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Jackson would rather have revenge before the championship

After Quinton Jackson defeated Wanderlei Silva at UFC 92, Dana White said that Jackson would most likely be first in line to challenge new champion Rashad Evans. However, if Jackson had it his way, his next fight would not be for the title.

“I want to fight Forrest (Griffin) because that’s the fight that haunts me,” Jackson said. “I want the belt. I want to be champion, but I want Forrest first.”

Not only does Jackson want another fight with Griffin, he also has his sights set on a rematch with another man who defeated him earlier in his career.

“I want to get Shogun too,” Jackson said, “but I want Forrest first.”

A potential fight with Griffin would have to wait though. Griffin was hurt during the Evans match.

“Forrest went to the hospital with a broken hand,” White said.

With Griffin’s injury and Mauricio (Shogun) Rua’s scheduled fight with Mark Coleman at UFC 93, Jackson is not likely to get his first or second choice.  Instead, he will likely get his third choice – a fight with Evans for the UFC light heavyweight championship.

  • Davey D says:

    Quinton, if they offer you a bout against Rashad…do not decline it. Because you never know if you’ll ever get it again. Besides, it doesn’t look like the card’s are drawing you towards Forrest or Mauricio. Good luck.

  • Brian says:

    I think this is a little crazy on Rampage’s part…….I know revenge is sometimes more important to people but I mean this is the best division in the world this may be his last chance to have a title shot……..I say win the title then start calling out people

  • traydawg says:

    Brian, you are obviously not a fighter. Beating guys who beat you is ALWAYS the most important thing to a true warrior. If Rampage wanted a title shot and wasn’t calling out Forrest I would think something is wrong with him.

  • JJ Docker says:

    I understand the need for revenge but he can take that while he’s the UFC LHW champ. I could see him beating Rashad; still overrated in my eyes. Yes, he knocked out Liddell. He’s over the hill and it was one punch, he was hardly schooling Liddell on the feet. Yes, he stopped Forrest. That was an unbelievably attacking and loose guard employed by Forrest considering the stakes of the fight. Rashad lost the first two rounds and he would have lost a decision had Forrest not been so confident of a submission. Besides these, when we look at the tangible evidence, i.e. his record and previous fights, he was beat by Ortiz bar a cage grab (who was soundly beat by Machida), had 3 very close decision wins against Imes, Hoger (?!), Bonnar and Bisping and stopped Lambert and Salmon (yikes!). I don’t hate Rashad for his personality or his showboating but I honestly do think that he’s overrated and that his time will come. Personally, I find it very frustrating that he’s the champion of UFCs deepest division when theres Machida, Rampage, Henderson, Franklin, Liddell, Wand, Shogun and now Forrest all stood by watching. Apart from Liddell and Silva I would pick all those guys against Rashad confidently and would probably still pick Liddell and Silva when pushed.
    Rampage please accept a title shot, beat Rashad and then exact revenge on Forrest as your first or second title defense.

  • Brian says:

    Traydog I’m sorry I didn’t know you needed to be a fighter in order to have an opinion. I believe being a “True Warrior” would be facing the best competition or fighting whoever the UFC puts in front of you. I’m not saying that he wouldn’t fight Forrest at all because he will eventually. I just think anyone who gets offered a title shot should take it. You should always want to be the best in the sport and the title is the way to signify it. So don’t start calling people out and get your facts straight first

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Hey Brian – let’s watch the “crazy” . . . instead, use Dana’s words: this insistence may be a further manifestation of his illness. Who among us hasn’t heard the voice of God, binged on energy drinks and participated in a game of “truck tag” with all of our “friends” on the freeway?
    Q is misunderstood. “God’s Soldier” has his priorities squared away now. You can see how solid he is based on his athletic performance. There’s no trouble there. If he was “crazy” he wouldn’t be able to punch a man into unconsciousness, would he? MMA is not like flying a plane or doing taxes, teaching kids to read or diagnosing patients – although Dana seems to have that one wired, too – but athletics isn’t something you can just “do” if you’re not right in the head! C’mon!

    I again worry about the belt ending up in solitary in Lompoc, Chino or Orangevale, but I’m a worrier.

  • brandnewpride36 says:

    i can c where rampage is coming from. he feels like a completely new fighter. he defeated the man that beat him twice before, and he wants to right the wrongs of his career. i dont think now is the time to do that, but hey, i understand where he’s coming from

  • egad81 says:

    I think Rampage should wait a couple months and see whats happening.
    That being said…. RASHAD vs ANDERSON SILVA
    Any takers?

  • Beef Bus says:

    Id rather see rashad vs jackson. im sure jackson would win rashad isnt very good.

  • Ian says:

    “”rashad isnt very good.””

    4 words just composed the most amount of stupid I’ve read in 5oz comments history.


    I think Rampage wins that fight, but Rashad is only undefeated in his MMA career and is the current LHW champion in the historically stacked UFC 205 division.

    But you know, he’s pretty terrible.

  • s00nertp says:

    I didnt want to see Wanderlei Silva knocked out by anyone. That he was knocked out by Rampage, one of my fav fighters, isnt the worst that can happen.

    I think it is important for Jackson to say he wants to avenge his losses, it gets respect and it is a valid sentiment.

    He has been in the sport long enough and had enough success to know that he will be more than happy with whomever the matchmakers at the UFC put in front of him. A good example of this is his fight with one of his friends, Dan Henderson.

    I personally dont want to ever see Rashad in another MMA match, since he is one of my least favorite fighters. Sure I think Rampage can beat him, but they are both strikers, so lucky knockouts are always a threat. If Rashad beat Rampage, that would be horrible, even if it was the best knockout since Liddel’s.

    I am looking forward to someone writing an article that explains my sentiment for disliking Rashad so much, I sure as heck have never been able to articulate it. I just know his fight style has triggered my sense of disgust more than any prominent fighter since Tito. I give him all the props for his 8-0 accomplishment in the toughest MMA division, and I like that he is a “good guy”. That said, I still wish he loses every time I hear he is fighting.

  • darkmetal says:

    I agree that it was odd how loose Forrest’s guard was leading to his defeat. Rule 1 should be to control your opponent and ensure your own safety on the ground rather than trying to bait someone into a submission. I think that Forrest truly believed that he could not be KO’d on the ground from that angle, and he was wrong.

    Evans has been coming in with astounding gameplans in each of his fights, but in facing a striker like Rampage all that is needed is one good shot to put you out. Of course, Evans seems to be developing into a great striker in his own right.
    Somehow, alot of the former PRIDE fighters seem have lost something since their glory days, actually devolving rather than evolving. I don’t think this is true of Rampage, except the fact he lost against Forrest due to his own laziness and poor weight control.

    I think at this point we need to give Rampage a break on his “incident”. Sure, what he did was crazy, but we also have to understand the mindset of a fighter who has lost the belt. Rampage was devastated, and he also began to question the allegiance of his trainer and supposed “friend” Ibarra. All this erupted into a very bad mental situation for Rampage, and we saw the outcome. However, what he does in the future needs to remind us all of our own weaknesses, and how none of us is beyond losing control.

  • Frank W says:

    JJ Docker & s00nterp. Your dislike of Rashad is understandable but fails to take into account that his abilities have grown as well as the quality of his fights.
    Why? Greg Jackson Martial Arts. Rashad has been training and fighting with best of the best. He has tested his abilities with the best out there and is confident in matching up with opponents.The guesswork and hoping are now gone.
    More importantly, the fight philosophy of breaking the opponent’s will to win in a fight has now given him the killer instinct. Rashad effectively had broken Tito @ the end of round 3 in their fight. Rashad has recently been winning in stand up by fighting skillfully like Machida & Thiago Silva. These masters selectively engage and avoid being hit if possible.Rashad has added speed and power to that formula.Others who ignore it lose.Tito, Chuck, Vanderlei.
    Also, Greg Jackson’s has revolutionized fight strategy making.They find weaknesses and exploit them. The GnP that Rashad gave to Forest reminded me of Keith Jardine’s against Forrest.
    I am no expert but i have followed Rashad’s UFC career.During TUF and immediately afterwards, he was a rookie with confidence issues. Today’s Rashad is not that same boy. His confidence in his ability to finish fights in the ring is now obvious in the way he engages his opponents. His cardio has improved. His striking has improved. His ground and pound has improved. His speed and evasiveness have gotten better. He has also become less wasteful of movement and more accurate.The man has refined and enhanced his basic skills via world class training and octagon experience and is becoming the consummate fighter that the champion should be.
    Rashad fights a lot like Machida but with more power in his strikes. Since his takedown % is high and his G&P is obviously dangerous, he might just have the right mixture to pull an upset.
    A loss is imminent but if GSP the Spartan can be beaten then Rashad will lose sooner or later.either way, the kid has vastly improved and is a deserving competitor. Only fighter who has ever burst on the scene with finesse and skill and dominance from day 1 is GSP. The others like Chuck, Rampage, Randy etc all grew into masters.Let Rashad keep growing.

  • JOEgun says:

    I don’t know why there’s so many Rashad haters out there. He’s significantly improved and will continue to do so. His KO of Salmon was simply beautiful. His KO of Chuck was perfect, and Chuck really deserved to get KO’d like that for fighting so stupidly predictable and likely under estimating Rashad. I’m glad he beat Forest. Because although I like Forest I couldn’t see him being the LHW champ. Rampage is one of my top 3 favorite fighters next to GSP and Anderson Silva. To KO Wanderlei the way he did was the sweetest thing ever. I would like to see Rampage KO Forest sometime but I definitely want to see him become champion again and I’m not so sure Forest would make it back to another title shot. Jackson vs Evans is most likely to be next. Go Rampage!!


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