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Jess Liaudin dropped by the UFC

Jess Liaudin can now be added to the list of fighters released by the Ultimate Fighting Championship in recent months.

It is believed that Liaudin was dropped by the UFC soon after his unanimous decision loss to David Bielkheden at UFC 89 on Oct. 18 in Birmingham, England.

After beginning his UFC career 2-0, Liaudin was knocked out in the first round against Marcus Davis at UFC 80. He then dropped a split decision against Paul Kelly at UFC 85. Liaudin’s loss to Bielkheden was his third straight and dropped his overall record to 12-11.

Born in France but residing in the United Kingdom, Liaudin has fought for several European-based promotions the past few years, most notably Cage Rage.

Liaudin joins a list of fighters recently cut by the UFC including Fabricio Werdum, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, Jason Lambert, and Jorge Gurgel.

  • alkatraz says:


  • Andrej says:


  • steo says:

    it was paul taylor. Not kelly

  • saerbarnet says:

    I was just wondering why this guy was still in the UFC after he got beat when better fighters such as Sokoudjou has already been released

  • Jeremy says:

    Not a surpise there really. He should be able to find some good work in the UK still though with the new Cage Rage promotion or one of the others over there. While the UFC has been cutting guys, they have also been signing just as much. Ronnys Torres just signed with them, and I have seen some postings in the forum of Stefan Struve getting a 4 fight deal as well. Alot of new fighters will be on the early 2009 cards it seems.

  • JTM says:

    saerbarnet – probably because Liaudin is European.

  • Jeff says:

    Josh Burkman was dropped but no one reported it or cared.

  • Tony Fennen says:

    Funny that on October 10th the economy hit the wall and since then even the mighty UFC has cut their work force.
    There are a few other BIG NAMES with their heads on the chopping block.
    After the next 3 events I dont doubt we will see some major names get released.

    Any predictions on whos next?

  • Jeremy says:

    Although I don’t see the UFC cutting their workforce as anything out of the normal for them, especially considering the guys they have signed recently as well. But here are some names that might come up if they lose:

    Koscheck, heck he might be in trouble either way with the video game contract hanging over his head.

    Henderson, if he loses to Franklin it would make him 1-3 in the UFC, granted he lost to the best competition in the world.

    Shogun, if he lost to Coleman, granted I don’t see it happening though.

    Parisyan, been on a downslide performance wise and mentally/physically lately. If he lost to Kim in January he might be gone.

    That’s the only real big names I would see in trouble.

  • Chris says:

    Well who cares, look I dont think you will see hendo cut win or lose, Kosh maybe, but he is being a dickhead, sign the fucking video game shit, if you want to fight in the best org, why wouldnt you want to be in the game? It helps you, Karo, does anyone else think he should be sent to the WEC? He would take it as being demoted, but a Condit vs Karo fight wold be great, I think he could actually win that fight. I still think UFC instead of cutting these guys, send them to the WEC. Gurgel couldnt be in the WEC?

  • tyler says:

    “Chris” it’s easy for you to say go ahead and sign it what do you care? Like you know the details of it anyway.People are really stupid.

  • Grappo says:

    i guess there goes my dream of having my very own Jess Liaudin action figure.


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