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Winner of Eddie Alvarez vs. Shinya Aoki to be recognized as WAMMA lightweight champion

A lightweight encounter between Eddie Alvarez and Shinya Aoki scheduled for FEG’sDynamite!!” event on New Year’s Eve in Japan will determine the first-ever World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts lightweight champion.

Reports surfaced earlier this month that the Alvarez vs. Aoki bout was under consideration to be for the vacant WAMMA lightweight title. learned Monday morning through a press release issued by WAMMA that the organization will be recognizing the Alvarez vs. Aoki winner as its lightweight champion.

The release goes on to state that a belt will not be presented to the winner immediately after the conclusion of the contest. Instead, the winner will receive the championship belt during a ceremony to be held at a later date.

Alvarez was a two-time All-American high school wrestler at Northeast Catholic High School in Philadelphia and has gone 15-1 since becoming a professional mixed martial artist. A former BodogFIGHT welterweight champion, Alvarez made the decision to drop to the lightweight division earlier this year.

Starting with a 165 pound catchweight bout during a Jan. 25 ShoXC event in Atlantic City, N.J., the 24-year old father of two has gone 4-0 as a lightweight. The undefeated streak includes a 3-0 run during DREAM’s lightweight Grand Prix that only ended after Alvarez was unable to receive medical clearance to compete in the finals.

Aoki is 18-3 and widely regarded as one of the top submission fighters in MMA with black belts in both Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The 25-year old Japan native has earned his number three WAMMA lightweight ranking with notable victories over current DREAM lightweight champion Joachim Hansen; Gesias “JZ Calvan” Calvancante; former two-time UFC lightweight title challenger Caol Uno; and former Shooto middleweight champion Akira Kikuchi.

Alvarez and Aoki had been scheduled to compete during the finals of the DREAM lightweight Grand Prix but Hansen, and injury reserve, replaced the injured Alvarez. Hansen became the DREAM lightweight champion after TKO’ing Aoki in the first round even though he had been eliminated earlier in the tournament by Alvarez. President and Publisher Sam Caplan serves as the chair for WAMMA’s ranking committee.

  • Rich B says:

    Thereby proving WAMMA’s illegitimacy.

  • stuck at work says:

    I don’t understand why FEG would allow this. They had a tournament to crown their own lightweight title. The LOSER of the fight for the Organizational title then gets to fight for what is supposed to be the world title? And the title fight doesn’t include their own number 1 in the rankings. How can that even work? WAMMA’s champion is going to be no higher than #2 on any list including their own. WAMMA is a joke. Especially when you consider that they take more effort to go after satirical posts that point out how ridiculous they are, than to actually legitimize their organization.

  • hambone76 says:

    I like it, because they are trying to get the best people that will agree to be involved w/ WAMMA.

    I don’t like it for DREAM, because it cheapens the legitamacy of their LW and LWGP champion, who is not involved in this fight.

    Good and bad.

    War Alvarez.

  • Odedh says:

    I think this is excellent news, especially considering it’s the #2 ranked vs the #3 ranked in the world, why not the #1 BJ Penn, well first of all because right now he fights at WW, and second of all BJ has just 2 top 10 LW in the UFC beside him. in the 5ounces ranking the only top 10 LW UFC fighters except for BJ are Florian and Sean Sherk ranked 8 and 9 respectively and according to WAMMA they are ranked 4th and 6th

  • Imbecile says:

    WAMMA is the silliest idea ever.

    It was something MMA did not ask for, and it is something MMA does not need. Leave the stupid sanctioning bodies for boxing. Why wasn’t Jake Shields vs. Nick Thompson for the WAMMA Welterweight title, if they are going to be this dumb?

    Lightweight rankings in general are screwed up across the board because far too much weight is given to the old Pride and Shooto fighters. Since none of them fight in the UFC, none of the UFC fighters ever have a chance to climb up the rankings board because they can’t score wins over these guys. So these LW fighters over in DREAM have artificially inflated rankings stature, even though it is pretty clear someone like Sean Sherk or Kenny Florian would destroy most any of them.

    WAMMA is a joke!

    LW rankings are a joke!

  • Big Dummy says:

    Is WAMMA drug testing those two fighters before that fight?

    Is WAMMA making sure the referee’s aren’t directly employed by FEG?

    Who is really sanctioning that fight? Because if WAMMA isn’t awarding the belt right there at the fight then that tells me they probably aren’t handling any part of the sanctioning of the fight.

    So is WAMMA really a sanctioning body or are they just a leeching company out to make some money off the established MMA organization’s hard work?

    Can someone tell me when one positive thing they have done for the sport? Don’t say their one WAMMA title because even one of the fighters in that fight said it was basically meaningless so that isn’t very positive now looking back at it. I’m serious here can anyone tell me one positive thing they have done for the sport? They have this nice list of things on their website they say they are going to do for the sport. They haven’t done any of it. Why isn’t that being talked about in any of these stories about WAMMA?

  • ctownhood says:

    WAMMA is so irrelevant it’s not even funny. The are doing this in hopes of having the UFC champ fight their champ…which will never happen.

  • 45huddle says:

    Irrelevent. Corrupt. And many other not so nice adjectives. WAMMA needs to stop being covered. This is not a title fight. This is just WAMMA being corrupt and trying to make champions. Journalists should be ashamed to be part of it. Not to mention their ranknigs are horrible.

  • Stan the Caddy says:

    Lol. What a joke. People like Sam Caplan that are affiliated with WAMMA are just as big a joke.

  • Joseph says:

    This is good, in my opinion.

    The WAMMA Title Holder can then fight the winner of Hansen vs JZ for the World title.
    I have no problems with this since either BJ Penn is going to lose soon, or BJ Penn will be crowned the WW title and wont fight as a LW regularly anymore.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    But…but…but WAMMA has Bill Goldberg on board.
    Doesn’t that count for anything?

  • Big Dummy says:

    WAMMA’s concept of one undisputed champion is a great idea in theory. However their execution of that concept is horrible. They are trying to say they are a sanctioning body and going to do all these great things for the sport. Where is the part of the story explaining exactly what they are sanctioning and what they are actually doing to help those fights and what that entails?

    They don’t make matches. They jump on after the fights are already made in an attempt to make money for themselves.

    Do the athletic commissions recognize them as a sanctioning body?

    Where is all the hard hitting questions to WAMMA? Where is the follow-up questions when they don’t ever actually answer a question?

    Come on!!!! I can’t believe all the great writers sitting on their voter ranking panel aren’t noticing they are not doing anything to help the sport like they have said they were going to beside trying to crown “Undisputed” WAMMA champions in order to find some way to make money off that. Why aren’t some of those great writers asking WAMMA what they have actually done to help get MMA regulated in every state?

    For example this is copied directly from their site on their plans for the sport:

    # Encouragement of Mixed Martial Arts as Sport.
    To encourage professional Mixed Martial Arts as an activity conducive to physical fitness and as a sport which is a source of wholesome entertainment for the public.

    # Encouragement of Public Appreciation.
    To encourage greater public appreciation and patronage for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

    # Promotion of Clean, Fair and Equitable Competition.
    To keep professional Mixed Martial Arts and all activities connected therewith, clean, fair and equitable to all parties concerned.

    # Promotion of Mixed Martial Arts Safety.
    To make professional Mixed Martial Arts as safe a sport as possible for fighters, and to promote their welfare.

    All of that is stuff they should have already been working on if they were serious about helping the sport. I have not seen one bit of evidence to suggest they have made any attempt to do any of that. All I have seen evidence of them doing is trying to position themselves in a way to make money off of established MMA organization’s hard work. Why don’t they get asked questions when they are going to start doing all this other great stuff they have written on their website claiming they are going to do? Show me some proof WAMMA you want to help the sport by doing some of that other stuff and that your not just a leech on the sport and I’ll open up my mind and give you a chance.

  • 45huddle says:

    Big Dummy with the post of the year!!!!

  • portland mma says:

    This doesn’t consolidate anything, its just makes a boxing like system where you STILL have tons of champions, its probably even more illegitimate considering how many great fighters the UFC has and the fact they don’t care about WAMMA. I’m actually going to take Aoki though (i know Alvarez dismantled him), however, all this proves is that Aoki is better then Alvarez or vice versa, since guys like Penn, Sherk, Florian etc aren’t going to be having any WAMMA title fights any time soon. So just another belt no one cares about.

  • Pleau says:

    Two thumbs up for the fight itself…. but the WAMMA lightweight title? does it really matter?….

    Survey Says: NO


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