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Johnson, Kaplan, Browning, and Soszynski all win “Fight Night” bonuses at TUF 8 finale

Anthony Johnson not only redeemed himself following a July defeat against Kevin Burns during Saturday’s live finale for the eighth season of The Ultimate Fighter, he also received a $25,000 “Fight Night” bonus from the UFC by winning the “Knockout of the Night” award.

Johnson earned the bonus following a stunning high kick delivered to Burns’ head that sent him to the mat. The talented welterweight prospect credited the improved effectiveness of his kicks to his recent work with Strikeforce middleweight champion Cung Le.

Additional $25,000 bonuses were awarded to Dave Kaplan, Junie Browning, and Krzysztof Soszynski.

Kaplan and Browning claimed the “Fight of the Night” bonus in response to their strong performances during the opening bout of Spike TV’s live telecast. The fight ended with Browning submitting his fellow TUF castmate with an armbar at 2:32 of round 2.

Soszynski received the “Submission of the Night” bonus in recognition of his second round tapout of Gracie Tampa product Shane Primm during the show’s non-televised undercard. The former professional wrestler ended the fight by forcing Primm to tap to a Kimura.

  • Rich S. says:

    well that’s just HORRIBLE..

    if you don’t see Nover/Escudero as FOTN you’re just crazy..

    i mean,
    how does dominating someone in the striking, controlling the ground game, and getting an early 2nd round finish qualify for FOTN when, on the same card, two dudes went all out for three straight rounds.. i mean, there were wild kicks, hooks, and slams all throughout Nover/Escudero.. i was on the edge of my seat..

  • Daniel R says:

    I do agree that Efrain / Nover was a much better fight.

  • CMT says:

    Agreed!!!! Another case of the UFC licking Junie’s balls.

  • fatmike says:

    Well I disagree to me Nover was never in that fight until the one valid submission attempt in the final round!
    Browning/Kaplan wasn’t top ten of the year but a good choice for last night Kaplan was taking a ton of punishment from a very game Browning and the submission was a good finsh to a fight that otherwise would have most likely gone the distance!

    Just my humble opinion!

  • Jeff L says:

    Browning – Kaplan as FOTN? Oh come on, thats weak sauce. Can’t believe they are nutriding that punk Junie this hard. Fortunately he is a LW, where he will get smashed in short order in that deep division. Sadly we will have to watch him open cards against even weaker talent entil they finally give him a decent opponent for the next year.

  • egad81 says:

    Junie looked good but not that good.
    He wont last in the UFC

  • John says:

    I think Junie deserved FOTN purely based on his improvement from TUF. He showed an impressive, VERY impressive improvement in his striking, and I would’ve never guessed he’d ever be able to get a submission on somebody like that. I liked the Phillipe vs. Efrain, but Efrain, but I wasn’t exactly on the edge of my seat except for the submission attempt by Nover and the ground and pound by Efrain.

  • Robert says:

    Fight of the Night should have clearly gone to”Rumble” Johnson and Burns.

  • MMA Fan says:

    I also thought John/Burns was the fight of the night. Great pace on the feet, gnp/sub attempts on the ground, and a highlight finish.

  • Rich S. says:

    I don’t think this FOTN award is “nutriding” Junie or anything.. if anything, i’d say it’s for Kaplan.. i mean, did he not do enough conivincing in his pre-fight interview? He DID say that win, lose, or draw, all he wants is the FOTN.. and he got it..

    i just don’t think a fight that ends that quickly should even be thought of in terms of FOTN OR FOTY for that matter..

    when i think of those titles, i think of 3 or 5 round WARS..

    and if it doesn’t go the distance, at least one that ends in the 3rd [or 4th] round..

    ending rather early in the 2nd just isn’t enough time for it to be exciting enough for FOTN..

    Johnson/Burns was a little longer, and therefore more deserving.. but i’d still have to give it to Efrain/Phillipe.. that was just a wild fight.. loved it..

  • ctownhood says:

    Johnson/Burns was an awesome fight. Burns looked pretty good in defeat……..but that head kick …


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