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5 Oz. Video: Interview with TUF 8 light heavyweight winner Ryan Bader is proud to announce that the site is expanding into video content. Below is our very first interview with Ryan Bader, conducted soon after his first round TKO victory over Vinicius Magalhaes during the light heavyweight final of The Ultimate Fighter.

During the course of the interview, Bader discusses his feelings about entering the fight an underdog and the punch delivered to Magalhaes that effectively ended the fight.

  • tyler durden says:

    Great interview with Bader. He seems like an extremely down to earth guy.

    Very cool to see videos on here.

  • Bullylover says:

    Even though I wanted Vinny to win i got to tip my hat off to Bader for utilizing a smart game plan. i wish him the best of luck because he is going to need it entering the deepest division of the Ufc. Maybe I should rephrase that becasue the 155 lb division is just as deep.

  • buzzcramp says:

    Bader surprised me, I really thought Vinny was gonna win. Such a shame he’s got all that jujitsu mastery and gets 1punched like that. Well, gotta give Bader his credit, he knows how to get the other guys to fight his fight, and he is a tough dude.

  • Vinny will have some serious troubles in UFC. If he thinks Baders standup is good he is in deep trouble. He has the chin of an 8 year old. As for Bader, congrats but let be honest lay and pray will not cut it in the LHW division period. If he has to stand with any experienced guy he will get worked! He deserves his props but they should take the Amir Sadollah approach and bring him along slowly!

  • darkmetal says:

    I think the biggest problem was with the hype put on Vinnie and Phillippe. From Mir pushing Vinnie as being practically undefeatable to Dana White calling Phillippe the “New Anderson Silva”, I think it promotes a false belief in a fighter winning before he has even fought. This leaves pounders and underdogs like Bader and Efrian the chance to go in and prove themselves against “unrivalled odds”.

    I really like Bader, and I am glad he won. I think it will not only help his career, but actually help Vinnie as well, as he needed a good beating to make him realize that MMA is more than BJJ, and he should honor the ground that Nogiera treads upon. His comments on the show defined his submerged arrogance, as he called Big Nog’s BJJ “More basic” and then followed with “They already hate me in Brazil”. Just why is that, Vinnie?

    Bader gave him the wake up call he needed in my opinion. No man is undefeatable. That is the Moral of this story.

  • THORAZINE says:

    I’m not sure but I think Vinny is gonna’ be like Vitor Belfort except great BJ not standup… I think once Vinny gets roughed up in the standup or clocked on the chin, he’s gonna soften up big time.


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