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Heavyweight prospect Cain Velasquez looking to remain with the UFC

Former NCAA All-American wrestler Cain Velasquez has every intention of remaining with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, according to a report by Franklin McNeil of and the Newark Star-Ledger.

McNeil issued the report during this week’s edition of “MMA Live,” which can be viewed every week on

Velasquez is considered by most pundits to be one of the brightest heavyweight prospects in all of MMA but his long-term future with the UFC was recently called into question. The former Arizona State wrestler trains out of the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, Calif. and is also represented by Zinkin Entertainment, two companies that were in the middle of a major dispute recently with the UFC that resulted in Jon Fitch being released for 24 hours. Published reports indicated that UFC president Dana White had no desire to continue to work with fighters affiliated with AKA and Zinkin and that Velasquez would be released as soon as it was legally possible.

However, all parties resumed talking following the Fitch resolution and McNeil stated that both sides continue to talk and that Velasquez is confident that everything “will be ironed out.” Additionally, Velasquez, who is currently recovering from knee surgery, is looking forward to competing again in February and hopes to fight for the UFC heavyweight title in the future.

  • Justin says:

    Cain has a bright future. I don’t know if he could man-handle Brock like he has with his other opposition, but it’d be a hell of a fight.

    Cain VS GG is a dream match of mine right now.

  • platypus says:

    cain would beat gonzaga imo

  • gabe says:

    blah blah, everyone has way to much love for this guy. Whatever happen to just going out and destroying people and having faith that this is all you can do as a fighter in MMA. Just keep winning, stop whinning and you will get your shot at the big dogs eventually.

  • Big Dave says:

    I’ll admit I havent seen alot of Cain velasquez but wat i have has looked impressive. lets see him against a gonzaga or frank mir and see if the kid is for real. i think those types of fights are the benchmark beatween good fighters and great fighters. if he shows that he can handle those types of guys then he is ready for the top guys atm brock and nog. as for dana white he needs to get his head out of his ass and realize that sometimes you just got to comprimize a bit and make more money by having better fighters making better fights regardless of there promoters or team they train with. maybe if he had of done that a year and a half ago we might have gotten to see couture vs. fedor. but dana will be dana and im sure he will fuck things up again and his partner will fix it as always.

  • MMA Fan says:

    I’m glad this seems to be resolved, the way Dana went off the handle regarding AKA, which is one of the top camps in the sport, was way out of line. Cain has a chance to be a real factor in the HW division, I think he’s definitely ready for a fight with another contender.


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