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Tito Ortiz announces agreement to broadcast Affliction’s “Day of Reckoning”

Los Angeles, CA – Tito Ortiz confirmed Wednesday during a press conference in Los Angeles that he will be part of Affliction Entertainment‘s “Day of Reckoning” on Jan. 24.

However, Ortiz will not be fighting on the card. Instead, he will be the color commentator, a position in which Ortiz feels he can add a lot to.

“The audience will figure it out – move to move,” said Ortiz. “I think I may know a little about MMA.”

Ortiz will be joining the previously announced broadcast tandem of play-by-play announcer Sean Wheelock and color commentator Jimmy Smith, who are the regular announce team for M-1 Challenge events on HDNet.

“I’m absolutely thrilled (to be working with Ortiz),” Wheelock said when contacted by for comment. “I am a huge Tito Ortiz fan. I think he’s without question one of the greatest fighters in the history of mixed martial arts. To have him be a part of our show just makes it bigger and better.”

Ortiz made it a point to clarify that he has not signed a fighting contract with Affliction.

“As of now, I will be doing nothing but color commentary,” said Ortiz.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion also made it a point to comment on his current status with Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC.

“Zuffa has right of first refusal cause with my contract,” said Ortiz. “That expires during the summer.  I will not sign any fighting contract until that is up.”

  • portland mma says:

    I am not a fan of Tito, never have been, but the guy is a GOOD fighter, he used to be an ELITE fighter, but regardless if you watch a Tito Ortiz interview you are always left wondering “is he actually mentally retarded?” So I think its naturally another genius move by Affliction. I think if crackheads put together a business model it would be far superior than that of Affliction’s. I mean if you would have told me Attencio was a genius compared to Beard I would have laughed at you, but way to go Todd on the dirty laundry/Couture/restraining/talking crap to Dana/15 minutes later resigning deal that worked out nice. Also paying everyone 25 times more then there worth for their first show was genius. Also I know they were planning on trying to set up Barnett and Fedor (the only card they could put on that I’d purchase) but they are probably going to fold after reckoning day. So awesome job guys. You should go public so then you can start having a genius spending spree with some shareholders money.

  • JOHN says:

    next governement bailout will be affliction, im sure this is just a test for tito to see if he brings any additional ppv buys before they sign him to any type of contract

  • jj says:

    Tito was a great fighter 5 years ago, but he failed to evolve with the rest of MMA. So although I can’t stand him I can give him some credit for past glory. That said he truly has one of the most annoying squeaky nasally voices that I’ve heard and he usually has something incredibly stupid to say. At least it’s not Frank Trigg, but they’ve traded a dud for a dumbo.

    I want to support Affliction–any healthy competition to the UFC is good for MMA and it’s fans like us. Why haven’t they picked anyone with broadcast experience and a decent voice?

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Finally,a reason to buy the PPV.

  • Robert says:

    Tito Ortiz will be a huge upgrade from Frank Trigg. Ortiz did commentary at UFC 48 and was pretty good. With Fedor/Arlovski, Belfort/Lindland, Horodecki/Lauzon and the addition of Babalu vs. Sokoudjou I’m looking forward to this event.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Twenty bucks says he talks sh*t about Dana White and/or UFC. The only question is how many minutes into the broadcast.

  • Bmur says:

    Nah Tito has grown up a lot since those days, he’s over it. The other announcers will ask him whats up and he’ll try to avoid the topic. He’ll do a good job annoucing and will be a nice addition to a pretty solid card.

    I hope Affliction can get their financial woes straight so they don’t fold though, all this speculation about them folding after day of reckoning don’t sound good.

  • portland mma says:

    Yeah he’s gotten really mature lately having babies with porn stars and stuff.

  • BigDave says:

    Tito is was and always been a punk bitch. he isnt very smart and not well spoken so his contribution to the event will be very minimal and irrelevent. As for Tito the fighter he was good but way over rated. he lost most of the bigger fights he was ever in including one of my favorite against Couture when he was spanked like a baby. So ya dont expect much from Tito either in the cage or out of it.

  • ucsdmike says:

    Tito is no Joe Rogan. Leave the color commentators to do their jobs. Fighters should stay in the ring. Its true some people can make the transition. Tito is not one of them. He’s immature. And he comes off very pretentious. Trying to make himself look smart when he actually comes off like a whiney bitch. I can write many pages on every little thing that Joe Rogan does to elevate the sport so we can appreciate the athletes. He adds value to the technique and skill involved. And all the while making the what we are watching more exciting and entertaining so we can enjoy and appreciate the sport. No, he doesn’t just say funny stuff because he’s a funny guy. Tito was never funny. When he talks, its very monotone, and actually makes things boring.


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