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UFN 16 headliners Koscheck and Yoshida make weight

The UFC conducted weigh-ins on Tuesday evening in anticipation of tomorrow’s “UFC Fight Night 16: UFC Fight for the Troops” event to be televised live on Spike TV starting at 9 p.m. ET and emanating from the Crown Sports Coliseum in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Weigh-ins took place at the Sports USA Bar, which is located on federal ground at the Fort Bragg army base.

Official weights for the 10-bout card are as follows:

  • Heavyweight: Justin McCully (228 lbs.) vs. Eddie Sanchez (246 lbs.)
  • Lightweight: Dale Hartt (156 lbs.) vs. Corey Hill (155 lbs.)
  • Welterweight: Ben Saunders (170 lbs.) vs. Brandon Wolff (170 lbs.)
  • Welterweight: Steve Bruno (170 lbs.) vs. Johnny Rees (169 lbs.)
  • *Welterweight: Luigi Fioravanti (173 lbs.) vs. Brodie Farber (174 lbs.)
  • Lightweight: Jim Miller (156 lbs.) vs. Matt Wiman (156 lbs.)
  • Middleweight: Tim Credeur (186 lbs.) vs. Nate Loughran (185 lbs.)
  • Light Heavyweight: Steve Cantwell (206 lbs.) Razak Al-Hussan (205 lbs.)
  • Welterweight: Mike Swick (171 lbs.) vs. Jonathan Goulet (171 lbs.)
  • Welterweight: Yoshiyuki Yoshida (171 lbs.) vs. Josh Koscehck (171 lbs.)

With both Fioravanti and Farber weighing in over the welterweight limit, the fight was converted into a 173 lbs. catchweight bout.

  • fightfan says:

    When will Luigi get with the times and realize that to be a successful fighter you need to be the strongest in EVERY area of the game?????

    He has always been pudgy and , well, sloppy looking. When will he realize that the increases speed, endurance, etc, , etc that could be gained by hitting some weights and eating a proper diet???? He could probably fight at 155 if he got in good shape.

  • I couldn’t agree more! Dana White hates fighters that aren’t prepared to compete on a top level!!If Luigi says he is fighting for his life then shows up overweight it shows he really doesn’t care! Regardless if Farber was overweight as well it is downright ridiculous! Question, do they both lose 10 percent of their purse for not making weight?

  • lincoln says:

    I agree with fightfan Luigi said it’s a must win then he shows up overweight.He might get cut win or lose he doesn’t have a great record in the ufc and he’s been overweight before.Ridiculous!

  • CMT says:

    Corey Hill???? What is he still doing in the UFC. I thought after his loss this summer, he would be gone. Has he improved any?? The 2 fights I saw he looked sloppy. Come on guys educate me. Is he better?

  • ctownhood says:

    CMT..remember…..Corey’s first sanctioned fight was on TUF. He’s only competing for the 4th time in the Octagon. He has a ton of upside, and is a tough matchup for most LWs because of his build (6’4″) with sick reach.

  • JJ says:

    Corey Hill FTW.

  • KMac says:

    The little bit I’ve seen of Corey, he was very untrained, andvery lacking in a lot of areas, but his natural gifts give him mountains of potential. I’m very curious to see how he’s come along tonight.


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