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Five Ounces of Pain’s World Rankings Updated: Evans new number one light heavyweight publisher Sam Caplan has updated his World Rankings in light of the completion of UFC 92 this weekend. And with so many top ten fighters facing each other in head-to-head action, the outcomes of several fights prompted major changes in the top ten pound-for-pound ratings along with the top ten for heavyweight and light heavyweight.

The biggest mover coming out of this weekend’s action is none other than new UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans. Evans not only moves into the number one spot at light heavyweight, but is now the number sixth ranked pound-for-pound best fighter in the world.

While not yet ranked amongst the world’s pound-for-pound best, another big mover in the latest rankings is Frank Mir, who not only returns to the top ten heavyweight rankings but moves all the way into the number four slot thanks to recent notable victories over Brock Lesnar and of course, his UFC 92 win over Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for the interim UFC heavyweight title.

Nogueira’s disappointing showing dropped him from the top ten pound-for-pound rankings and saw his heavyweight ranking fall from number two down to number five.

In the light heavyweight rankings, Evans’ ascension from six to one was not the only major change. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was able to supplant Lyoto Machida in the top ten thanks in large part to his win over Wanderlei Silva. Jackson not only won but received additional credit because he was able to finish the then sixth-best ranked fighter just minutes into the first round.

Machida falls to four because Griffin has only fallen from one to two. The reasoning behind not moving him down further was because with Jackson moving up, Griffin’s head-to-head victory against him from this past July had to be factored in. The fact that Griffin also fought well for two rounds against Evans also was taken into consideration.

There were also two other minor changes to the rankings, one of which included Renato “Babalu” Sobral supplanting Vladimir Matyushenko as the number ten ranked light heavyweight due to an extended period of inactivity for Matyushenko. Also, Mike Swick debuts in the top ten welterweight rankings courtesy of his impressive showing against Jonathan Goulet earlier this month during the UFC’s “Fight for the Troops” event. Swick comes in at nine, which moves Jay Hieron down to ten and Nick Thompson out of the top ten altogether.

To view the rankings in their entirety, just click here.

  • Binners says:

    I doubt Rashad is even top 10 at 205, 2 punches aside he hasn’t shown anything. I though Tito beat him, I thought Bisping beat him and Forrest was beating him. Fair play the guy can hit but I see him losing to just about any top 10 guy who can take a punch or avoid one.

    He’s small at 205, his wrestling is good not great his standup is awkward but average and he hasn’t attempted a single submission in his UFC career. Rampage should’ve had an immediate rematch with Forrest and Machida should be ranked way higher than Rashad.

    OK I’m bitter but really is Rashad that good or has he just got lucky fighting 2 guys who don’t take a good punch.

    If Rashad can beat Henderson, Franklin, Rampage, Machida, Lil Nog or Babalu I’d be shocked.

    I don’t think Rashad is even as good as Jardine or Thiago Silva.

  • JJ Docker says:

    Perhaps a bit under appreciative of his overall grappling ability and harsh about his striking, but I take your point, and agree Rashad would lose against most of those fighters. But that’s the weird, wonderful and ultimately compelling nature of MMA; it’s not about how good you are it’s about how good your opponent is.

  • Laserline says:

    Let the hate keep flowing Binners… Only fighter on there who would give Rashad serious problems is Machida… I’m sorry but Dan Henderson’s myth is going to be destroyed by Franklin in January and you’ll see he’s just another “PRIDE” fraud…, Lil Nog and Babalu give me a break … Franklin and Rampage would be good fights and thye would probably be favored but to say you’d be shocked to see Rashad win is an ignorant statement.

  • Patrick says:

    Binners, how can you say that Forrest doesn’t take a good punch?

  • Binners says:

    Well his grappling wasn’t any better than Titos or Bispings and he’s never even attempted a submission and Forrest was dominating him in the striking game.

    I’ll admit I can’t stand Rashad I think he’s been maybe the luckiest fighter since Tito in terms of who he’s been matched up with. I just think you should’nt have to rank someone that high just because they won the belt.

    Like you say its about how good your opponent is and Rashad hasn’t had to face anyone that tells me he deserves the belt. Forrest almost seemed happy to give it to him, I know he’s a humble guy but I’ve never seen anyone look so content after getting knocked out.

  • Beef Bus says:

    Id have to agree with Binners 100%. Just cause he golds the belt doesn’t make him #1.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Forrest was the number one guy and Rashad beat him.

  • Binners says:

    Well maybe I’m being a bit harsh on Forrest he can take a decent shot but I would’nt call him iron chinned he’s been rocked in alot of his fights. Forrests biggest weakness is that he doesn’t hit that hard.

  • Binners says:

    I’d like to know if Sam thinks Rashad is actually the best at 205 because I very much doubt you do, so I can’t really understand why you’d call these the 5oz of pain rankings, you may as well just call them UFC rankings if their No1 is automatically yours.

  • Patrick says:

    I wouldn’t place Rashad or Forrest at the top of my list either here, but these lists are subjective and not set in stone.

    To be honest, at 205, who would be number one without a doubt? It’s too hard to say, the division is extremely top heavy, especially in the UFC.

    You have: Rua, Jackson, W. Silva, Hendo, Franklin, Spider Silva, Machida, Thiago Silva, Rashad, Forrest, Chuck, Little Nog, and quite a few other very good fighters.

    It’s a hard division to call, which is great, it’s competitive, LHW stays exciting while middleweight/welter/lightweight are all just essentially competitions on who can lose to the top guy.

  • Binners says:

    Fair point Patrick it is a tough one to call it just seemed really weird having Forrest and Rashad fighting for the belt when so few MMA fans would consider either of those two the best at 205.

    I think the UFC matchmaking which is normally excellent has let itself down because guys like Noguiera, Chuck and Wanderlei just arn’t the fighters they were. They had to give Rashad a shot because they would’ve given Chuck a shot. I just think Rashads CV is incredibly thin to be considered No1 at 205 and No6 P4P is just laughable IMO.

  • Brandon says:

    I understand why Caplan made him #1… heck for a while Buster Douglas was the #1 HW boxer in the world based on one lucky fight.

    I as well am not a Rashad fan, mainly because of his lack of respect and he does grate on the nerves. As with others I’m still not convinced that he is the best fighter at 205. Him beating Bisping (who I also look upon as an over rated fighter), losing to Tito, and losing to both Chuck and Forrest for the most part of both of those fights doesn’t really make me feel like he is elite.

    I really hope the UFC does put him against Machida.. if he can beat the man that nobody can figure out then I will finally be a believer.

  • Snap says:

    Don’t really agree with the WW rankings at all. Shields has had a good run but does he really deserve to be above Alves and Fitch (who have both also had extended winning streaks agaisnt better competition)?

    I can understand excluding Serra if there is other worth candidates because he really only the the one big win (subseqently avenged). But is Jay Hieron really a worthy replacement? His entire career of wins don’t add up to one over GSP. Plus his last three losses are to Goulet, Blackburn and Wilson, guys nowhere near top 10. At the very least Karo should be in instead of him.

  • Denny says:

    I can’t stand Rashad Evans. His antics during a fight leave me disgusted. I didn’t even notice he “grabbed his genitals” just the kiss blowing immediately pissed me off and made me scream for Forrest to hurt him.

    Now that my personal view is out of the way, being the champ of the UFC LHW division should automatically make you #1. I, too, was very disappointed in his performances against Tito and Bisping but apparently he used the INCREDIBLY long time off to get much better. I also thought he lost all 3 rds. against Chuck and Forrest that weren’t rudely interrupted by finishes but he definitely did not lose them in any sort of dominant fashion nor was he ever in trouble.

    While he’s becoming a better/worse heel than Kos ever thought about, his overall performance in his last 2 fights has been vastly improved. It’s funny reading all the comments saying “he hasn’t even attempted a sub”. So what? He seems to be the only LHW who might be as quick as Machida, has yet to be put on his back that I can remember, and obviously has finishing power.

    I think Page will be a great test and whoever wins should get the Machida/Thiago winner. That will make for a more clear understanding of just where the LHW division stands and right now Evans stands on top.

  • MAX says:

    There’s a lot of haters posting up comments in regards to Rashad Evans. Claiming that Rashad is one dimensional… Who really gives a F***!!! So was Chuck Liddell, a good striker and a good sprawl. But everyone seems to agree that Chuckie was a great fighter even though he had a limited arsenal. Rashad was getting his ass whip for the majority of the fights…. Who really gives a F***!!! What matters is whose hand is raised at the end of the fight. Rashad evens admitted that he starts slow. Nogueria is famous for his come from behind victories but no one is a bitching about that. Rashad’s antics disgust you… Who really gives a F***!!! Liddell throws up gangs signs up in every fight. Rampage thinks his a werewolf. St Pierre is a breakdancer. Anderson Silva is also dancing in the ring. It makes for good entertainment. Stop hating. Rashad has proven himself time and time and time again. He definetly belongs in the top 10 light heavyweight and pound for pound. If you don’t like him because you “THINK” you know the kind of person he is… OK Rashad is a good fighter on the road to being a great fighter. And he fights with a lot of heart in that ring.

  • EH says:

    Wow, a lot of Rashad hate here! I personally think he has proven himself multiple times. All this “he was losing until he won” stuff is pretty ridiculous. The personal attacks people make in reference to his “antics” should be saved for the Desperate Housewives forum.

  • babalu says:

    babalu no.1!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ray says:

    To all the Rashad haters – to go undefeated in the UFC all the way to a championship is not luck, give the guy some credit. Sure he had some close fights but they could have gone either way.

    Forrest has a chin as he showed in the Rampage fight and Rashad did not KO him with one punch. He was down on points and still held his composure, caught the kick and took him down and was able to work a powerful GnP from the guard. Forrest has pretty good ground skills so this was a good accomplishment for Rashad. I think people overlook that he is growing in each fight and has finished 2 fights against former champions in powerful fashion.

    When he was taking people down in all his early fights everyone was complaining that he lays and prays so now he KTFO people and still gets no respect.

    Bottom line – the guy finds a way to win no matter how undersized or unappreciated he is. Deal with it.

  • KTru says:

    My comment is deleted why?

  • dohfil says:

    Bantam Weights?

    Come on man.

  • CMT says:

    Binners – you haven’t commented in in a while, where you be???

  • king mah mah says:

    @MAX- Rashad grabbing his genitals during the fight is just ridiculous. He should get fined or be forced to give up a percentage of his purse if he’s going to continue to act like that in the octogon. I mean come on! First he was playing with his nipples before fighting Chuck and now he’s just playing with his genitals mid fight!! How do you justify that?! It’s just a shame this pathetic jackass ever got a shot in the UFC to begin with.

  • Villani says:

    I been a Rashad fan since his first fight on the Ultimate fighter so I’m kinda baised. But 13-0 overall and 9-0 is not luck. To have victories over Lidell, Griffen and Bisping are solid. This guy is getting better every fight. Lay and pray? So did Rashad lay and Pray against Brad Imes to win TUF? He’s been finishing most of his fights since Lambert. How can you say the guy is not even top ten? Even though I am a Rashad fan, I think he did get a great matchup agianst Forrest for the belt. To me Forrest is overrated and average at best. Rashad’s next fight will probably be agianst Rampage. He gonna have to defend his title probably around the same time Mir\Lesnar fight. Probably around July. Machida gotta get past Silva first which I don’t think he will.

  • Villani says:

    It kills me when people talk about Rashad’s nipple twist when GSP did it first. It wasnt’ a Rashad thing, it was a Greg Jackson’s camp thing. But nobody has said anything about GSP doing it. Make me wonder why? What is the difference between GSP and Rashad. See I think it is because Rashad is just an average dude that made it, and everyone like to hate him. You can’t deny his is a good fighter.

  • aguilar says:

    forrest is my favorite fighter and i know if dey had a rematch, mostly likely forrest would beat him. i was counting on griffin to end it by submission, but he took him to lightly on da ground.
    but rashad would make top ten in my p4p list for his wins. even though he doesnt always seem to be winning fights, he always gets da W..
    ill tell u dis though, he won’t be champ for long.
    if hendo wins his next fite in spectacular fashion, i hope dana givs him evans for da title. now. id lik to rashad try nd KO him out….. bet hell hurt his hand trying

  • Frank says:

    I am no expert but i have followed Rashad’s UFC career.During TUF and immediately afterwards, he was a rookie with confidence issues. Today’s Rashad is not that same boy. His confidence in his ability to finish fights in the ring is now obvious in the way he engages his opponents.
    His cardio has improved. His striking has improved. His ground and pound has improved. His speed and evasiveness have gotten better. He has also become less wasteful of movement and more accurate.The man has refined and enhanced his basic skills via world class training and octagon experience and is becoming the consummate fighter that the champion should be.
    Rashad fights a lot like Machida but with more power in his strikes. Since his takedown % is high and his G&P is obviously dangerous, he might just have the right mixture to pull an upset.
    A loss is imminent but if GSP the Spartan can be beaten then Rashad will lose sooner or later.either way, the kid has vastly improved and is a deserving competitor.

  • ViciousUppercut says:

    I just have to laugh my ass off every time i see jay hieron in your Pot Smokers Top 1O. Look I know you like to have balance in your ratings by including all brands (UFC, Affliction, Elite XC, IFL, WVR, Shooto) etc. But It still makes me laugh, Marcus Davis would kill Jay Hieron if they ever fought but because hieron beat some stiff and held some lame IFL belt he makes your Snoop Dogg top 10 while Marcus Davis probably wouldn’t even make your top 20. By the way Jay’s record vs current UFC fighters 0-4. Losses to St Pierre, Goulet, Chris Wilson, Brad Blackburn. Just curious who was the monster Hieron beat that puts him in this Cheech and Chong top 10 fighters list


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