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NSAC: 4,465 tickets to UFC 92 were comps

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has released official attendance and gate figures for this past Saturday’s UFC 92 event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

And while the figures do not contradict the total attendance of 14,166 fans and gate figure of $3,468,440 offered by UFC President Dana White to the media during the post-fight press conference for the event, they do provide an interesting detail that left out.

According to NSAC records obtained by, 4,465 fans of the 14,166 total in attendance were at the event courtesy of complementary tickets. That means that of the 14,166 total attendees, only 9,701 actually paid for their tickets.

Despite distributing nearly one third of the tickets for UFC 92 on a complementary basis, the final house for the event still rates as one of the UFC’s largest in Nevada history.

  • john says:

    right, but what you may or may not understand is that those were purchased by MGM and given as comps from the casino

  • Davey D says:

    How do I get my hand’s on some comp ticket’s? If you book a room at the hotel that is holding the event are you good? Any insider information would be great. Cheers!

  • JOHN says:

    NO, if your staying at the hotel it helps but you dont have to have a room, all you have to do is stay at a certain table or area where a pit boss notices you gambling non-stop, winning or losing doesnt matter, they want you to stay there and continue gambling, so if you are winning they may even comp you a room so you stay even longer and they have a stronger chance of getting their money back… they want you to stay and not go elsewhere,

  • Fluyid says:

    Comps are NOT casino comps. They are tickets the UFC has given out as free tickets. Casino comps are bought and paid for tickets for NSAC statistical purposes.

  • TerribleT says:

    So what…………….the UFC is giving their fighters,former fighters and big time movie stars tickets along with the people they want to bring with them? Doesn’t it seem that these people are the ones with plenty of cash to burn and wouldn’t need to be comped.In other words they’re comping the richest people at the fight. WTF?!

  • Alvis says:

    every guido in a fight shirt at ringside was comped !!!


  • Lethal says:

    There is far more comps at an event in Vegas then there is for anywhere else, I don’t know how this is some big breaking news.

  • Cathedron says:

    With the economy what it is, I’m not surprised. They want to fill the seats to look good on TV. I’m betting most of those comps were for the cheap(er) seats. Those are the seats that are bought by people who might otherwise just get the PPV with a bunch of friends or go to a sports bar.

  • DamonO says:

    Comping seats still helps other sales. Now you have 4k more people buying UFC memorabilia and such. Plus it brings the hotels more money from food, gambling and other purchases as well. It’s a win win situation in Las Vegas. On top of all of that you gain more fans to the sport and especially the UFC.

  • Squirrel.grrl says:

    Did the ppl that received comp tickets have to be in a certain area in the casino? I plan on being in the casino the night of the fight and would love to score some of these tix. Any suggestions on where I might wanna try hanging around would be greatly appreciated! c| o__O|D ~


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