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Nathan Marquardt slated to return at UFC 95

UFC middleweight title contender Nathan Marquardt is now set to return to action at UFC 95 on Saturday, February 21 at the O2 Arena in London, England. confirmed the news with a source close to Marquardt earlier this afternoon. An opponent is still in the process of being finalized.

The fight will mark Marquardt’s since bout since recording a first round TKO over Martin Kampmann at UFC 88 this past September.

Prior to beating Kampmann, the former King of Pancrase had lost a controversial split decision in London against Thales Leites.

A veteran of eight UFC fights, Marquardt is 6-2 lifetime when competing inside the Octagon and is 27-8-2 overall with notable victories in his career over Yuji Hoshino, Kazuo Misaki, Shonie Carter, Yves Edwards, Jeremy Horn, Ivan Salaverry, and Joe Doerksen.

  • JOe K. says:

    I can pretty much guarantee that he will destroy anyone they feed him. Except Anderson Silva and I still think he’d have a shot.

    He is the most under-rated Middleweight.

  • JOe K. says:

    They should match him up with Bisping.

  • shiki31 says:

    they NEED to match him up with bisping to shut him up. marquardt is definately the most underrated middle weight in the ufc. a rematch against silva would be worth watching.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    Another six month layoff between fights? These guys must have a tough time staying awake in between fights. They really need to try and get the top contenders, like Marquardt, fighting a good 3 times a year instead of two.

  • SabotageMMA says:

    The middleweight division continues to be held in limbo. I think it is obvious that the UFC had not planned properly for Anderson Silva clearing out the division so quickly.

    I would much rather see a Silva vs Marquardt II than a Silva vs Cote II like some have requested.

  • Jason G says:

    Marquardt & Hendo should be the coaches on TUF. We’ve already seen Franklin & I don’t think Bisping deserves it. He beat some good guys at LHW but beating Leben shouldn’t get him a coaching job. US vs UK is kinda stupid too.

  • NEMISIS says:

    ALL ABOARD! The Silva Vs Marquardt II Bandwaggin now leaving…
    I too like U guys agree,Nate is highly underated,He’s top five in tht div.
    1-A.silva(like U didnt knw this
    2-R.Franklin(those who boubt this check who he’s beaten & who’s beaten him)
    3-D.Henderson(his intro to the UFC was a harsh 1,He doesnt get any easy fights,Franklin wont be an exception,but if any other 1s wouldnt be a challenge to Hendo,but time isnt on his side & i think other than Silva theres no 1 he really cares to fight,which might make him over look a less caliber opponent.
    4-N.Marquardt -results aside we all saw who was winnig that fight verses T.leites,& he lost to Kampman-& Nate ate him up,so much he moved dwn a wait class.
    5-Yushin Okami-Poor man saw his shot vs Silva turn into a dance of vs Cote,now in limbo, he’s still the best fighter left in the UFC that hasnt been Spanked by the Spider that wouild seem interesnting(beside the Nate & Hendo rematches-
    5.5-T.leites-his record is impresive buttht Nate fight & kampman lost,plus his undisire to step up & fight Silva,only show me that he’s not ready-his stand up & sub.,i feel dnt threating Silva,i feel Cote had a better shot w ! of his Crazy punches than he will-No Risk,No Reward-& he wont Risk it…….

  • Chris says:

    Well lets see, if Hendo/Rich are fighting to be a coach, that means Bisping wont be fighting till the end of the next TUF, they cant have him lose, so the winner of the coaches gets a title shot I guess, so with Okami already fighting at UFC 92, a win over Lister he gets a title shot I think. Who is there for Nate to fight except Maia? A Nate/Maia fight would be really good, that could find the next in line i think, I think if Okami wins he should fight Spider in April, then I’d think Hendo/Rich/Bisping winner gets next, but Nate/Maia if they fought would be right there for a title shot.

    UFC 95 has to be a Spike event, its in London, which are the ones that get put on Spike, with 92, 93 in Dublin, then 94 all being stacked cards with big fights, this shit doesnt have any major fights. Yes a Nate/Maia fight would be great, Joe Stevenson vs Diego is also a really good fight, maybe Huerta/Fisher would be nice on this card, probably wont happen till March, but even if you have two or three of them fights, is that a PPV worthy card? You’d need Chuck or Spider fighting to even consider that. I think with them two fights, it would be a really solid Spike TV card, but there arent any big main events that they can put on this card to make it a PPV, Diego Stevenson isnt a PPV main event, nore is Nate/Maia or whoever, or Huerta/Spencer, all three of them on a Spike card is great, but not for a PPV.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Let’s see how he fights in February before a rematch with Silva. He needs to win definitively against a top-tier fighter before he’s ready for a second shot at Silva.

  • dpk says:

    Would love to see Nate against Maia, or Wilson Goveia,

  • Bullylover says:

    What if the Ufc held a 10 man 185lb tournament for #1 contendr spot. It would consists of Okami/Lister vs. Marquardt/ ???? vs the winner of Franklin/HEnderson /Bisping vs Mai/Leiteis. That would clarify #1 contender status & pretty much gauanteed title shot. It probably wouldn’t happen though causing the 185lb division to stay in limbo 4 to long.. Then we would probably see Silva go up in weight to face the top contenders in one of the deepest divisions in the world.

  • Stan the Caddy says:

    Going to be Maia. Will be a hell of a fight.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    Nate vs. Wilson Gouveia would be great!!

    I’m not a big Maia fan only for the fact that all he has is high level jits. If somebody like Marquardt can get in there with him and keep the fight standing Maia will get annihilated.

  • JOe K. says:

    I’m lovin’ the fact that people are lovin’ Marquardt.

    That whole Greg Jackson camp rules. I can’t wait until Rashad beats Forrest, GSP (if he plays his cards right) beats Penn, and then Leonard Garcia beats Mike Brown. Then Greg Jacksons camp will hold 3 titles at the same time.

    If Mardquart beat Silva which is conceivable (but not in the right time frame of these other 3 which will likely hold titles).

    Jackson’s camp will then hold 4 titles


  • KTru says:

    Throw Gouveia out of the possibilities, he just destroyed MacDonald.
    Nate won that fight versus Leites, I know I am not disagreeing with any of you. All has already known that.
    Maia would be interesting, but I think they want Nate to get a title shot again before Maia takes over the MW division, in which he will in time.
    Maybe they will throw a WEC guy in there, just to get Nate another W.
    Either way and any way, glad to see Nate back to action soon

  • UT says:

    Negative. The most underrated MW is by far, Yushin Okami. Not even close. He will, if his head is straight, make Marquardt look silly. Marquardt’s striking is more aggresive, but sloppy. He’s entertaining, but v. a technical wizard like Okami or Silva, he’ll get knocked off in embarrassing fashion.


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