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Report: WEC to launch flyweight division in 2009

After contracting from six weight classes to four in 2008 following the elimination of its light heavyweight and middleweight divisions, World Extreme Cagefighting is on the verge of furthering its commitment to lighter weight fighters with reported plans to launch a flyweight division in 2009.

The news was first reported by MMA Weekly.

The addition of a 125 pound weight class would allow the WEC to expand its total number of divisions from four to five. According to MMA Weekly, March appears to be the earliest we will see fights contested in the WEC at flyweight.

As of now, no further details are known and it is uncertain whether the promotion has begun the process of signing fighters for the soon-to-be launched division. Top candidates that could be signed include Palace Fighting Championships veteran and Thai fighter Ramba “M-16” Somdet and Strikeforce veteran Darren Uyenoyama.

Also, the online site for the UK-based magazine Fighters Only also is reporting that there is a rumor circulating that the WEC could be looking at Henry Cejudo for the division. Cejudo was a member of the U.S. Olympic team this past summer at the Beijing Games and won a gold medal in freestyle wrestling. He is currently training in boxing and has expressed a desire in the past to cross over into MMA.

  • benkordus says:

    great. great. great. great. awesome.

    i wonder if I could make a 20 pound cut and still have energy for that division?



  • Tony Fennen says:

    Yeah thats an awesome announcement.
    125s are always exciting

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I think they should call this the “smurfweight” division. More accurate description, imo.

  • Joseph says:


    Any updates on the ProElite purchase?

    Japan is getting a full on attack by the UFC and WEC lately.
    I wonder how they will take it?

  • john says:

    i know this isnt the right place to put this but im sure everyone wants to read this….. Ultimate Fighting Championship light-heavyweight contender Quinton “Rampage” Jackson pleaded guilty today to one felony and one misdemeanor count related to his July car chase from Costa Mesa to Newport Beach.

    We’ll have more details coming on latimes. com/sports, but Jackson’s plea deal will allow him to avoid jail time on the felony charge and pursue a likely July title fight against current light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans.

    Jackson is required to perform 200 hours of community service, pay restitution related to all six original counts he faced and continue visiting with mental health physicians, with bimonthly reports required to be filed to the Orange County district attorney.

    Jackson faced a maximum three years in prison because of the incident, which his attorney, in a statement, said was “a brief episode of delirium which was reactive to situational and metabolic difficulties.

    The felony count still leaves Jackson subject to 180 days in jail, but a prosecutor said that if Jackson fulfilled his requirements before a Jan. 7, 2010, sentencing, the count would be dropped and jail time avoided.

  • CubanLinx says:

    @Mike Wolfe: are you are standup comedian?

    this would be a great addition, especially since they will need more fighters in ’09 considering the losses of the LHW & MW divisions.

  • evan says:

    M-16 is pretty awesome.. would like to see him on that kind of platform

  • dpk says:

    Can’t wait to see this division, the small guys always seem to put on great fights. This does seem a little tailored to possibly drawing 121lb Freestyle Wrestling Olympic Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo in MMA and WEC as a major draw. Hopefully they will look into adding a 135lb and 145lb women’s divisions as well down the road.

  • CMT says:

    I like watching fly weights fight. But I was wondering can we take it a step further and add a midget, oops little people division, then Mike can call it the Oompa Loompa (sp??) division.

  • jim smith says:

    pretty soon they are going to have stick figures fight

  • BigDave says:

    LOL @ Oompa Loompa Division.

    Anyway hell yes I want to see the Flyweights fight. Those little fuckers are damned exciting. To quote Jim Ross “There quicker then a Hiccup!”

  • Chris says:

    Never really seen a Fly Weight fights, just got into the BW and FW div with the WEC and shit, I know Japan is where the Fly fighters are, anyway, who is the top Fly fighter in the world? Can the WEC get the top guys? They will probalby do an 8 man tourney to crown a champ right? Get the top 8 guys they can and let them fight on there cards and sdhit, hope they get it started soon, the lighter fighters are always exciting and shit.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Oompa loompa division? LOL. You’re killin’.

  • ViciousUppercut says:

    They just keep getting smaller and smaller. Next up the Tickweight division. Followed finally by the Bedbug division


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