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Chuck Liddell’s next opponent still a mystery

With rumors of a fourth fight between Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture taking place during a tentatively planned UFC 99 event in Germany on June 13 being branded as just that – rumors, recent media attention had turned to Liddell’s next fight taking place against Keith Jardine at UFC 96 on March 7 in Columbus, Ohio.

During a recent guest appearance on the syndicated CBS Radio program “The Tom Leykis Show,” the former UFC light heavyweight champion responded to a question about his next opponent by saying, ““There’s been a few names. We have (Keith) Jardine listed. We want him in March.”

However, a new report on MMA Weekly’s “Insider Blog” quotes an unnamed source as indicating that while Jardine is expected compete on the UFC 96 card, he won’t be fighting Liddell in a rematch from their 2007 encounter at UFC 76.

“Despite several reports assuring the fight, a source close to Jardine’s camp says he will not lock horns with Liddell at UFC 96 on March 7 in Columbus, Ohio,” states the MMA Weekly report.

Liddell at one point had been linked to a possible “superfight” vs. Anderson Silva. However, UFC President Dana White confirmed reports during a post-UFC 92 press conference that Silva’s next fight will “probably” be a middleweight title defense against Thales Leites at UFC 97 on April 18 in Montreal.

Liddell was in attendance during Saturday’s UFC 92 event and a camera closeup revealed a look of disappointment following Wanderlei Silva’s first round knockout loss to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. With Liddell believed to want to embark on a “revenge tour” in 2009, it’s possible that Jackson’s victory spoiled potential plans for a third fight between the two at UFC 96.

As of now, the indentity of Liddell’s first opponent following his knockout loss to current UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans this past September at UFC 88 remains a complete uncertainty.

  • Golion says:

    Chuck wand part 2?

  • Lord Faust says:

    I don’t see why they can’t do Chuck -vs- Rampage 3… Considering Rampage just proved that sometimes “third time’s the charm”, you never know. Then again, I don’t think Chuck really wants to fight Quinton again. I think the look of disappointment was more “this puts me even further away from the title.”

  • Robert says:

    Chuck vs. Jardine 2 is what I think we’ll see. If Chuck is going to be in a rematch I’d rather see this that Chuck vs. Randy IV, Rampage III, OR Wand 2. I wouldn’t mind seeing Chuck fight Tim Boetsch also.

  • Rich B says:

    Chuck Coleman (after Rua mangles him) in a loser finally retires match?

  • Chris says:

    Well since Rampage won, he is gonna get a title shot next, he has too. Machida is boring, not a big name, so win or lose, he isnt ready for a title shot, Page is, so with Rampage winning, Chuck vs Page wont happen now, and who wants to see Wandi/Chuck again? I think Wandi needs to drop to MW, he is still a big name, is too small for LHW, shit he is small and came in at 203lbs, he can drop to MW, win a fight against a decent fighter and could get a title shot with Spider, that will be a big draw for the UFC. So if Chuck wants to fight in March, he has to fight Jardine, Shogun and Coleman wont be ready in time, neither will Hendo/Rich, niether will Machida or Thiago, so none of them he can fight in March, so Jardine is the only one left. That wouldnt be a bad card, Chuck vs Jardine, they say Huerta vs Fisher and Carwin vs Gonzaga, thats 3 solid fights right there.

  • RUSH says:

    I’d love to see Silva vs. Liddell in Montreal. Just seeing Silva is great but there is a lot more luster with that possible matchup, or even Okami for that matter, then there is against Thales Leites.

  • CaptainAmerica1967 says:

    Coleman’s looking good at LHW…I’d like to see him make a comeback. One of the two great wrestlers that never fought each other were Coleman/Couture.

    I think Chuck needs to continue diversifying him game plan instead as he stated he was training at different camps. His strickly stand up and trying to KO fighters while he’s backing up hasn’t been working.

    I think he should get (after waiting) the winner of Machida/T.Silva. I think Machida is boring (Dana White said it too in a way that Machida isn’t very marketable).

  • CaptainAmerica1967 says:

    On another note, Huerta wants to move up to welterweight as he’s been training with GSP and GSP wants to move up to MW. GSP vs A Silva would be great!

  • Voridor says:

    Chuck fought Jardine for a non title match. Therefore, unless one of the men has the title, the fight WILL NOT happen. If Machida wins, HE WILL and should get a title shot. Rampage can wait for the winner or fight someone else.

  • JBAR says:

    Chuck vs Forrest would be a good fight. I don’t see it happening though. Jardine makes sense. If Machida wins vs T Silva he should get the title shot. He is boring to watch but he has earned it. Rampage needs another win to deserve the title shot. Does anybody know how many fights Rampage has left on his current contract? This seems to always be a factor in who gets a shot. I like Rampage but given the issues outside the octagon I can’t see him getting a shot at the title until the UFC is 100% convinced that he has his shit together. The win over Wanderlei was good but Wanderlei is not the fighter he was in Pride.
    I can see the following fights taking place.
    Evans vs. Machida (if machida beats Silva)
    Forrest vs Rampage for a title shot
    Chuck vs Jardine
    If Chuck beats Jardine and depending on who has the title he could then face Forrest, Rampage or Evans. If he was to win both fights he would probably get a title shot given the fact that he is still a big draw and is close with Dana.

  • B4REAL says:

    I agree with chris saying that Wandy should drop weight. Man, i love the guy (my 2nd fav fighter) but he aint the same, it hurts to say it. Seein him get knocked out the other night crushed me, but then again its always been a coin toss with Wandy. So yea, it would be awsome to see him in middle weight


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