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UFC 92: Quick Results

UFC 92 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas is in the books with the event providing the crowning of two new champions. Frank Mir claimed a share of the heavyweight title by taking the interim belt from Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira following a second round TKO while Rashad Evans dethroned Forrest Griffin as the UFC light heavyweight king following a third round TKO.

Full results are below:

  • Patrick Barry def. Dan Evensen via (injury) TKO at 2:36, Round 1
  • Brad Blackburn def. Ryo Chonan via unanimous decision
  • Matt Hamill def. Reese Andy via TKO at 2:19, Round 2.
  • Antoni Hardonk def. Mike Wessel via TKO at 2:09, Round 2
  • Yushin Okami def. Dean Lister via unanimous decision
  • Cheick Kongo def. Mustapha Al-Turk by TKO (strikes) at 4:37, Round 1
  • Quinton Jackson def. Wanderlei Silva by KO at 3:21, Round 1
  • C.B. Dollaway def. Mike Massenzio by TKO at 3:01, Round 1
  • Frank Mir def. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira by TKO at 1:54, Round 2
  • Rashad Evans def. Forrest Griffin by TKO at 2:46, Round 3
  • glock says:

    Whoa….! good night overall.

    Saw an unexpected Mir show up and was real happy to see him.
    Rampage was impressive to say the least. Boom!
    Rashad as always , I underestimate and he exceeds all expectations…
    But I DID expect him to win.

    Overall NO ONE in our group was disappointed with tonights card, and most were
    stoked with the results, I made a few shekels on the Rampage fight. GLAD to shell out the money for the PPV, for a change…….

  • stick says:

    the mir stoppage was a freakin joke!!! you gotta give big ‘nog some respect for the ability to survive that he’s shown time and time again. made me sick. herb dean oughta be cut.

  • Nonfikshun says:

    I agree, an unexpected Mir came from where??? Nice standup Mir.
    Nice job from Rampage too. He killed Wandy.
    And to all those that doubted Rashad again.

  • reece says:

    Unexpected-1)Frank Mir has much improved stand-up and, apparently put down the bag of Cheeto’s (not a product placement ad) and got on a treadmill. 2)All of the distractions in Rampage’s life didn’t steal his focus, or his heavy left hand. Expected-1)Okami grinds out (re:bores to death) another win. 2)Rashad finds another way to piss me off (act like you’ve been there, son). 3)A couple of rear naked chokes do not a bjj game make, Forrest. With all the strides his game/gameplanning has made, you think he could find time to learn the basic guard position. Like every other xtreme couture fighter, Forrest is toast on his back. I get it; greco is god- but what to do, what to do when you’re opponent gets you on your back.

  • CaptainAmerica1967 says:

    Everyone I wanted to win did so.

    Nog was just way out classed by Mir and I thought the fight was going to be stopped earlier.


  • Robert says:

    “Stick” Are you kidding? When Nogueira tried to stand up he almost fell over stumbling and Herb Dean grabbed him. Not to mention he was knocked down several times by someone not known for having a great stand up game. Nog looked like a very old 32, who was overweight and SLOW. He like Wanderlei Silva have been through so many battles that they seem to have really taken a toll.

  • stick says:

    i’ll agree that he looked a little wobbled, but that was nothing compared to other fights where he has recovered from much worse shots. i just think you gotta give him the respect to recover that he has earned. hell, they let congo drill his opponent repeatedly, and unaswered before it was stopped. i just feel like ‘nog has recovered from much worse and surley herb dean was made aware of this before the fight.

  • KTru says:

    I am going to do something unheard of and agree with Robert. Nog was wobbling and Mir easily won that fight. Herb Dean is the best in the business and he did the right thing. He saved Big Nog further damage….

  • kentuckyfightfan says:

    The Mir/Nog stoppage made you sick? What were you watching? Nog had to have help standing! What’s sad is what could have been…how good would Mir be if not for his wreck? He never lost the title and was performing at a high level when he got hit by a freakin’ car!

  • Rich B says:

    1.) There was no way Nogueira was going to recover once Mir was on him at the end of the fight.

    2.) That said, he’s Freaking Nogueira. His resume, track record, and legacy demanded that he be allowed 4 or 5 more seconds. He took 8 blows while on his back. He earned the right to struggle out of it for a few more seconds.

    Just one casual fan’s opinions.

  • Firebringer says:

    Glad Herb stopped the fight. Nog’s hands were nowhere near his face (at least in the Congo fight, the guy had his hands near his face) and he was in danger of taking serious damage from a big heavyweight.

    Nog got out of the fight with his brain mostly intact and lives to fight another day — no need to 5 more seconds of serious, unblocked blows to the face.

  • truth says:

    Anyone notice the C.B. fight was stopped while C.B. was punching predominantly to the back of the guys head?

  • glock says:

    I’m with Robert, both Nog and Silva are starting to show the effects of the accumulated damage they’ve sustained giving us the wars we’ve enjoyed. Both these guys have seemed superhuman at times and it’s smart to err on the side of safety now- even though I don’t think there was any error. I’d rather Rampage hadn’t got those 3 or 4 shots in on the ground after Silva went down, but good stops all around overall.

    There Kongo fight could have stopped sooner but the guy was deflecting some of the blows then things just kinda of sped up real fast with all those quick hammers.

    I was questioning the blows to the “back” of the head in Dollaway fight at the time myself, but the the guy was done,and going NOWHERE…. I just figured the ref was right there, and I wasn’t. It’s his 1st fight in UFC he’ll probably be back be back.

  • egad81 says:

    I still dont like Rashad and I look forward to seeing him get beat by Lyoto or Rampage.

    Frank Mir (you’re still my hero) good luck against Brock!

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    I cant believe nobody seems to mind that kongos record is climbing right alongside the number of illegal groin shots he lands each fight. It angers me and the people i watch the fights with that it seemed like Al turks knee hit kongo on the thigh, then following the ten minutes he took for a non-ball shot, proceeded almost right away to clinch, aim, and deliver a knee to the sac. He shouldnt be afforded warnings anymore he shows a trend. Hes a beast he doesnt need to do it…not sure y he does

  • truth says:

    Yeah nut shots seem to rate as “more” of an illegal strike then punches to the back of the head, example if C.B. Dolloway was in a clinch and delivered 5 knees to the groin in a row. People wouldn’t be like “Masenzio was finished anyways” they would say whoa that’s messed up.

  • commonsho says:

    Nut shots should call for a disqualification. as a viewer you can feel it yourself. Everyone I wanted to win won but Silva really surprised me. He did alot of bashing before that and thats never a good sign. Concentrate on the fight man.and plain speaking CB owned Masenzio- TWICE! he ate that mat in pure embrassment. that would have been a good win for him but CB looked confident and in great shape. Time to put the Amir eposides behinfd him bc he’s back! And that BS on the knee of Masenzio was just that BS. If it was really that bad he should have taken that injury instead of a hide-your-face-in-public loss.

    Goooooo Mir!


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