid to it too. Okay so none of the guys picked Horn to win but they talk of him as if he was, at some point in his career, the best grappler/bjj/submission guy that ever walked the earth. He has a lot of experience but that does not translate to the almost godlike reverence that he gets.

    that is all..

    as you were.

  • Can we change the lazy “Kool-Aid” crap already? It’s a 30 year old reference.

    While I’m at it I’m going to throw “throw it under the bus” under the bus.

  • chris says:

    i agree with most of the breakdown i give coleman more of a chance than most people though. but still i think shogun should win. as for the people complaining about them drinking the franklin cool aid that’s ridiculous. franklin is the more well rounded fighter. has a better gas tank and has all the skills to work around the only two things hendo has a good right hand and incredible wrestling.franklin should be able to avoid most of dan’s power punch’s and takedmwm’s and get right back up when taken down. i think there’s more of a problem with people drinking the hendo cool age.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Not much love for Lytle. But I agree that a stand up war plays to Davis’ strength, and that’s not a good game plan for Lytle.

  • KTru says:

    Huckaby dont get pissed because most of your picks are wrong. Unfortunately, we are the same with the exception of Ace v Hendo.

    But since we are retiring redundant lines, let us retire “Stealing someone’s thunder, the term “proverbial”, and any other over-the-top reference.

    That will only leave a few comments left here…….

  • Suckaby says:

    Schafer gets quick submissioins or he gets finished. THere will be no late round submission wins for Schafer.

  • Chris C says:

    I give Henderson the edge in his fight. Franklin has a lot of skill but he is not an olympic wrestler and he does not have the power to knock out Henderson. If Henderson finds problems standing with Franklin, he will take it to the ground and we all know how the judges love take downs, whether Franklin can get up from them or not.

    Shogun should win his fight but i do not discount Coleman since he will most likely be the bigger man. He has a puncher’s chance as well as the possibility of a win via ground and pound/lay and pray.

    It seems to me that Chris Lytle is out of the UFC after this fight since I feel that he will lose to Davis – if they keep it standing. Let it be known that I believe one of them will take it to the ground eventually, especially after the first round.

    I do not see Schafer winning his fight, I see Mendes either stopping him via punches or submission in round 2.


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