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Junie Browning: “I fought horribly”

Junie Browning will always be remembered as one of the most controversial cast members in the history of “The Ultimate Fighter.” From destroying parts of the house to trying to fight numerous cast members and scaling the Octagon to get at Efrain Escudero, the 24-year old Kentucky native seemed to add some life to this season of “The Ultimate Fighter.” Hate him or love him, Browning makes no bones about who he is and his future intentions in the UFC. had the chance to speak with Browning following his semifinal elimination loss to house rival Escudero and get his thoughts on going after Shane Primm; the fight with Escudero; Frank Mir as a coach; the bouts between the finalists; and more. Do you feel like you were looking for a way out of the house when you got into it with Shane Primm or was it more that you just got angry and reacted?

Junie Browning: I was more or less just pissed off but the simple fact that I didn’t want to fight helped me not think of the consequences. I was at a point where I didn’t really care. It wouldn’t have bothered me if they kicked me off because I knew I was out of shape and shouldn’t have been fighting. So what are your thoughts looking back on your fight with Efrain?

Junie Browning: It was horrible. I looked like [expletive]. I fought horribly. I felt like the longer I was on the show the worse I was getting. Why did you feel like you were getting worse as the show went on?

Junie Browning: People don’t want to train and wack cardio. People say “Well you can do your own cardio” but I don’t think that’s possible. I feel like you can only push yourself so far without someone being there to push you cardio wise. There was nobody there to do that for us. After my second fight I hurt my foot and I couldn’t train for like a week and a half, two weeks but they didn’t show that on there. So you were left trying to play catch up with your training?

Junie Browning: Yeah, big time. Were you surprised with Efrain’s willingness to stand and trade with you?

Junie Browning: No, I think he knew I was out of shape and he was going to try to push the cardio. It was his best chance to try to show that he had some stand up. It was smart of him. He knew i was out of shape. I couldn’t push the pace or anything. I was watching the show and you could even hear his corner saying “Oh he’s tired, he’s tired” and he would get even more psyched the more tired I got. He knows if I was 100% that he wouldn’t be able to do any of that stuff? Do you feel like you were really caught in that D’arce choke or that it was more from fatigue?

Junie Browning: I was really caught but I should never let it get to that point. I was so out of shape. The submissions that I would normally just fight out of or muscle out of, at that point I was so tired I think I would have gotten caught in just about anything. I was so tired that I don’t think I had the intestinal fortitude to fight or anything. I just wasn’t making anything happen on the bottom. I was just laying there being lazy in my guard. I wasn’t trying to get my guard back as much as I should have. You should never go into a fight out of shape and I knew it was going to be like that too. I feel like if I couldn’t beat him in the first round then I couldn’t beat him at all. Is that why you went for that takedown for so long in the first?

Junie Browning: In my mind I felt like I had to take him down. I felt like if I didn’t take him down that he would end up on top and either get a submission or I would just gas out. The takedown made me even more tired. I felt like I could take him down but I started getting lazy with the takedown. When I went for singles I just sat there instead of attacking the other leg. Are you going to be interested in a rematch with Efrain at some point?

Junie Browning: I would fight him tomorrow. I would rematch him in the gym. It would be a first rounder for sure. I know for sure. It was a horrible fight for me. I don’t normally fight like that. I normally push the pace and fight hard. I was concentrating on not getting tired and that’s never a good way to fight. You shouldn’t be worrying about your cardio. I don’t make excuses up, I fought horrible and that’s just part of the game. I should have been prepared. I’d be prepared to fight him tomorrow now. Do you feel like you were let down by some of the guys for not training with you enough?

Junie Browning: Not really Shane Nelson but the rest of the lightweights, yeah. I felt really disappointed and that they were lazy but I’ll pay them back for that next Saturday. Do you feel like Frank Mir gave you the training you expected?

Junie Browning: Not at all. I didn’t necessarily expect him to be training one-on-one that much because I know he has stuff to do but I expected him to at least bring people in. He brought in Joe Stevenson once and that was awesome training but that was once. I should have been getting that kind of training every day. How do you feel about Frank Mir’s decision to stop shouting out advice towards the end of the fight?

Junie Browning: The funny thing is, he gives up on me like he was disappointed but he was never there to train with me to begin with. How am I going to listen to my corner when he was never there for me to begin with? What about when he said he liked everyone on his team except for you?

Junie Browning: I saw that coming. I figured that. he doesn’t say anything all season and then as soon as I lose and make him look bad then he doesn’t like me. So who do you see coming out on top between Mir and Nogueira?

Junie Browning: If Mir treats his training the way he did on the show then I definitely see Nogueira winning. If Mir actually trains I think he’s a little more athletic so he could do good so I don’t know how I see that one going. From what I saw from Frank on the show I could see Nogueira winning just based on conditioning and heart. I don’t know if that’s necessarily how he is now but based on how he trained on the show I couldn’t see him beating too many people right now. I don’t see that Brock Lesnar fight going the same if he continues to train like he did on the show. How about Ryan Bader and Vinny Magalhaes?

Junie Browning: I see Vinny winning by submission. Bader pretty much does the same thing to everybody. Unless Bader can beat Vinny standing. It’s hard to take Vinny down and hold him. His jiu-jitsu is on a whole other level. I see him train every day. The first time at practice with Xtreme Couture he put Forrest Griffin in a flying armbar like three times. His jiu-jitsu is really sick. There’s no way Bader is just going to be able to hook him down like he did Elliot. Vinny’s submissions are just way too good. Even if Vinny doesn’t submit him there’s no way that Bader will be able to just lay on him. What about Phillipe Nover and Efrain Escudero?

Junie Browning: I’d say Phillipe if it stays standing but if Efrain takes him down I could see Efrain winning a decision. The whole determining factor on that fight will be takedowns. So were you ever serious about retiring or were you just frustrated and venting at the time?

Junie Browning: I was just pissed. They do that confessional immediately after the fight so after I went home I had time to think about it and realized that it wasn’t my 100%. I can’t quit. Especially when I know that I didn’t give it my all. I never want to leave the sport knowing that I didn’t do my best. I’ll never quit. Do you feel like you were accurately depicted on the show or do you think the editing made you seem a little more hostile than you really are?

Junie Browning: No, I’m pretty much crazy. It doesn’t matter. I’m good now and I’m not getting into any trouble. Not everybody can be the good guy. So if you had the chance to do it all over again, would you?

Junie Browning: Yeah, I would just do things differently. I would have been more prepared and tried to get on the other team. What does the future hold for you?

Junie Browning: People will see next Saturday. Anyone you would like to thank?

Junie Browning: TapouT and Denaro Sports Marketing.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    He’s still a punk.

  • Jeff says:

    that kids a moron…

  • Matt says:

    I actually think he comes off humble in this interview. He knows he fucked up. He has alot of potential and from whats been said by the xtreme couture guys, he’s gotten his act together.

  • goodguy says:

    I hate him and love his honesty. Its good to hear someone be honest about themselves instead of saying what they think everyone wants to hear. Good job Junie but I hope I don’t see you fight in the UFC again after your next fight. You are not Chris Leben.

  • goodguy says:

    Oh, and seriously, talking about Forrest getting caught in a flying armbar isn’t cool. Everyone gets caught in training. That is why it is “training”.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    How does he come off humble? All he does is make excuses for losing to Efrain. Oh, I was out of shape, nobody would push me in my cardio. What a crybaby. And all the b.s. about how he would beat Efrain in one round now?? Big f’n talk and nothing more. I hope he gets his ass whipped by Kaplan in the Finale.

  • tyler says:

    I can’t believe the people at X-treme Couture let someone with such low character train at the gym.I guess it says something about Randy Couture he’d welcome this guy with open arms. Garbage!

  • Glen says:

    Why don’t Dana just get down and KISS junie’s ass on TV?Junie F***ed up,2nd chance,3rd chance,lost fight then is on televised event.Dana must be screwing junie’s mom or sister or something .Dana has never bowed to even older pro fighters,now he turns UFC over to junie.CRAZY!!!!!!

  • you are all losers....damn, get a life says:

    wow, you people on these message boards are really bad. you say Junie browning all he is doing is bitching, you guys are worse than the sportcenter guys talking about the athletes like its The View. You guys sound like a bunch of high school girls at lunchtime talking about people. this is more like a circle jerk than anything else, every time i read these comments you sound like you are getting off on eachother? Trying to explain MMA like you are a DR and you went to school for this like you opinion is so high and even matters. your opinions dont mean anything. you sound like MMA has something to owe you. damn man, i am just as big an mma fan than any of you but you sound like some chicks. Are you all Vigins?

  • jj says:

    I never thought I’d say this but Go “Sushi King” Kaplan! I hope he beats Junie and this will put an end to Junie being in the UFC.

  • David says:

    This guy is a talentless hack. He really should be flipping burgers.

  • BigDave says:

    Who is Junie Browning? Just a drunk loser that has no respect for anything or anyone. He Doesnt deserve all this talk about him he will never be a ufc fighter and if he keeps up the way he is going will not be alive in a few years because he will step up to the wrong dud somewhere and get his ass shot. As a fighter i didnt see anything that was even mildly impressive about him. he has average skills at best and anyone that is a specialist either on the feet or the ground will rip him apart. his cardio is horrible, he has no heart and lets face it after saturday will never be talked about again.

  • NN says:

    dana white’s long lost son

  • tyler says:

    That’s funny shit!

  • Chainfire says:

    I like Junie Browning. He is gonna smash Kaplan. The guy is obviously crazy, but too often do we condemn people for their unacceptable behaviour and never try to understand why they are the way they are. I believe people are entitled to a second chance. let’s see if this kid turns it around.

    WAR JUNIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abdulla the Butcher says:

    Browning has some serious mental issues. The guy is a whisper away from being committed to an institution. No joking.

    How this idiot hasn’t ended up in jail for assault is beyond me.

    He is a time bomb waiting to go off and is so delusional about himself, his abilities and those around him that he only made himself look like the biggest jackass in the world.

    If he ever becomes famous, i hope to see him on Celebrity Rehab. LOL

  • Grappo says:

    Excuses, excuses.

    This season of TUF has been pretty sickening. I don’t know if it’s always been like that and i’m just now getting tired of all the B.S. or if there was a change in this season. But I’m trapped since I love the fights, and the few special moments where we actually learn something about the fighters (besides which ones are jackasses. I have to watch! Dammit.

    @ you are all losers….damn, get a life…

    How ya doin’ Junie?

  • Gatorbones says:

    Grappo, I was thinking that loser was Junie too, what a whiney little sissy. Man I hope Kaplan kicks that punks ass!
    I haven’t been diggin’ on Dana White lately but I loved how he handled Junie’s 3rd strike. He knew Junie had no heart and no chance at beating Efrain. It was Dana’s way of paying Junie back for not taking advantage of the first 2 chances he gave him. Justice, UFC style! And he took great pleasure in seeing justice being served. I enjoyed it myself!

  • fightfan says:

    I hope that they dont “baby him liek they do some fighters liek Bisping. Have him fight Phillipe or Stevenson or Nate Diaz or someone that will embarass him and kick teh living shit outta of him.

    He has NO RIGHT even being invited back to the UFC Finale, PERIOD. This douchebag did things far worse than Jesse….and he did them 3 times after warning AFTER warning after Warning.

    Such a shame. You know that if someone busted a glass over someone elses head once, not TWICE and raged his way into the cage and nearly attacked Efran(and he would of if other fighters didnt stop him)……They would of kicked out regardless.

    I will never watch TUF again……What a joke and hypocrit of Dana White. Pitiful decisions by the UFC and Dana White

  • KTru says:

    The opinions on this site get worse and worse.

    No insight or credible responses to any posts, and the grammar/spelling becomes more like well, fight fan.

    Blanket comments with no structure, rule this site. I see less and less of the guys and gals that had quality responses write anymore. Possibly doing what I am. Read the articles and stay away from the response.

  • Jesse says:

    He’s doing exactly what Dana said he would in this interview. The kid just can’t except failure. Sometimes you lose. Man up.

  • tyler says:

    KTru whats the point of your post? What are you trying to say I miss certain people who used to post here now there gone and I have to read comments from different people who I don’t agree with and can’t spell for shit. To say that opinions get worse and worse is really arrogant.If someone’s posting comments meant to be taken as fact that’s one thing but if their just posting what they feel about a topic that’s their right.You don’t have to agree with it. Do you want a site where people only post comments that you agree with I don’t get it.

  • Juniper says:

    I personally felt it was a great interview, i mean he did mess up but everyone deserves that fourth chance. I know everyone here has messed up at some point in there life and has been given that fourth chance they needed to set the record straight. If Xtreme Couture gives Junie the depth and intensity of training that they do for other fighters, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

  • mike wolfe says:

    The things Junie did were juvenile, but I’m not sure you can judge him as a fighter based on them. Rampage had a few bad days recently, and nobody’s called him a loser or a punk or questioned his abilities. It’s very possible that once Junie gets back to his gym and regular training routine, his conditioning will improve and his behavior will, too. According to other inteviews on the site, the TUF fighters can only train two hours per day. That’s a guarantee that their conditioning will decline, and some guys are just wound too tightly to handle that many hours in the day with nothing to do. Junie’s biggest obstacle will be convincing White and UFC that he can show up and perform. The silliness on the show doesn’t help him make his case.

  • Glen says:

    I don’t think Junie acts that way at home. He was in a house wit5h a bunch of real fighters who did not want to loose their chance at A UFC contract.Junie knew that the others would not fight him outside the Octogon. He was just trying to convence himself that he was a tough guy.He is an inbread idiot who had never been out of Kentucky until the show.He talked tough but was not. I do not know what happened to Dana.The events with Junie just proved what people against MMA have always said that Fighters are a bunch of retarded bullys.Thanks Junie for setting MMA back 10 years.

  • BLEU says:

    This is not fighter bashing,this is for real. We talk about breaking glasses over heads,being a bully. What scares me and the entire martial arts community is the behavior of the combatants. And I am talking about urinating in someones food,and all of the other terrible things we watched them do on national television. I am very ashamed,and appalled at this sort of behavior. We have all been athletes,done some sort of sports,whatever. but I think they should have been expelled immediately if not sooner.Junie acts as if he has serious personal problems that need to be addressed.What scares me most is Dana White knows this,and blows it off. These men are not school children,they have stepped into the adult world. They are getting paid,act like it.God Bless…..Bleu.

  • BigDave says:

    I made a comment a few days ago here that wasnt very good so im here to set my opinion straight. As far as Junie Browning goes He is in need of some serious direction in his life. the drinking is probably one of his biggest problems. Being with team couture will hopefully give him the direction he needs but that being said, I dont think he should be getting this chance to fight at the finally. He needs to realize there are punishments for bad conduct and i dont think by letting him fight that he is learning that. He is a young kid that may have a outside chance at being a good fighter if he gets his other personal issues under control.

  • Chris says:

    People need to understand, Junie made this season. Now I hate him, I think he is a bitch, but he made this season exciting. Now I think he might be training harder and could be ready, and Dana couldnt kick him out, look, he didnt hurt anyone, and he hadnt lost, its one thing if your already out like in the one season them two kids fought, but he was still in it, and you dont want to kick someone out if they are still in it. Someone like Nover, who is a nice kid, quiet, but is a monster with his skills, he is boring, a great fighter, but boring. Junie is exciting, you dont know what he is gonna do next, but he isnt a great fighter. You either want to see him win or get his ass kicked, he is a star already. My question is what if he won? DO you really think this kid could be at a bar and some kids see him, know he is a nut, thinks he is all hard, a good fighter, even now that he lost, but if he won the show, you dont think someone would test him? He would end up stabbing someone, getting into fights, even now he didnt win, but was on the show, people will see him, and could try and test him, I dont think he can handle that shit, backing away to save his career, he would end up doing dumb shit. People were bitching about him being on the main card, but thats a fight I want to see, Kaplan is an asshole too, thats gonna be a good fight. If Junie wins, since he is nuts and gets attention, he will get a shot in the UFC. Nover and Vinny win the whole shit, but Efrain, Junie, Krystoff and Bader all will get a shot in the UFC. Lets just hope that next season is half as good as this one, I think this was the best season, great fighters, alot of crazy shit.

  • DamonO says:

    Dana White wants him to lose to another opponent on live TV. I like Dana. This guy has some serious mental problems and I am looking forward to him freaking out after he loses his next match. I can see the security hauling him out of the Octagon. It’s gonna be sweet!

  • THORAZINE says:

    “BigDave on December 5th, 2008 1:48 pm Who is Junie Browning? Just a drunk loser that has no respect for anything or anyone.”


  • Grappo says:

    “People need to understand, Junie made this season. Now I hate him, I think he is a bitch, but he made this season exciting.” ~ Chris

    You’re right in that it was compelling, but exciting is not the word I would use. Frustrating and disappointing are more apt imo. I guess I’m a “hardcore fan” because I could really do without all the reality show antics. Yeah it was funny seeing Junie get hit in the face with a pork chop, but the tantrums are beyond tedious. I felt so bad for the guys that had to live with him and couldn’t even defend themselves for fear that they wouldn’t get the same special treatment from Dana that Junie got. It may be hypocritical, but it would have been more satisfying if all the guys took Junie’s example and started breaking rules left and right. If you can’t get kicked off for attacking a competitor, then you’ve pretty much got free reign as far as other offenses are concerned (you’d think.) At least it would have made Dana consider the message he was sending by pussyfooting around with Junie.

    Cut the crap, show the training. The fact that Anderson Silva’s training session with Team Nogueira garnered about 3 minutes of air time was near blasphemy. Those few minutes were some of the most interesting i’ve ever seen on TUF. But that won’t happen, because shit sells. I’ll still watch, but I hope they clean things up a bit for next season.


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