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Dana White once again critical of Fedor Emelianenko during radio interview

During a Monday night interview by Dana White on the “Carmichael Dave” show on KHTK in Sacramento, the UFC President spent much of his time sharing his thoughts on the bouts that took place during UFC 92.

However, towards the tail end of the interview, host Dave Carmichael turned the focus of the interview away from UFC 92 and asked White about WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko.

Upon hearing Carmichael refer to Emelianenko as the “number one heavyweight in the world,” White became extremely animated.

“(Laughs) That’s so crazy! How can you call him the number one heavyweight in the world? The guy doesn’t fight anybody!,” he proclaimed.

Carmichael begun to rebut by bringing up Fedor’s 36 second submission victory over former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia during Affliction’sBanned” event this past July. However, the host was cut off by White before he could finish he sentence.

“After seeing what!? Tim Sylvia!?,” White asked rhetorically. “Everybody knocked Tim Sylvia down in the first round… Randy Couture knocked Tim Sylvia down in the first round too and took his back. Randy just couldn’t choke him out or he would have choked him out the same exact way Fedor did!”

Carmichael would also introduce Fedor’s past wins over Mirko Cro Cop and Anotnio Rodrigo Nogueira to the debate, however, White dismissed the victories by arguing that they took place several years ago. White was clear in his position that he doesn’t believe Emelianenko can be considered the number one heavyweight in the world because he hasn’t fought top opposition on a consistent basis in recent years.

“Could you imagine if I had stable full of guys that fought once every two and half to three years and said they were the best fighter in the world!?,” began White. “Give me a break. Listen, I’ve got no problem with Fedor. I’ve tried to bring him in many times (and) I’m still trying. If Fedor wants to get on the phone tonight I’ll try and cut a deal with him. But don’t call yourself the best heavyweight in the world unless you’re willing to come in and fight three times a year against the best. Annihilate all the best in here and I’ll call you the best.

“I want to make the fight. I don’t want to sit around and say, ‘No (Fedor) sucks, he’s not the best’ and not let him fight. I’ll bring him and let him fight everybody. I’ll even pay him — good money. More money than these other knuckleheads can pay him. You’re not the best to me unless you come in and prove it. Just because you knocked Tim Sylvia down and choked him out, you’re not the best. I mean everybody has done that. Andrei Arlovski did it; he heel hooked him in the first round. Randy Couture knocked him down and almost choked him out in the first round (too).”

White concluded the exchange by saying that if the UFC were to sign Fedor, he would only refer to him at an introductory press conference as “the fighter who many believe is the greatest heavyweight” and fans will only get to see if Fedor is truly the best until he competes against the best, presumably in the UFC.

  • Joseph says:

    Wow! What an a$$.

  • Munchy says:

    Unless someone beats fedor, I refer to him as the baddest man on the planet

  • Brandon says:

    Riight, I bet if the UFC signed him Dana would be doing a 180 and proclaiming he’s the best EVA!!!

    He is judgmental on Fedor not fighting to many fights…… yet many of his fighters have sat on the shelf for endless months doing jack squat as well.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    A lot of questions about Fedor will be answered when he faces Arlovski. Until then it’s all b.s.

  • Juelz says:

    It would be interesting to hear who Dana White actually considers the #1 Heavyweight right now….. Brock Lesnar ??
    Please… and yeah if Fedor would join the UFC i’m pretty sure the PR machine would start saying that he is the best and start market him like crazy.
    If Fedor beats Arlovski it shouldn’t be any doubt that he is #1 anyone who wouldn’t recognize him as such would be an idiot and should stop watch MMA.

  • Mr. Castle aka Steve"The System" Yglesias says:

    I have never liked D.W, but I understand what he is saying. Yes he would shove his head up Fedor’s a** so fast claiming this and that if he signed him…does Fedor deserve it? Yes he does. He is a good fighter and has the skills to dominate anyone. They should sign Fedor to a three fight Multi $ contract and get it over with. Damm well at least dreaming is free but until they give him mad $$ Fedor will have to settle for beating and tapping out ex UFC champs (I mean MMA fighters) I miss you PRIDE

  • babalu says:

    dana really sucks!!!greedy bastard!!!

  • portland mma says:

    I find it hilarious Dana says “Andrei Arlovski did it; he heel hooked him in the first round.” (about Sylvia sucking). Dana is trying to spin things so the guy who doesn’t know anything about MMA reads what he says and believes him. Well Dana you should have also noted that Sylvia is 2-1 against Arlovski with a knock out. It blows my mind Dana thinks he can say stuff like that when both these guys that Fedor will dismantle were UFC champions. Dana can talk all the crap about Sylvia he wants but HE WAS YOUR CHAMPION for a while and then you say he sucks. What does that say about your Heavyweights when Sylvia was on top if he sucks? If Fedor was to fight in the UFC I guarantee White regardless of who he was even fighting would refer to it as “one of the greatest fights in UFC history.” This isn’t Robbie Lawler saying he’d beat Anderson Silva, its Fedor…saying nothing because he doesn’t need to. Anyone who has seen a punch thrown in MMA knows who the #1 heavyweight in the world is.

  • portland mma says:

    Also, Bad Monkey what does beating Arlovski mean to Fedor? The guy has victories against Arona, Noguieria, Herring, Randleman, Cro Cop, Mark Coleman, Mark Hunt and Tim Sylvia.

  • dk says:

    anyone who discredits a man who is 29-1(fedor) and beat three ufc title holders and two interim holders is a idiot

  • Beef Bus says:

    LOL Dana needs to sell his crappy product Brock . We all know Fedor is #1.

  • Slick says:

    Man that Dana White is a boner the only reason why he says things like this about Fedor (The Best Fighter to ever fight ) is because he hasn’t been able to land him in the UFC. He is my ? to Dana White eventhough the UFC is the best fighting organazation in the world how are you going to say that and not have the best fighter in the world fighting for you ?. Pride back in the day was killing the UFC & any tru MMA fan knows that thats why the UFC bought them out to get their fighter’s contracts. Fuk Anderson the fag Spider silva just look back at the Ryo Chonan fight Anderson needs to step up & fight @ 205 the man walks around at 215-220 why is he cutting 30-35 pounds to fight ? Dana is a JOKE !!!

  • Slakdawg says:

    How is beating Herring a feather in Fedor’s cap, but when Brock does it everyone says that he beat a washed-up nobody. Which is it? If beating Herring is a quality win for Fedor then it sure as hell must be a quality win for Brock. All of you anti-Dana people need to back away from Fedor’s hairy beanbag. Pride is done. Most ex-Pride fighters have failed miserably when they got to the UFC. Henderson? Silva (Wanderlei)? CroCop? Shogun? Even Nog hasnt looked good. Look, I think Fedor is great, too, but if Kobe went to play in the Eastern Greek Basketball League for the Blind and dominated, would people still call him the best? Of course not. Fighting 7 foot tall freaks and middleweights (Matt Lindland) is a terrible way to prove to the world that you are still the best.

  • ultmma says:

    dk i give you the slow clap

    who in the UFC other than a very green Brock Lesnar would Dana bet on against Fedor?

    would Dana pick Mir over Fedor……. Dana is a joke soemtimes and this is one of those times, if doesn’t say UFC on it than he won’t like it.

    we should know that by now. props to the wacky FM dj for calling Dana out

  • kentuckyfightfan says:

    LOL! All you Fedor nut huggers make me laugh! Is Fedor top class…yes. Has he proven he’s a top heavyweight…yes. Has he fought the best out there…no. At least not in the past years. He beat Sylvia…big deal! You guys say stuff like well Sylvia was UFC title holder…why was he the title holder? Because Mir had his leg broken in half by a car! Do I think Mir would have beaten every other HW in UFC…probably not…but we’ll never know cause of the crash. But all these points of yours about Sylvia and Orlovski are pointless…because if not for Mir’s wreck, I believe he would have handled both those guys anytime they fought. Unless Fedor swallows his “pride” and signs w/UFC, we will only get to see him beat up on freaks and UFC has beens.

  • kentuckyfightfan says:

    And before you start with the Mir losses…keep in mind he was trying to come back way too quickly from his accident. Now was that his fault in coming back too early…yes. But most men would never even attempt a comeback especially as quickly as he did.

  • Lesnar says:

    If Anderson Silva,GSP or BJ left UFC and fought somewhere else Dana wouldn’t call them number one at their weight class either

  • platypus says:

    im waiting for ufc to release its own rankings, it wouldnt be a coincidence that all the top 10 fighters for each weightclass would be only from the UFC and WEC roster, according to dana white the rest of the world doesnt exist.

    but honestly, does the rest of the world exist for mma? according to north america, i dont think the rest of the mma world exists, so in a way what dana white says and sells is the truth….

    kinda sucks but it’s reality…

  • Mr. Castle aka Steve"The System" Yglesias says:

    I think Dana ordered his staff to bombard us with Pro UFC Jibber Jabber. Yes some Pride fighters took a tumble but what do you when your use to fighting in real MMA then have to fight with rules (boxing strong hold on MMA) the only time UFC went balls out is when it started, damm the good ole days. I like the UFC I like the fighters and its HW champ (BROCK!!) but I was a fan and never bad mouth him or his stay with WWE, but like everyone we all jump on the wagon cuz we see a 1 hour special of him training for UFC90. If Diana I mean Dana didn’t jump back and fourth and like someone then hate them I wouldn’t question it but we hate what we cant have and D.W hates Fedor (for now) Pride is gone but not forgotten, long live UFC……is that better

  • kentuckyfightfan says:

    I watch and enjoy other organizations just as much as UFC…but the problem is…every former Pride “star” that has came to UFC has stunk it up. So that gives Dana White that much more firepower to back up his words as to having the best fighters in the world. Just the facts as to how they have played out so far.

  • Mr. Castle aka Steve"The System" Yglesias says:

    True…….well maybe haha see you all later….

  • kentuckyfightfan says:

    And on the Lesner topic…Can he become a “superstar” probably if he keeps on his same rate of progression. But to say he is the true HW title holder is a joke. For one…I do recall Mir submitting him…and two, he has many holes in his game at this early stage of his MMA career. I hope he can become what everyone thinks he can…because it would be great for the sport. But his disrespect and WWE attitude needs to be checked at the door. His disrespect of Herring was a joke and I was waiting for Vince McMahon’s entrance music to start playing.

  • portland mma says:

    slick did you really just say anderson sliva sucks? That officially disregards anything you have to say. And Slakdog, I am not a fan of Lesnar but anyone who has watched MMA before will tell you Herring is more than a respectable opponent (following up his kick with Nog would’ve helped). And Kentucky shut up about Mir, yes his win was amazing over Nog, but to say he would have handled (its spelled) Arlovski based on your assumption he never gets into a wreck is comical. He did get into a wreck, he probably came back to early (ask Vera) but the guy at that time had only beaten Sylvia for the belt (Sims 2 times, who cares) and a Tank Abbot (wow) and you are acting like he has this insane hall of fame legacy. Yes he did KO NOG and it was impressive, but thats it. Did anyone see St. Pierre vs. Serra #1? Anything can happen in a fight.

  • Anon says:

    Honestly, after Mir beating Nog down, and considering Fedor’s opponents, I’m starting to question his claim to that distinguishment as being the top heavyweight. Cro Cop? Look what Kongo did to him. Sylvia and Nog? Look what Mir did to them. Fedor’s “top” opponents have all been smashed in the UFC. Dana White might actually be right on this one. Arlovski was on the down slope in the UFC as well, and his last performance against Big Country showed how poor his ground game is. Fedor is only considered the top heavyweight right now because he’s beaten one-dimesional legends – the Chuck Liddells and the Wanderlei Silva’s of the fighting game. The records don’t lie.

  • portland mma says:

    I’ll admit Pride fighters haven’t fared as well as everyone thought they would, but to act like they aren’t a big part of what the UFC is doing right now is a joke.

  • Snuffy says:

    Ehm, kentyckyfightfan. Every former Pride star? How about Rampage, he came in and dominated, took the belt and lost it. Now he’s probably next up for the belt again. And how about Anderson Silva? 8 straight wins.

    As for Dana White. He is a business man so of course he’s gonna say that Fedor isnt the greatest. Jeez, its so obvious and he isnt even an asshole for it. Its sad though and I hope one day (hopefully soon) we will se Fedor reign supreme under the UFC banner.

  • kentuckyfightfan says:

    HAHAHA! Wow portland…you really don’t get it do you? How many fights has Nog had? And he never was stopped…until now! So I guess Fedor going to decisions w/Nog is more impressive? Give me a break. Was it a shock to see Mir dominate Nog…yes…but by your logic I guess that means nothing.

  • kentuckyfightfan says:

    I wish another organization would step up and put on the caliber of shows the UFC does. Competition would be good for the sport…but until someone does…UFC will continue to dominate and all the best fighters will want to be in the UFC…well all except Fedor.

  • portland mma says:

    Did you ever actually watch any fights in Pride? Whenever Nog was getting popped like Mir was doing to him (it happened a million times) they would let him recover from the flash knock out…it didn’t happen the other night.

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    I think dana is pretty right on…I mean, from early 04 to late 05 you cant argue that he wasnt the best HW, but since then he has fought zuluzinho (a joke), hong man choi (1-1 record) Mark Hunt (5-4, last win 5/06) lindland and sylvia. 2 legit opponents in over 3 years, that doesnt make u the CURRENT top ranked HW. Plus i believe like ten of his fights came against guys without more than ten pro fights too. Fedor is a beast, i would just like to see him fight THE best. Hes a pro team in a farm league right now its time to call him up.

  • kentuckyfightfan says:

    A flash knock out? What were you watching? Mir had him rocked at least 4 times before the stoppage…the fight wasn’t even close! And as for Rampage coming from Pride…um…I do believe he got his butt handed to him a few times over there. And Silva…come on…he didn’t have a name until he signed with UFC. So if you want to make the argument for Rampage doing well coming from Pride, you can have that one…but neither him nor Silva were what they are now…compliments of good ol’ Dana White and the UFC. And just who did Rampage kill this past weekend? Oh that’s right…a fellow ex-Pride mate.

  • portland mma says:

    UFC may be the the largest league out there but there are a ton of great fighters who aren’t in the UFC. For example in the top 10 HW in the world the UFC has what 5? At lightweight they have 2 or 3. At middle weight they have what 4? According to MMA Junkie’s top 10 Heavyweights the UFC has 4 and so does Affliction so has is Fedor facing such “inferior” competition. The best heavyweight fight that could happen right now is Fedor and Josh Barnett and neither one of those guys is in the UFC.

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    and by the way i happen to like fedor and respect him greatly, so in no way am i “fedor bashing”

  • kentuckyfightfan says:

    Nor am I bashing Fedor…I just think all this #1 HW is over blown. He’s got Arlovski next…then if he fights Barnett we’ll have a better idea of where he’s at. But his last two years of fights have been jokes. If he beats those two men…then only guys left are in UFC. But unless he steps up a signs with UFC, we will never know who truly is best at a given time.

  • Noah says:

    I’m just curious Mr. White. Who is the number one heavyweight in the world then?

    It certainly isn’t Frank Mir or Brock Lesnar based on your criteria you’ve established. Nog lost twice to him a few years back but Nog hasn’t exactly been the most active fighter himself AND his last notable win was SYLVIA!!! The same fucking guy you are shitting on Fedor for beating! On top of that, he was getting smashed throughout that fight.

    You’ve got a great stable of young heavyweights and some great veterans but everyone knows about the huge fucking elephant in the room…. and you can’t seem to sign him

  • kentuckyfightfan says:

    And so I guess we’ll be stuck here until Fedor gets his stuff together and signs a deal to fight in UFC and settle all disputes. No one else seems to have a problem fighting for Dana and settling all scores…so what’s up with Fedor? I agree signing your life away to UFC isn’t smart but if he wants to be recognized as the “#1” HW…then its time to put up, or shut up! Only person not on board to settle this is Fedor. Dana would sign him tonight if he’d come fight.

  • Bar Kochba says:

    Dana is entitled to his opinion. The newer mainstream fans who label mixed martial artists ‘ultimate fighters’ probably believe it, too. But those of us who still hold the Pride torch know better. Only a moron would say Fedor isn’t the best heavyweight. Shame on Dana White.

  • Juelz says:

    kentuckyfightfan you probably know shit about the sport of MMA… I myself love the UFC it’s the place to be right now, But to say that all PRIDE guys sucks cause they haven’t done well in the UFC of late is ridiculous… First of all fighters do age you know, the fighter you see today does not have to be the same fighter you saw 2-3 years ago. Let’s just pick two dominant fighters in the UFC a couple of years ago Hughes and Liddell they have lost alot lately too does that mean that they suck ass and was never good to begin with ?

    Nog was a beast in PRIDE and it make sense that he has aged faster than others if you actually saw some of his fights there and the amount of beating he was able to take and still win most of the times, The Noguiera you saw against Mir at UFC 92 wasn’t the same Noguiera that fought in PRIDE 3-4 years ago.
    I get somewhat frustrated at “fans” of the sport that acts like you, taking everything Dana says for the truth and hugging his sack. That BS UFC propaganda that everyone outside the UFC is a bad fighter is really hurting the sport of MMA but it sure does help the UFC to grow alot…

    Sure Dana is right though that Fedor hasn’t fought that the “best” lately but his last opponent was a top ranked HW and he destroyed him in a way no other HW has ever done before, i think that says something. And if he beats Arlovski i don’t think there should be any doubt that he is #1. Why does he have to go to the UFC to prove himself ?? Randy Couture did everything he could to break himself out of his contract to fight him until he realized that he was pretty much locked up with the UFC… What does that tell you when the then champion wants to go outside of the org. to fight the best? Also ask most fighters and they would themself say that Fedor is #1 right now so shut your ignorant ass up and get off Danas Balls…

  • nate says:

    Fedor is the man.

    I dont know anyone who such a humble guy that happens also to be a bada$$.

    When I met him in person in the NYC M1 annoucement.. I couldnt believe how down to earth & cool he was.

    I cant wait to see Arlovski test his abilities in Jan. That is going to be a FIGHT!

  • kentuckyfightfan says:

    Juelz…you should think before you speak. I never said Pride guys “suck.” I said they have stunk it up when coming into UFC. Rampage is only exception. And Nog was one of my favorite fighters in Pride…and yes I’ve seen all his fights…so once again you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. If I’d said Nog sucked would be one thing, but I never said that. Fedor is a beast…but who has he fought in last two years that matters? Sylvia? Uh…Mir broke his arm in half…Couture dominated him…he did beat Arlovski, but Andre knocked him out also. And why start cursing at me? Sounds like someone got his thong tangled. Dana doesn’t speak the truth…half the time he’s full of crap…just because I think Fedor needs to fight the top competition before he’s crowned god of MMA doesn’t mean I don’t like th guy. I was one of the few who actually purchased the Affliction show to see him demolish Sylvia. Fedor is #1 on all the lists…I never said he wasn’t…I said if he beats Arlovski, then fights Barnett, we’d see just where he stands…cause his competition the last two years has been a joke! And its quite comical that you insist people are trying to get away from the UFC…name me one other place they can go and make the money they make fighting for this guy you seem to hate, Dana White? Affliction? Get real…we’ll see where they are in 6 months. Truth is Fedor doesn’t need the UFC…and they don’t need him…but for all you numbnuts who insist he is the “best” I agree with you only to the people he has fought. If he never fights the UFC’s HW’s then he truly can’t be considered the “best” cause some of the best lie in the UFC!

  • kentuckyfightfan says:

    Oh and by the way…If it wasn’t for Dana White and the UFC, you wouldn’t even have a forum like this to cuss at people like me who are only pointing out the facts of the sport. So you should bow down and thank your thong fairy for the UFC turning MMA into a mainstream sport.

  • Abdullah the Butcher says:

    Sound vaguely familiar to you. It wasn’t too long ago White was calling Brock Lesnar some kind of WWE joke who would get bitch slapped by many of the UFC heavyweights.

    How is this different? What would the odds be that shortly after signing Fedor to the UFC this “guy who hasn’t fought anybody” would be labeled the baddest man on the planet?

  • Stratas says:

    I don’t want to take anything away from Fedor, he is a great fighter but I don’t think he should be used as the measuring stick for all fighters especially heavyweights. As good as he is, I do not think he is the best fighter nor the best heavyweight out there.

    Look at Fedor’s last six fights and those whom he has defeated;

    Tim Sylvia
    Hong-Man Choi
    Matt Lindland
    Mark Hunt
    Mark Coleman

    I believe that Brock Lesnar would handle all 6 of these fighters with relative ease, as would a number of other heavyweights out there.

    Fedor must defeat Andrei Arlovski to hang onto the credibility that so many praise him with. What would a loss to Arlovski do to the image of Fedor as this is his first real test since August 28th 2005 when he defeated Mirko Filipovic.

    The torch has been passed long ago and with time, Brock Lesnar will emerge as the most dominant heavyweight to ever step foot into the world of MMA!

  • Greg says:

    brock lesnar is a joke and Mir will prove it again as for Fedor Dana is exactly right Fedor deserves all the respect in the world but until he signs with UFC and fights the best heavyweights in the world on a consistent basis… and WINS he cannot be called the best in the world at this moment in time … Frank Mir’s standup last Sat vs NOGS was SICK to say the least…. when MIR beats Lesnar AGAIN how intriging would a Fedor / MIr matchup sound I honor and respect Fedor’s fighting abilities man is a living legend! but to me it seem’s like he’s been dodging offers to sign with Zuffa just my opinion let’s face it if the $ is there why won’t he sign…. perhaps he doesn’t want to ruin the legacy he created for himself fighting nobodys in japan

  • Stratas says:

    To me the hype and talk about Fedor is reminiscent of what was going around when Cro Cop 1st signed with the UFC. Mirko was touted as the guy to run through that division and after defeating Eddie Sanchez in what could only be described as a hand picked opponent for whom he can destroy, Cro Cop lost his next 2 and subsequently only other fights in the UFC.

    Bring Fedor into the UFC and the same thing will eventuate, and Fedor knows it. If Fedor truly wants to fight the very best, he must make a play for the UFC and do it now. Another 2 years and there’s no chance of Fedor making any kind of impact but merely tainting his former glory.

    As far as Lesnar is concerned, he has fought tougher and more talented fighters in his last 3 fights, than what Fedor has faced in the last 4 years.

    Lesnar learned more in that loss to Mir than he has in his short MMA career and if Mir thinks that he’s going to be standing opposite the same Brock Lesnar that he defeated in their 1st bout, he will pay the price.

    I just hope after Brock redeems his loss to Mir and unifies the heavyweight title, that fans will start to give him the respect that he deserves.

  • Greg says:


  • CMT says:

    Let’s put things into perspective. Is Fedor the number 1 HW in the world? Who cares. There are 44 comments on this article about what DW says about Fedor. DW has done his job. He has everyone talking about the UFC. He is a marketing genius. Is he an a-hole, again who cares. By his comments, he has some of you spending hours reading and commenting and re-commenting. I love MMA and have spent 10 years watching msot of the organizations. The UFC is the biggest because DW makes everyone talk about it by making controversial statements and putting on good shows. I would watch Pride over the UFC any day because of the variety of fighters. Mainstream America would not have embraced Pride like they have done with the UFC. Americans unfortunately want an American show. And that is what DW has brought.

  • kingiefella says:

    I am a big Fedor fan but i feel it is about time he enters the ufc cage and shut up the people who feel he isnt the best and beat the guys who are supposed to be the best. I know Fedor may not have anything to prove but when someone is poking you in the chest talking crap at ya….there is only so much you can take before you knock him the eff out! Talk is cheap…we all know that and untill it happens its only going to be cheap talk Fedor can keep beating ex ufc champs and dana will keep talking trash about it. Does anyone really know the reason why Fedor wont fight in the ufc?…I know it is not about money cuz dana has made it clear he will pay good money to Fedor…..hmmmm….is it dana? lol

  • R/p says:

    Fedor won’t fight in the UFC because the contract is too strict; among other things he wouldn’t be allowed to do Sambo which is very important to him because it’s his native sport. Also Finklestein wants copromotion but that ain’t happening. Both sides are at fault (not Fedor though his management) yet Dana keeps mouthing off. He talks about the Randy fight in the first round but fails to mention it took him 4 more to get a decision and that he beat AA twice. Yawn.

    It’s HILARIOUS he mentions Fedor not “fighting the best” or “not fighting 3 times a year” when he touts BJ as the greatest fighter in the world yet he only fights twice a year and has defeated 1 top 10 opponent.

    Pulver, Stevenson, Sherk; besides Sean BJ is surely fighting top competition. :p

  • DamonO says:

    Before too long Fedor won’t have an option but to fight for the UFC. They will be the last large MMA organization standing. I give him 2 years tops.

  • Justin Van Hook says:

    I think that is the cocaine talking, he sounds delusional. Dana really needs to clean himself up better before going on TV, with those HD interviews the coke stains under his nose are like bright red beacons.

  • Dox says:

    The more White speaks, the more like Vince McMahon he sounds…soon we’ll see chairs in the cage.

    Dana, you and your comments are a joke.

  • Mr. Castle aka Steve"The System" Yglesias says:

    We can all go back and fourth, I like Dana or I hate Dana Screw UFC, Screw Pride (no) screw this and that. Does Dana over do the same phase of every UFC fight “the best fight ever” song and with Joe “Dirt” Rogan like the good lil parrot he is on top of Dana’s shoulder repeating it……then give it to us, give us the fight we want even if it’s one give us Fedor and this isn’t just to Dana either Fedor step up say what you want and dam it fight. If not I will still be there in Anaheim to see you fight win or lose cuz in MMA you never know it just takes one…

  • Chris says:

    He is right, and you morons arent reading, he is saying if he came over to the UFC, beat the champ, beat the best UFC guys he would call him the best in the world, but he is right, he doesnt fight anyone anymore, wow, tim? AA, JB? Come on, lets see him beat AA first, JB keeps ducking him, Lets see him fight a Randy, Mir, Brock, then he is the best. Look I think he is the best HW in the world, but he doesnt fight enough, and of course Dana doesnt want to say he is the best cause that makes it sound like he doesnt have the best fighter in the world. Fedor could fight in the UFC tomorrow, but he refuses to sign the deal, why? And anyone, lets be honest, Fedor isnt shit in the US, lets see what Aff PPV does, it does 500k ppv buys or more than he is a draw, otherwise he isnt, Mir, Brock, Randy etc are bigger draws than Fedor.

  • theMindOne says:

    I want to see Fedor in the UFC

  • BigDave says:

    Lets face it there is never gonna be a true number 1 fighter because people will never agree fully. If Fedor comes over to UFC and beats the hell out of Mir and Brock there will be a bunch of people comming on here saying “Oh well Brock isnt a real mma fighter cause he was in the wwe, and Mir got lucky he sucks and Blah,Blah,fingBlah”. So is Fedor a great fighter…yes,is Brock going to be a great fighteer if he continues to improve as he has been…yes. So lets all just agree to disagree, Im going to say the guy i like is the best as are other people going to say there guy is and iff that makes you feel good tbeleiving it then power too you.

  • Das KING! says:

    I think DANA WHITE NEEDS TO NOT BE SO GREEDY! Sign Fedor to AT LEAST a one fight deal for the sake of US FANS who make DANA WHITE rich!!!! Instead of all these dayum stipulations of what he can and cant do …nuh uh….JUST SIGN HIM ALREADY WITHOUT TRYING TO OWN HIM!!!!

  • OCD says:

    Everyone, back to the PRIDE days, assumed the PRIDE fighters were a superior group than UFC fighters. When some were brought in, like Nog, Rua, Hendo, and CroCop, we all expected them to run all over the UFC fighters. It didn’t happen on a whole. Sure Rampage did damage to Liddell, but everyone say Liddell was on the decline.

    The point is that there is a reason to be skeptical about Fedor because these were the people he was beating.

    I still think Fedor is the best HW in the world, but that is because of his skill set and his ability to stay healthy.

  • Grappo says:

    if kentuckyfightfan has become a regular poster on here, I think I’m going to have to forgo reading the comments for a while. One stupid, stupid apple spoils the whole damn bunch.


    … about the not reading comments part, not the “kyfightfan” is an annoying toolbag” part.

    viva la fedor!

  • Caidel says:

    It’s good to put things into perspective.

    Fedor is, quite without a doubt greatest heavyweight ever and will be for a long, long time. Nobody is really in position to take on his record. Lesnar would need like 20 straight wins, to be just talked about in the same sentence.

    How long Fedor will be TOP heavyweight right now (I guess he can make it for another year or two) is whole another question, but frankly: He is so far ahead, that even loss to Arlovski or another loss or two shouldn’t make that much of a difference. His record is basically 28:0 and 2 NC’s (or 1 loss, 1 NC, if you want it really official for that matter, it isn’t really that important or point here) That is, as far as I know second BEST record in all the martial arts. (Only BW champ Torress from WEC has like 34-1).

    Fedor fights from year 2000. If you count fights from year 2000 for all the important fighters in HW division, you will found out, that Fedor fights a LOT more than Couture, Arlovski and has more fights than Barnett. Nog has like 2 fights more, also Sylvia has few more and just for information: Herring has a lot more. So, Fedor has been tested a lot and lot of great names were tested less.

    Also, you can speculate on number of “good opponents” he faced, but truth is only two guys comparable by opponent faced are Couture (with a lot less fights and also a lot of stellar starpower in LHW division) and Nog.

    If you sums it up, it is all very, very clear :) Dana is IMO very, very stupid when he says thing like that, because it lowers his credibility a lot and he cannot really gain anything by this. Also, for the record: Fedor in UFC right now is a nonsense (for Fedor). We’ll see after another year or two, but right now, he would be idiot to be there.

  • Caidel says:

    And also: about Fedor proving himself in UFC. You all look at it from the wrong perspective. He has nothing to prove, he already did that lot of times. If you want to be correct, then if Mir or Lesnar or Couture or whoever wants to be considered #1, they should go after and dethrone Fedor. Couture understands it and he tried to do that. Sylvia and Arlovski also understands it well.

    Of course, in majority of weightclasses, it is really about coming to UFC and proving yourself, but not in HW.

    Back in the days, Pride had undoubtedly best HW division in the world and Nogueira was the undisputed king. Then Fedor came (thru Schilt and Herring) and conquered Nogueira to be the king. From that point, Fedor ruled the division and defeated all who came (Fujita, Goodridge, Coleman, Randleman, Nog again, Kohsaka, CroCop, Hunt, etc. etc…) most of that guys in their peaks.

    And when you have Nog as a champ in UFC, it is quite clear, what the level is right now. After last week, we can speculate about Mir, maybe Couture, or Lesnar (which is basically a classical freakshow that Pride had a lot and should be noted, that Fedor already defeated 4 opponents that are somewhat bigger or heavyier or on par with Brock)

  • Stratas says:

    I have a simple question for Caidel.

    Since 2005 these are the guys that Fedor has defeated;

    Tim Sylvia
    Hong-Man Choi
    Matt Lindland
    Mark Hunt
    Mark Coleman
    Mirko Cro Cop
    Tsuyoshi Kohsaka

    Which fighter(s) in this group would you consider contributed to your assesment that Fedor is the best Heavyweight out there today?

    And if we were to go by your train of thought that the win/loss record defines the best fighters out there, then wouldn’t you have to consider Dan Severn the best HW out there or of all time? He has an 86-15 record! And while Fedor has amassed an “incredibly impressive” 8-0 record since 2005, Severn has a 20-4 record…….and I doubt that Fedor could even get close to Severn’s MMA record.

    It’s not how many fights you have, it’s who you fight that counts and Fedor hasn’t fought anyone credible in the last 4 years!

    You still think he’s the best HW out there?

  • Caidel says:

    Yeah, I absolutely think that. But OK, let’s say that he isn’t the best. Then who is? And on that name, use same criteria as on the Fedor.

    And about your list:
    Tim Sylvia – very good scalp. TOP5 when he fought Fedor, now still TOP10. former UFC champ.
    Hong Man Choi – very, very dangerous freakshow. I think about half of top HW’s would have great problems with him (if he shows up like against Fedor, not like with CroCop on this NYE)
    Matt Lindland (MW) – game opponent
    Mark Hunt – good opponent (great striker). former K-1 champ
    Mark Coleman – very good opponent at that time, TOP10 then I think, former UFC champ.
    Zuluzinho – freakshow
    Mirko CroCop – very good opponent. Probably #2 then, at the absolute peak of his game. Fedor’s loss was his downfall.
    Kohsaka – game opponent.

    So, we have: 1 or two freakshows, 2-3 normal opponents and 3-4 TOP 10 guys.

    He actually fights credible opponents more often, than he gets credit for, because people tends to look at his record with current POV, where CroCop, Coleman, Nog and others are looking like washed up old boys, but problem is, that Fedor defeated all of them when they still were great. You know. He was the champ. Contenders are on the top of their game. (superfights and freakshows aside…).

    BTW: 86-15 is actually lot worse, than 28-1 (especially level of competetion taken into the account), so Dan Severn/Jeremy Horn argument is not really good one.

    But as I said: Enough of my praise of Fedor. Who do YOU think is the best right now? (I hope you won’t use Couture or Nog, that would be pretty stupid), which basically lefts us with either Lesnar or Mir. Do you really want to say something like that? (I have pretty good opinion about both of them, especially Mir with his latest showing, but come on….)

  • Kanaan says:

    Choi is only dangerous if you decide to trade with him, otherwise he’s just the freakshow.

    Lindland is a game opponent indeed, for people in his own weight-division.

    Mark Coleman was toyed by other HWs.

    CroCop had the chance to go for the kill against Fedor and didn’t take it (granted, that’s his problem). After that fight, he kept getting exposed.

    So, yeah…I’m with people who say Fedor has to face the top dawgs out there, before being able to figure among the top P4P fighter in the world today.

  • Kanaan says:

    Oh, and Mark Hunt is really just a stand-up fighter who’d never have any success in MMA. So, please…

  • Caidel says:

    Ah well, I should expect this, it’s always very similar. Twisting the facts (Coleman toyed? – oh yeah, former UFC champ is just a toy. Figures. P4P, Hunt with no success (WSilva, CroCop, Kohsaka)) and insulting all the fighters left an right.

    Just FYI: I haven’t discussed P4P rankings (which are very subjective), I talked about HW rankings. And I still haven’t heard NAME of fighter, that should be ranked higher than Fedor in HW. Other thing is, that as a HW, could be described as a most dangerous on the planet, but that still doesn’t mean, that we are talking about P4P.

    BTW: Interesting, and often overlooked fact is, that P4P king and spectacular fighter A. Silva is walking around 215 lb., cutting down to 185 and basically beats down opponents, who are always smaller. Fedor is around 230, majority of his fights is against larger opponents (yeah, Lindland is exception) and he also fought a lot of SHW’s.

  • russiandoeboi says:

    there’s some good ones he should fight, but dana’s like a saucy boy the way he talks – his attitude is unfortunate because it will prevent fedor from fighting in ufc against lesnar , kongo, gonzaga, mir etc – all great fighters – but why would fedor come across the ocean to be disrespected – i doubt he needs the money …

  • russiandoeboi says:

    yea fedor faught relevant guys:
    nog when he was less battered and ‘undefeatable’
    crocop when he was on a destruction trail,

    yes i agree with the above question posed:
    who IS better based on opponents defeated and few losses

    NOG has a great record record
    if you factor in their current form that’s another thing.
    if you factor in how they’d match up against fedor that’s another

    arlovski look hot now,

    barnett seems like a tough match for fedor,

    brock is not top 5 and i dont think he could beat:
    werdum, fedor, barnett,gonzaga,kongoof late,arlovski of late, a fit version of aleks and others:
    but he has a good chance against fedor especially if he continues to improve – right now he’d get out striked, and subbed but wouls possibly be able to neo-hammer house toss around fedor for a while, he’s gas too – so hmm, unless he could finish fedor with side control; knees in rnd 1 – forget.

    oh damn, maybe fedor is no. 1

  • russiandoeboi says:

    hunt is a threat to anyone, his sub defense against fedor was great, fedor just avoided his fists and waited for the right moment late into the long 10 minute 1st round.
    he just got fit KO’d standing by a smaller guy so go figure. anything can happen

  • LearnMathStratas says:

    Stratas why don’t you learn math you idiot. Dan Severn 86-15, he has fought 101 fights (86+15 you moron) and won 86 of them, giving him a win percentage of 85% you are an idiot Stratas simply divide 86 into 101.

    Fedor has a record of 31 matches with 29 wins, that’s a win percentage of 93%, so just do yourself a favor and learn math you complete moron Stratas.

    BTW 93% > 85% (you jerkoff loser Stratas)


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