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Nate Diaz expected to fight Clay Guida at UFC 94

Nate Diaz, the season five winner of the Spike TV reality series “The Ultimate Fighter,” appears set to return to the Octagon at UFC 94 on January 31 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas against fellow lightweight standout Clay Guida.

The UFC has yet to officially announce the bout, however, the news comes courtesy of, a website owned and operated by Diaz’s manager and trainer, Cesar Gracie.

Diaz and Guida were originally expected to fight during a UFC event in December but the fight never materialized due to a foot injury sustained by Guida during a unanimous decision victory against Mac Danzig at UFC Fight Night 15 in September. Like Diaz, Danzig is also a former winner of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

The victory improved Guida’s record to 24-9 and cemented his standing as one of the UFC’s most highly regarded fighters. Thanks in large part to his relentless style of fighting, the 27-year old Chicago native holds notable victories in his career against Josh Thomson, Bart Palaszewski, and Marcus Aurelio.

Diaz, the younger brother of EliteXC lightweight competitor Nick Diaz, has not fought since a split decision victory over Josh Neer at UFN 15. The victory moved the 24-year old’s record to 10-2 overall with his record in the UFC improving to 5-0.

A jiu-jitsu brown belt under Gracie, Diaz has defeated Manny Gamburyan, Junior Assuncao, Alvin Robinson, and Kurt Pellegrino in addition to Neer during his year and a half tenure in the UFC.

UFC 94 will be headlined by welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre defending his title against reigning UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn. Additionally, light heavyweight bouts between Lyoto Machida vs. Thiago Silva and Stephan Bonnar vs. Jon Jones are scheduled as well.

  • steve says:

    damn, my two favorite lightweights goin at it. should be a great battle, and i hope it get televised.

  • Davey D says:

    This fight is going to be outstanding. I’m going to go with Nathan Diaz via submission. Clay Guida can FIGHT but I think he is going to expose his neck or something rather and Diaz will be to capitalize when given the right moment. This is going to be a war, glad this fight is still happening.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    Uh oh! You’re in trouble Nate. This should be a great fight, but I’ve got to go with Clay on this one.

  • JoHn says:

    Im going to go with guida on this one, i like the diaz brothers and their style of fighting, but i dont think diaz can handle guidas striking

  • JOe K. says:

    This card is awesome. I also hope this one gets shown.

    I hope they say fuck it and show the entire thing! If it wasn’t going to be a few days into the second semester I would have spent some student loan money to get out to this event.

  • mike wolfe says:

    If Diaz tries to stand and trade with Guida, Guida will win. But if Diaz gets it to the ground, he can and likely will win. His BJJ is impressive, and I don’t think I’ve seen Guida’s BJJ defense. (Other than hitting the other guy in the face, that is.)

  • KMac says:

    Great fight! Should be the test that Nate needs to pass to be taken seriously in the LW division.

    I love to watch Clay fight, but he has become the gate keeper to the upper ranks.

  • KMac says:

    Great fight! Should be the test that Nate needs to pass to be taken seriously in the LW division.

    I love to watch Clay fight, but he has become the gate keeper to the upper ranks.

  • Rich S. says:

    “Im going to go with guida on this one, i like the diaz brothers and their style of fighting, but i dont think diaz can handle guidas striking”

    the way i see it.. you can sum up guida’s striking with just two moves.. overhand right, and a wild right hook..

    that’s all i’ve ever seen him do..

    maybe a few jabs i suppose..

    the place where nick will have problems, is the ground [man, it sounds weird saying that]

    Guida didn’t let Danzig do ANYTHING on the ground. everytime a sub was attempted, it was stopped immediately by Guida..

    this will definitely be a good fight..

    but for me, it’s just a tossup..

    and it would really suck to see either of these guys lose right now..

    if Diaz beats Guida.. i think he should definitely be lined up for a title shot.. the guys he’s beaten don’t have the biggest names, but they’re some of the best LW’s the UFC has to offer..

  • portland mma says:

    Thank you to Rich S. i was laughing reading all the posts about that before about Guida’s “striking.” Guida is definitely not one of my favorite fighters but i’ll admit he has heart, a huge motor and good wrestling skills…probably some of the best lay and pray in the UFC but thats not what anyone wants to watch. I just don’t understand how people like Guida fighting so much, techincally he is so boring. Not to mention his record in the UFC is 4-3, wow thats amazing. His fight with Danzig was the epitome of lay and pray and wait it out rather then having a credible game plan. So i’m going to have to go with my boy Nate in that fight. Guida isn’t going to be able to do anything to him no body he trains with can’t and Nate’s BJJ is slick as all hell, plus i think you guys are underating his boxing. However, I disagree with you Rich when you say that if he beats Guida he deserves a 155 title shot. Nate is one of my favorite fighters but they are bringing him in gradually. I think Neer and Batman are both awesome fighters but they aren’t part of the elite at lightweight in the UFC. If Diaz takes out Guida then beats a name like Sherk (I know, i know i hate him too), or Florian or even Huerta then he could be talking a title shot, but not yet.

  • Alvis says:

    beating Guida put huerta and tyson griffin over. a win would improve nate’s stock considerably. a loss means he’s not improving fast enough.

  • portland mma says:

    How would that put him “over.” Huerta and Guida have never had title shots either.

  • Rich S. says:

    well portland,
    i don’t think i can agree with you in regard’s to Guida’s “lay n pray” or him being “boring”.


    everytime i watch him fight..
    i’m either in awe, or screaming “WHOA!!”.

    and when i think lay’n’pray, i think staying in someone’s guard or half guard, even when they can easily pass, and holding them..

    Guida may not always be punching while he’s on the ground.. hell, maybe that’s why he never runs out of energy..

    but he’s CONSANTLY pushing, and trying to pass..
    that’s what i like in a wrestler..
    unfortunately i don’t think we see it enough these days :\

  • CMT says:

    I hope Daiz brings an extremely full tank of gas. I think Guida chugs 4-5 of those 5 hour energy shots. The guy is crazy. I don’t recall Diaz being a good boxer. He might be a mediocre slap fighter, but that’s about it. Now if Diaz learns how to throw real punches and not those weak slaps he would be one of the best in the LW division. His bjj is awesome. If he has done his homework and worked on his cardio, this fight goes to Diaz.

  • Ft. Dub says:

    I guess its just me, but this is a battle for the most annoying LW. Diaz and his brother use touch boxing instead of putting something behind punches. I don’t think “point” fighting is effective using 5oz gloves. He should win based on his BJJ skills.

    And Guida is an idiot who bores me. His HUGE motor everybody talks about just covers up that he has a boring style and limited offensive skills.


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