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The UFC is planning to expand during 2009

Over the past few years, the UFC has continued to put on events in new places. They have held shows in a variety of countries, and 2009 is not expected to be any different. Dana White confirmed that they will be going to an additional location in Europe.

“We’re definitely going to Germany,” said White. “That’s for sure.”

Another country they planned on heading to in 2009 was the Philippines. White said that those plans are temporarily on hold. The UFC is still working through getting all the necessary clearances in the country.

Along with international growth, the UFC has plans to go to some new cities in the United States – notably some northeast towns.

“New York and Boston in 2009,” White said.

Before a show can take place in New York, MMA needs to be legalized in the state. Thus far, the UFC has not been successful in getting the sport cleared. White is confident that they’ll get past any hurdles.

“We’re going to get New York done.”

  • Kevin Fox says:

    Whatever happened to coming to Portland, OR??? They were scheduled to be here for the Lesnar vs Couture then it got switched to Vegas all a sudden.

  • Filipino Fighter says:

    Bring Brandon Vera vs. Chuck Liddell to Manila!!!
    Do it Dana!!!

  • Ervine383 says:

    ^ wow i’d like to see that fight, no matter where it happened.

  • Austin says:

    Here’s what I would do if I were the UFC.
    1 Foreign (Free or PPV depending on if there is a fight night that month) and 1 US (PPV) fight per month. Rotate Ireland, Canada, UK, Germany. Hit each 3 times in 09. This way you have 4 months to hype/promote each fight in each country. Once you’ve built awareness, you can sell tickets. 1 solid year of Strikeforce-esque ticket sales, and you have a solid PPV base for 2010. They could even air the Euro fights free in europe and PPV here in the US. Who knows. Just my business plan for the UFC.

  • Davey D says:

    I wonder if Michigan lawmaker’s are going to wise up and see just how good bringing an event like the UFC to Detroit would do for our economy? Maybe Zuffa can present a report to our Capital about how much money they could bring to the State? They’ve done they same for New York. I also think that the fact that Rashad Evans is a Michigan resident should help the cause for a push into Michigan by Zuffa. They might need to get NY first then a lot of other State’s could decide to follow suit.

  • dpk says:

    Austin I think your just about right on the future of UFC. Over the next few years I see them having about 3 cards a month. 1 big PPV from North America, 1 card from overseas on Tape Delay, Europe, or Asia if the get the Philippines thing worked out (or are able to get into South Korea or Japan), and then 1 fight night card from North America. I think that would be awesome, throw in 1 WEC card a month, some strikeforce, and a some cards from Japan and I’d have a pretty good MMA fix.

  • the Levi says:

    I would love to see them try to get MMA legalized in Vancouver B.C just like they are trying to do in NY. Bodog had put some cards on in the lower mainland but not in the city of Van. I think that they where at the River Rock in Port Coquitlim.

  • detroit_fan says:

    Davey D- MMA is legal in mich. I have been to shows in Mt. Clemens, Wyandott and am going to one in my hometown of monroe this saturday. Marc Ratner and KenFlo were here a year ago talkingot mich. lawmakers to get it approved.

  • john says:

    what about texas they had ufc 69 in houston, they need to bring the ufc to dallas or even fort worth, those tickets would sell out so fast it would make their heads spin


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