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Miletich and Rothwell win at Adrenaline MMA 2

In front of a highly partisan crowd, Pat Miletich made a victorious return to action last night at Adrenaline MMA 2 with a knockout win over veteran fighter Thomas Denny.
After a dominant first round in which Miletich showcased very sharp stand up and ground work, the founder of Miletich Fighting Systems took only :50 seconds of the second round to end the contest in impressive fashion. It was a solid right hook that sent Denny to the canvas causing the referee to jump in and stop the contest.
In other notable action, Ben Rothwell bounced back from his loss to Andrei Arlovski earlier this year, to defeat Chris Guillen. The fight was largely a battle for position with Rothwell eventually dropping a number of unanswered elbows that caused the journeyman fighter to tap at 3:40 of the opening frame.


  • Pat Miletich def. Thomas Denny via knockout ~ 0:50, Round 2
  • Ben Rothwell def. Chris Guillen via submission ~ 3:40, Round 1
  • Mike Russow def. Braden Bice via submission~ 1:13, Round 1
  • Mike Ciesnolevicz def. Derrick Mehmen via submission~ 1:46, Round 2
  • Dan Loman def. Gabe Lemley via TKO ~ 1:54, Round 2
  • Ryan McGivern def. Geno Roderick via submission~1:27, Round 1
  • Pat Curran def. Ramiro Hernandez via unanimous decision
  • Jesse Lennox def. Ryan Williams via submission~ 3:41, Round 1
  • L.C. Davis def. Billy Kidd via submission~ 2:52, Round 1
  • Danny Rodriguez def. David Fuentes via submission ~ 1:50 . Round 1
  • hindsightufuk says:

    props to big Pat

  • mburtoni says:

    Very glad to hear it. After reading an article by Dr. Benjamin on about the post-operative stability of the type of neck operation that Militech had, I was kinda worried. Glad he appears to have recovered 100%. Have been a fan for many years.

  • JOe K. says:

    This was a fun card to watch. I’m really glad I have HDNet.

    Check out the Dan Loman post fight interview. It was heart warming and one of the best post fight interviews I have seen.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go ahead and rub it in. I’ve got Comcast, which means I don’t have HDNet. Bastards.

  • Rich S. says:

    Just saw the fight..
    his striking was beautiful..
    ever shot was a power shot.. and every shot landed..
    just broke him down..


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