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Silva vs. St. Pierre superfight could happen in 2009

UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is already scheduled to be involved in one superfight in 2009 when he faces B.J. Penn at UFC 94 in Las Vegas on Jan. 31.

But might St. Pierre be involved with two superfights next year?

According to UFC President Dana White, a superfight between St. Pierre and current UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva might not be out of the question.

During a press conference several weeks ago in Toronto to promote UFC 94, White didn’t rule out the possibility of Silva vs. St. Pierre when the potential matchup was raised by a member of the media.

“Do you think there is a chance that the winner of this fight will get Anderson Silva?,” the reporter asked.

“I think if Georges St. Pierre wins this fight he’ll get Anderson Silva,” White responded to the delight of fans in attendance at the press conference.

White later added that “…Georges St. Pierre has the ability to beat Anderson Silva in a pound-for-pound title fight.”

A notable absence from White’s answer was Penn, the promotion’s current lightweight champion. However, it appears that Penn might have post-UFC 94 plans of his own.

In regards to Penn’s post-UFC 94 future, he deferred all questions about a possible lightweight matchup against Kenny Florian to his website,, but did express an interest in a third fight vs. Matt Hughes.

When asked by a fan why he would want to fight an aging Hughes, Penn responded with a question of his own, asking “Wouldn’t you want another shot at someone that kicked your ass?”

Penn upset Hughes for the UFC welterweight title in January of 2004 at UFC 46 after submitting him with a rear naked choke at 4:39 of round 1. The native Hawaiian then left the UFC over a bitter contract dispute before returning vs. St. Pierre at UFC 58 in March of 2006.

Following a loss to Pierre, Penn then fought Hughes in a rematch at UFC 63, with Hughes getting the better of Penn this time around following a third round TKO.

  • egad81 says:

    Silva vs GSP…. YES PLEASE

    Silva vs BJ … Why Not?

    I really want to see Silva fight for the 205 and 230 belts. With out a doubt he could beat Brock.

  • mburtoni says:

    I wasn’t aware the UFC had a “230” belt…

  • steve says:

    ya lol what 230 belt?

    that would be cool though a legitimate fight to determine #1 P4P.

  • shatner says:

    You cannot determine pound for pound rankings it’s all judgemental.For White to say GSP fighting Anderson Silva would be a pound for pound title fight is disingenuous.

  • egad81 says:

    230 belt would be the 230 and over aka HEAVYWEIGHT BELT
    Are you guys all that lame?
    You could call it the 265 belt but then how many people would really go after that strap?
    230 makes it seem attainable.

  • Ian says:

    Protip: Heavyweight in the UFC division is anything over 205.

  • screwface says:

    all good plans, but hope im not the only 1 whod love to see penn vs hughes fight again too :)

  • ttttt says:

    Id rather see silva fight 205 or higher weight guys not smaller guys.
    If he really is the best pound for pound fighter have him fight guys bigger than him.

    Although i think GSP could win it would be a tough fight.

  • steve says:

    are we lame???

    HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION = 206-265 lbs.

    nice try

  • benjamink says:

    apparently alves is lost in all of this

    I can see bj giving up the LW belt and florian fighting sherk for it again.

    if bj beats st pierre, then alves, he has to face anderson. bj would demand it.

    If bj wins all of these fights, he will go down as the greatest.

  • Handover Fist says:

    GSP has the tools to give Silva a lot of problems on the ground but giving up 4″ in height to the best striker in the sport is a big obstacle to overcome.

  • Mike A says:

    Silva is waaay bigger St. Pierre, and Brock is waaaay bigger than Silva, neither fight should happen.

  • ctownhood says:

    Silva v Lesnar? Egad81, lay off the white powder. As good as Silva is, that fight would probably result in the first murder to be witnessed on PPV…..

  • aguilar says:

    id rather see hughs v silva then lesnar.
    but i wana see the rematch/ silva v cote again.
    bj penn would stop anybody right now. even silva

  • Mike A says:

    LOL there is no way in hell BJ would come close to beating silva… the guy can fight at 155 pounds… silva could fight at 220

  • Harry says:

    If im not mistaken bj has fought at heavyweight and has a loss to lyota machida in japan bj was lighter in that fight but bj would fight brock if dana would let it happen


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