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Dana White confirms interest in EliteXC fighters

For all intents and purposes, EliteXC stopped functioning as a mixed martial arts company shortly after Seth Petruzelli knocked out Kimbo Slice. That event occurred close to three months ago. Since then, many of their fighters have remained out of action.

UFC President Dana White hopes that other top fighters not in the UFC pay close attention to what occurred with EliteXC.

“These guys are wasting their time by going to these fly by night companies,” White said. “That’s the worst thing an athlete can do – waste time. Fighters are crazy to waster their time.”

A few different companies have been rumored to be interested in purchasing the remnants of EliteXC. The most appealing assets of the company are the possibe television deals with CBS or Showtime and the fighter contracts.

While the UFC has not declared any recent interest in buying EliteXC, they have stated they do want to bring in a few of Elite’s fighters if they become available.

“We are interested in a few people like Robbie Lawler, Jake Shields, and Gina Carano,” said White.

Lawler and Shields are obvious fits for the UFC. With the current state of the UFC’s middleweight division, Lawler could find himself in the middle of the title picture almost immediately. However, in the past, White had been steadfast against having women fight under the Zuffa banner. Recently, White has eased up on that stance when it comes to Carano. The fact that White is now openly promoting the possibility of bringing in Carano shows that women’s fighting is a real possibility for the UFC or WEC.

  • Munchy says:

    I really want to see the UFC also pick up Nick diaz again, Hell I know he is a complete nut but I like watching “Crazy Horse” Charles Bennett fight

    Carano vs Cyborg Santos in the WEC would be awesome

    Also why not bring back Scott Smith he puts on intertaining fights and would provide anyone with a challenge, he is a good gate keeper.

  • Dayzah says:

    They have plenty of gate keepers , I like S. Smith but hes better off outside the UFC.

  • dave says:

    id like to see Shields get his trash talkin mouth into the UFC and get his ass handed to him by maybe Kos or Diego. i get tired of hearing him talk.

  • ctownhood says:

    Dave..Diego is at LW now, so he’s out for Shields. I’d like to see Jake fight someone like Fitch or Mike Swick

  • BigPerm says:

    I like all the fighters mentioned in the article, but what about Feijao, Brett Rogers, or Nick Diaz? Feijao is probably the best LHW not in the UFC. Brett Rogers, with his size and decent skills, could find himself in the mix right away. I’d like to see Lawler back in the UFC for sure, and would also like to see Nick Diaz jumping between LW and WW.

  • Tyler says:

    Dana White didn’t seem to mind fighters “wasting their time” in contract hell after Zuffa bought Pride out. This guy’s hypocrisy is unreal. The problem is whoever he was making this statement to I’m sure didn’t have the stones to bring up this to him. That’s why this egomaniac gets away with outlandish statements nobody is calling him on his bullshit!

  • JOe K. says:

    Tyler – I agree. How are fighters supposed to build their records and get fight experience before the UFC? Does Dana want guys to come in 1-0 (like Lesnar)?

    To say “These guys are wasting their time by going to these fly by night companies.” Is ridiculous guys need experience and these “fly by night companies” give them a forum and paycheck to get it.

  • Joseph says:

    Sam or Gary:

    What is the status of the ProElite purchase now?

  • Justin Van Hook says:

    That Dana, what a standup guy.

    It must be pretty easy for someone making the kind of money he’s making to tell someone making $5,000 a fight he’s wasting his time. I guess I’m not really sure what Dana expects these guys to do. Of course they will fight in smaller organizations because if they don’t, they don’t eat.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i couldnt care a fuck if the ufc sign these guys or not, but someone needs to.
    if they are all willing to fight in Japan then go there, be some great fights for Diaz & Lawler for sure. And womens MMA needs to be picked up by someone, anyone, its entertaining as fuck

  • mikemick says:

    I don’t care how smart people say Dana is…he is a moron. He makes comments so ridiculous that it baffles me. These remarks go right along with my thinking…

    Was Kimbo wasting his time? Dana offers him a spot on the TUF show where he can fight for a chance to get a 6 figure contract. Instead he fights immediately for $250k a fight in EliteXC. Waste of time? I think not. Scott Smith and Robby Lawler both fought in the UFC and both were so far away from the title picture it would be WASTING THEIR TIME to fight in the UFC. And thats if the UFC would even have taken them (back then). Instead they fought for titles in this organization on primetime TV and made bigger paydays than the UFC ever would have paid these guys. Several of the fighters in these orgs are up-and-coming or on their way out. They aren’t even on the UFC’s radar. The few that are, are making boatloads of money in other organizations, because they are the top free agents in the sport, so they get huge exposure and paydays as main event fighters.

    Dana let Arlovski go. Say what you want, but he let him walk. Andrei has probably made more money in his last 3 fights (including his upcoming fight) than he would have with the UFC. The UFC was dogging him and put him on the undercard of his last UFC show, even though he was on a win streak (which included a win over Werdum). Is he wasting his time? No! He has the UFC’s attention now, and he has made himself more money and now more marketable and valuable since he left the UFC.

    So there you go Dana… You aren’t the mad genius people say you are. Honestly you made the right moves at the right time with the UFC, but any idiot could steer this ship now. It is on idiot cruise control. The UFC is unsinkable, like the titanic.

  • HexRei says:

    Tyler, I agree. Dana can’t have it both ways. Deriding fighters for going to alternate promotions is sort of a ridiculous thing to do, considering that Dana has been cutting fighters from his roster like crazy. Where are fighters that the UFC doesn’t want supposed to go, if not to his competition? I mean I seriously doubt that he made Bigfoot Silva and Robbie Lawler strong offers prior to their signing with EXC. The guy seems a little schizophrenic.

    That said, I’d love to see the fighters he mentioned in the UFC. Lawler had some very memorable bouts under the UFC banner and I think Bigfoot Silva and Shields could add some interesting elements to their respective divisions in the UFC.

  • Luis says:

    mikemick, they were making so much money that the org go out of business, you cant pay 200k to all your fighters its stupid, which serious promotion would pay that kind of money to lawler, rogers etc?? none, all of them were overpayed

  • Lyquid says:

    I don’t think i seen anyone as dumb as mikemick. Dana let Arlovski go? Arlovski wants to box. Tell me an MMA promoter is going to let one of their stars have some free time to go box on HBO or something. What if he loses on HBO and everyone sees it and then loses all credibility and marketability and lead to more of the discussion of Boxing > MMa.

  • Tyler says:

    Lyquid LOL! “Boxing>MMA” You’re saying Arlovski losing to a boxer would ruin the credibility of the sport. Yeah if Arlovski lost to a boxer in an MMA fight not a BOXING match. People amaze me how no matter how ridiculous Dana White might sound he’ll still have someone defend him.

  • jimbo says:

    The point Mr White was trying to get across was people signed with elite and affliction for big $ (more than said orgs could afford) when 90% of the best are in the UFC. Im sure he has nothing against regional promotions like strikeforce as a “minor league”. I dont blame the fighters for making a good payday but to be considered the best to the masses you have to be in the UFC plain and simple. Hate on it all you want but having only 1 major promotion makes rankings much more accurate and gets fans the best fights. Anyone remember how confusing boxing was was with several titles in the same weight class. At least the ufc pay is improving.

  • kentuckyfightfan says:

    hmm…So it makes more sense to go fight for an oranization that may fold overnight then to sign with a company who is established and has the resources to keep you fighting 2-3 times a year? Get real! Just ask the EliteXC fighters how they found out they didn’t have a job anymore. Kaitlin Young said she found out on the internet. So wasting their time…yes. Here these fighters were preparing to fight and get paid…only to find out right before the fights that the company has closed shop…if that’s not a waste of time, I don’t know what is.

  • Tyler says:

    Then you don’t know what is. But you do know how to stroke Dana White and Zuffa.

  • kentuckyfightfan says:

    Wow…have you ever had a job? Let’s see…a one time payout…or a deal with an established company w/who you’d be guaranteed a certain number of fights and recieve money from your name being on merchandise…hmm. So you’re telling me Kimbo Slice is worthy of a $500k payout for a loss? Not his fault for trying to make money…but any company that pulls tricks like that is just plain business nonsense.

  • Tyler says:

    There are NO guaranteed number of fights in the UFC. Just ask Jon Fitch. They can drop fighters anytime they want from their contracts without notice. That’s the way they structure contracts. Not a stable work environment if you ask me.

  • Sky says:

    where the heck is rafeal fejiao??? That guy was a wrecking machine.

  • mikemick says:

    @luis – That is exactly why it wasn’t a waste of their time. If an organization is stupid enough to pay you more than you are worth, I would assume you would be stupid not to take it, right?

    @lyquid – I think we are beyond the Boxing vs MMA deal. Boxers have already conceded that they are two completely different sports, and no boxer would last 1 minute in a MMA cage. Thanks for calling me stupid. Of course, I called a public figure that is making millions of dollars a year stupid, and you called me – a blogger that would [email protected] himself if he made $100k a year stupid. I guess that’s fair.

    @kentuckyfightfan – Wow, let me defend… first off, I have had a job (and currently am holding one). And if someone said, hey we’ll pay you $100k a year, but we might be out of business next year,and another company said we’ll pay you $30k a year, and we’ll definitely be in business next year, I am going for the $100k. Take the money and run! Especially in something is liquid as sports. One minute you are hot, the next you are not. Take the money while you can, where you can.

    The truth is the UFC didn’t give 2 [email protected] about Gina Carano until she gained fame on EliteXC. EliteXC (ok, and Gladiators) has catapulted her stardom to a new level. Do you think it was a waste of time for her to be in Elite? Nope. She raised her value tremendously, and put her on the radar of the UFC, an organization that said they would never have female fighters!

    Was it a waste of time for Tim Sylvia to abandon his UFC contract and fight for Affliction? Nope. He got his butt beat in 45 seconds or whatever, and made himself $800k richer! Not a waste of time. Even if Affliction folds tomorrow and Sylvia never fights for them again, it wasn’t a waste of time. He doesn’t have to fight again, if he invests his money properly.

    The bottom line is this, there is money to be made, and if you can get it outside of the UFC, then it isn’t a waste of time to pursue it. If you have aspirations of being the best in the world…then great, go to the UFC.

  • mrw420 says:


    You would take a job you were guaranteed to lose after 1 year instead of a stable one? That doesn’t make sense to me. In 4 years you would have made over the 100,000 that would have been burnt through by then.

    I don’t get people complaining about “UFC wanting to take over” (not that you did). The WWE basically runs wrestling; no other organization comes close. The UFC’s business model is basically the same; destroy all other competition and keep your fighters under an exclusive contract. You can’t build up stars if they are fighting for numerous organizations all at once, not to mention the risk factor of serious injury.

    Wow, off topic… : )

  • Tyler says:

    “mrw420” First of all their are no guaranteed contracts in the UFC so people need to stop that. They can drop you from a fight contract whenever they feel like it.
    Also the whole destroy your competition thing is not good for the consumer you and I as fight fans. People should no by now the way they’re screwed by big business on a daily basis that the more competition there is the better. If enough promotions are successful they’d have no choice but to cross promote with one another to put on fights fans want to see. There is nothing but positives in that as far as I can see.

  • Michael says:

    bellatore fc has fejiao

  • screwface says:

    gina carano in ufc would make me the happiest fan alive. i was not a fan of the idea of womens mma at first maybe because of chauvinism not really sure. but thats the 1 thing i credit elitexc with most. the women fight with heart,style, and ferocity and a lot of the male fighters could learn a lot from watching their battles. gina is the top womens fighter on the planet imo, so signing her would guarantee womens mma the respect they deserve. ginas fights were often the main highlights from those saturday night fight events. i really miss the action and heres to hope ill see it again in the best mma org around. it makes perfect sense. another note i know nick diaz is the scapegoat of mma and doesnt have a lot of fans, but i really like the guy and he always brings it, id like to see him back in the ufc too and i know nick wants back in. maybe most dont appreciate his attitude and hes certainly no ambassador for the sport, but dammit i love to see him fight :p


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