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Bobby Lashley looks impressive with first round victory in MMA debut

Former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley made his highly anticipated mixed martial arts debut last night at the “Mixed Fight Alliance: There Will be Blood” card that took place in Miami, Florida. The 260 pound powerhouse took on fellow debuting mixed martial artist Joshua Franklin.

Lashley needed only 41 seconds to dispatch of Franklin in impressive fashion. Lashley landed some heavy punches standing that caused a nasty gash on Franklin’s forehead. The cut was ruled to be too severe upon inspection by the ringside doctor and the bout was waved off.

Just seconds into the bout the former collegiate wrestling champion lifted Franklin into the air and slammed him to the canvas. While in Franklin’s guard Lashley landed some hard punches to the heavyweights chin before backing up and allowing him to his feet. Lashley jumped on Franklin immediately and landed several extremely hard punches that caused the cut and brought forth the end of the bout.

Most do not expect Lashley to have any problems with the wrestling aspect of MMA but he surprised many ringside observers with how comfortable he seemed to look while striking on his feet last night.

His debut drew a lot of attention after Brock Lesnar, another former WWE superstar, recently shocked the MMA community to knockout Randy Couture and win the UFC heavyweight championship.

Lashley took the bout with the Mixed fighting Alliance because the promotion that he is currently under contract with, The American Fight League, has yet to put together a show. Lashley had previously expressed interest in an exclusive interview with of joining up with one of the major organizations such as the UFC, Affliction or Dream at some point in the first part of next year.

Training with the American Top Team, which is widely recognized as one of the premier mixed martial arts gyms in the world, is sure to bring out the best in Lashley. Home to multiple world champions and black belts, whatever potential there is for Lashley to become a great fighter will be sure to be brought to the surface in the near future.

Other action on the card saw heavyweight grappling superstar, Jeff Monson, defeat former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez by unanimous decision.

The fight was a rematch of the pairs previous bout on the UFC 35 card that Rodriguez had won.

The win marked Monson’s third straight victory and Rodriguez’ first loss in his last seven bouts.

  • Rich S. says:

    the title is kind of deceiving..

    i mean, “first round knockout victory ” and “The cut was ruled to be too severe upon inspection by the ringside doctor and the bout was waved off” don’t really match up..

    but.. grats are in order anyways..

  • ttt says:

    Too bad just what we need another wwe wrestler turn mma fighter. Brock is bad enough we dont need another one.

  • Rich S. says:

    there’s no reason to keep from giving credit to a good fighter because of his background..

    lesnar and lashley now have convincing wins..
    they make weight every time..
    they obviously don’t just lay on people..

    i’m trying to think of all the things that could be wrong with a pro wrestler turned fighter, and none of those things are present in either of these guys..

    if you hate lesnar, or lashley, it’s simply because you want to hate them..

    either way,
    they’ve obviously got what it takes to be fighters.. seeing as how one’s the champ now.. and whether he deserved the shot or not, he got it.. and won..

    there’s just no reason to dislike these guys..
    i don’t understand all the hate towards guys like Kimbo or Brock..
    they’re fighters just like all the others..

    it doesn’t matter how you get started in the fight game,
    as long as you get in there, show respect, and win..

  • alkatraz says:

    Nicely said rich

  • tyler says:

    You’re right Rich, I just can’t wait for Lashley to jump off the top rope more or for Brock to finish his opponent with a piledriver or power bomb!

  • BigDave says:

    Ok, can we put to rest this i hate him cause he fought in wwe stuff. It really makes you sound like an idiot. Yes brock and Bobby where in the wwe, who cares they where both colligate wrestling standouts and credit where it is due they have both won very convincingly early in there mma careers. Hell Brock destroyed one of the greatest mma fighters of alltime in Randy Couture. These guys aswell as alot of other guys in the wwe would beat the holy hell out of any of you that are making these stupid comments, yes we all know wwe is scripted but if it was all fake and easy then there would be a hell of alot more people doing it. they are great athelets, and they deserve respect for there abilities. Im not a wwe fan havent been since i was young but i also know that i could never do what those guys do so get a clue and start judging these new breed off mma fighters on what they do now not then.

  • Nathan says:

    If you are going to come down on Brock and Bobby then you had better no forget Shamrock. CroCop did that stuff in Japan once and Coleman and Randalman were a tag team. The point is they put in the work and deserve to reap the rewards, not catch crap for there past.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Can I hate everyone who ever heard of WWE?

  • Robert says:

    When is Lashley going to use a DDT? Maybe in his next fight he’ll get a win by having the referee distracted by his manager then smashing a steel chair over his opponents head.

  • Wayne says:

    I have seen some serious nut hugging out of this site recently. I understand that you have to nut hug to get exclusives…But damn. Get off of the nuts.

  • G-DUB says:

    “Nut-hugging” Wayne? We’re talking about MMA and Bobby Lashley’s fight here …. what planet are you on? Stay focused.
    Lashley’s (short) performance was impressive. He looks uber-athletic and fast as hell, especially for his size. Hard to tell for certain, but he looked like a real skilled MMA figher. Based off of his performance Sat night, I’m definetely interested in seeing more of BL.

  • Imbecile says:

    I’m happy to give credit to Lashley for impressive wins, just as I am happy to give Lesnar credit for his wins. I don’t really care about what their background is, so long as they have the skills necessary to be mixed martial artists.

    But there wasn’t anything very impressive about Lashley’s win. He fought a guy who had never fought a professional MMA fight before. Which is fine, considering he was making his pro-MMA debut himself. But let’s not go overboard in expecting him to be the next Lesnar until he fights someone that represents a better gauge for where his skills actually lie.

    Say what you want about Lesnar, but he has fought three tough fights in a row, with Mir, Herring, and Couture. Maybe Lashley will look equally impressive, but until he is at the stage where he is fighting credible opponents, then I don’t know how impressive he can be.

  • Greg Jarvis says:

    I completly honor and respect everyone’s right to train and fight…..don’t care about his past as a wwe wrestler but “imbecile” couldn’t be more right. ………..

  • Rich S. says:

    who’s nut hugging?
    and for that matter,
    were you talking to us, or the writer?

    can’t writer a story these days without nut hugging?

    i don’t get you..


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