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Koscheck’s devastating KO earns him 30K “Knockout of the Night” bonus

Almost immediately after Yoshiyuki Yoshida had fallen to the canvas after being on the receiving end of some brutal punches, almost everyone watching Wednesday night’s UFC Fight Night 16: “UFC Fight for the Troops” event instantly knew that Josh Koscheck would be the recipitant of the UFC’s “Fight Night” bonus for “Knockout of the Night.

UFC officials made the news of Koscheck’s $30,000 KO award soon after the completion of UFN 16, which was held at the Crown Coliseum in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Also earning $30,000 “Fight Night” bonuses were Steve Cantwell, Jim Miller, and Matt Wiman.

Cantwell received the submission of the night after winning via technical submission over Razak Al-Hassan with a vicious armbar. Al-Hassan never tapped but his arm was bent so severely that referee Mario Yamasaki had no choice but to call at stop to the bout at 4:04 of round 1.

Miller and Wiman received the UFC’s “Fight of the Night” bonus in recognition of their action-packed contest that opened the Spike TV telecast. Miller receiving the $30,000 made for a storybook ending after the New Jersey native accept the fight on one week’s notice after Frankie Edgar was forced to pull of the show due to injury. Complicating matters further was the fact that Miller had just returned home from his honeymoon after getting the offer to step in and fight as a last-minute replacement.

  • Drew says:

    Tonight was absolutely brutal. A broken arm AND leg. Plus the Yoshida KO and Brandon Wolffs forehead. Wow……

  • paddiosf says:

    Brutal night of beatdowns for sure..

  • Davey D says:

    What a night. All three of these bout’s were awesome. Every fight was awesome. Josh Koscheck, man. Can you say…KTFO? Wow! TUF 1 seems so long ago. He has become a better fighter every year and will continue to do so I believe.

    Mike Swick took care of business in short order. He is capable of doing this at any moment and that makes him a very dangerous opponent in MMA. Who is Joe Silva going to match Swick and Koscheck up with next?

    Miller vs. Wiman was what some folk’s call fireworks. The fight went everywhere and both lasted until the very end. Miller was sharp and pushed the pace very well, damn near finished the fight early. Matt was mostly on the offensive but still got himself out of some tough spots. Most would have lost. 155 is an exciting weight class and I can’t wait to see these two fight other competition.

  • Stan the Caddy says:

    They have Corey Hill’s fight up on I caution you not to watch it though if you have a weak stomach. The leg break is nasty. Horrible injury and he’s going to be out for a long time. Good thing for him is that the UFC has some of the best insurance you can get.

  • Nick Travaglini says:

    The Miller boys are something special. Jim and Dan are really fun to watch. I have to say they are the best thing to come out of the IFL collapse. Cannot wait to see Jim move up in competition and fight some of the top guns in the division.

  • Nick Travaglini says:

    And say what you will about Matt Wiman, I don’t think anyone can argue that he is one tough S.O.B.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    Ben Saunders looked f**king awesome tonite!! He put a top shelf beatdown on Brandon Wolff, just brutal. How about Saunders vs. Dustin Hazelett next?

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Got home in the wee hours, fastforwarded through a lot of stuff and didn’t see that leg break until this a.m.
    Owie. That’s just a horrible looking injury. My wife thought the armbar was the worst thing she’d seen in a long, long time… I don’t dare show her that. Blech.
    A very, very great night of fights, free and for an incredibly superb card. I liked Credeur’s line: “Give money, that’s what good people do” and Koscheck: “If that’s not worth five bucks from every fan, I don’t know what else I could do”.
    Really appreciated the respect shown to the troops, love the cause, fabulous show by the UFC.

  • islandguy says:

    I guess I should be happy.. lots of action in that one… I feel rather numb.. A night of brutal beatdowns… I must be getting old. It kind of grossed me out.

  • tom says:

    I think Cantwell being happy that he may have ended someones career is bad for the “sport”. I know you have to try to submitt a guy and he should have tapped but to be happy is just sad. I hope he gets a nice beat down in his next fight.

  • Greg Jarvis says:

    Steve Cantwell in my opinion is a great fighter with lots of talent but his antics after the armbar submission victory were classless and unwarranted . I train and fight in the northeast and can understand the feeling of winning a fight , but the armsnap gesture come on what a punk . This is Mixed Martial Arts not a street fight. Granted his opponnet was a fool for not tapping but nothing changes Cantwell’s immature antics… SHOW SOME CLASS STEVE !!! GROW UP !!! Your a great fighter …. but I hope 1 day your on the recieving end of some punk standing over your knocked out body celebrating !!! I thought I was watching the WWE for a minute

  • the Levi says:

    what an awesome Fight Night!!!
    Kos definitly deserved the KO of the night.

  • briab z says:

    the fights were all ok but most were acually a mismatch, except for miller v wieman, which showed how bad wieman trully is not being able to beat a guy who fights an olny a weeks notice, and hill who had a freak break. Cantwell saying how happy he was to break a guys arm was pretty tacky though, but nothing compaired to frank mirs response to tim sylvia of ill break the other one next. all in all a good night well worth the 5.00 donation i made.

  • greg jarvis says:

    cantwells antics were classless the armsnap gesture ???? what a joke as a fighter myself i find his victorty celebration highly disrespectful and classless. was it the ufc or wwe we were all watching??? grow up cantwell

  • Bullylover says:

    wow AKA really made a statement tonight since that contract dispute. Kos and Swick were not playing tonight, it really showed why they are the best of the 170 pound division.Ben saunders is rapidly improving since his time on TUF6. You never knwo he might be a top contender in the next year.Speaking of which how about them Miller boys. Man Jim miller really showed why he is a force to be reconed with. I’d love to see him fight stevenson/maynard/griffin /lauzon next. I think he would do well against any of those guys.

  • KTru says:

    I was surprised at Cantwell’s post-fight comments. Not to smart for the young guy to come in to the UFC. ( The peak organization for fighters)*reminder for Cantwell……

    I understand he was excited to win in his debut. However, he painted himself with a large broad brush with that comment. His future opponents will gear it up a notch for his brashness. Hopefully he doesn’t have to deal with what Al-Hassan has gone through.


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