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Inclement weather causes cancellation of the M-1 Challenge finals

M-1 Global officials announced Thursday that the finals for its inaugural season of the M-1 Challenge, which had been scheduled to take place at the Emerald Queen Casino in Seattle, Washington, has been canceled.

In a press release received by, M-1 officials claimed that the reason for the cancellation was due to inclement weather conditions in the Seattle area that prevented its athletes that were traveling overseas from arriving in time.

Team Russian Red Devil had been scheduled to take on Team Holland in a best-of-five series to determine the first-ever champion of the M-1 Challenge, an International team competition that M-1 has billed as the “World Cup of Mixed Martial Arts.”

A new date for the finals has yet to be finalized but the release indicated that Russian Red Devil and Team Holland are expected to square off in Holland within the next two weeks.

  • Bryan M says:

    I live 20 miles North of downtown Seattle, and I’ll be goddamned if I’ve missed a day of scheduled work over the snowy past week and a half. It really only snows about 1-2 days a year, and when it does, the 3 inches we get are melted off within a day. So, all of a sudden we get an extra 9 inches (over the course of a week) and the entire city enters a standstill. Seattle sucks…or at least Seattleites do.

  • Alvis says:

    I wonder how many tickets were sold and refunded?

  • Demie says:

    I’m sure this has more to do with low ticket sales. EQC is actually in Tacoma and that’s a bigger trip through the snow than most people in the area would take. Plus, seeing totally unknown fighters is the last thing on anyone’s mind over here.

    But really, the promoters did a shit job of marketing the show; it was supposed to happen tonight and I have yet to see a fight card. I don’t know if it was Jerry Millen, or the same guys who used to do the regional shows at the Tacoma Dome, but I’m sure the only people who bought tickets are those who saw Fedor in the ads and thought he would be fighting there.

  • hambone76 says:

    Remember, it is not just due to the fans not being able to get to the stadium, but also due to major flight delays in the northeast and northern midwest as well. Flights were totally screwed for the last week in major areas in the US. I assume that there may be other weather systems in Europe and Asia that may be doing this as well (I dont keep up w/ international weather, I doubt many people do).

    It is more about the flights, not the local Seattle/Northwest weather.

  • CubanLinx says:

    why would they even have it in Seattle other than the location being near Russia.


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