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World Cagefighting Alliance announces bouts for debut Feb. 6 show

The upstart World Cagefighting Alliance has released a list consisting of 13 bouts for its first-ever event on Feb. 6 at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, N.J.

Tickets are currently on sale online through Ticketmaster. The card, which features veteran Northeast fighters such as Matt Lee, Doug Gordon, Andrew Calandrelli, and Kevin Roddy is available below:

  • 170 lbs.: Tom Gallicchio (Team Pellegrino/9-3) vs. Rich Ashkar (Team Oliveira/5-1)
  • 155 lbs.: Matt Lee (MMA Training Center/11-6) vs. TBA
  • 170 lbs.: Al Buck (EVO Fight Club) vs. Jose Rodriquez (Rhino Fight Team)
  • 170 lbs.: Doug Gordan (Team Rush/8-6) vs. Mike Medrano (Rhino Fight Team/4-2)
  • 155 lbs.: Chris Schlesinger (Bellmore Boxing Club/5-3) vs. Andrew Calandrelli (Ultimate MMA/4-2)
  • 265 lbs.: Mahnseah Boley (Team Bombsquad/1-0) vs. Pat Collins (AMA Fight Club/1-0)
  • 145 lbs.: Kevin Roddy (Team Pellegrino) (9-6) vs. TBA
  • 170 lbs.: Ryan Smith (Team Rush/1-0) vs. Anthony D’Angello (Panza MMA/4-4)
  • 145 lbs.: Steve D’Angellis (Team Pellegrino/6-4) vs. Doug Solnier (Fight Firm-Fight Unit/4-0)
  • 145 lbs.: Lester Caslow (Team Pellegrino/2-2) vs. Patrick White (EVO Fight Team/debut)
  • 170 lbs.: Brian Demuro (Team Balance/4-4) vs. Eric Henry (Team Bombsquad/8-6)
  • 145 lbs.: Anthony Leone (Team Bombsquad/2-0) vs. Joey Camacho (AMA Fight Club)
  • 155 lbs.: Daniel Tavares (KPOZ Fight Team)/0-1) vs. Brian Danner (EVO Fight Club/debut)
  • Tony Fennen says:

    This should be a great show. I have seen almost all of these guys fight before.
    Seems strange there are no LHW or MW.
    This card will be fast paced and exciting but there is no fight I can say would be a “Main Event”

  • Jason says:

    Sounds good to me, these types of shows where fighters can showcase themselves and develop their skills are great for the sport.

  • Vickie says:

    Can’t wait to see these fights. I’ll get 2 cageside tickets. Go Rich!

  • Paul says:

    Your main event is Mike Medrano at 170 lbs.

  • mitch says:

    fights are supposed to have a main event!!! are they hurt or u didn’t get the contract inked anyway i hope it will be a lot of good fights. and thats n. coy vs. p.bradley and liguoir vs. m. aureilo these were the mains right?


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