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Report: Affliction balks at signing ex-UFC heavyweight Werdum

According to a report by Franklin McNeil of and the Newark Star-Ledger, the camp for Fabricio Werdum approached Affliction Entertainment in an attempt to place the former PRIDE and UFC heavyweight with the organization.

McNeil revealed the news during this week’s edition of MMA Live, which can be viewed on

McNeil stated that both sides talked about Werdum joining the promotion and possibly competing on its upcoming “Day of Reckoning” pay-per-view event scheduled for Jan. 24 but that Affliction felt that the numbers discussed were “off the charts.”

McNeil concluded the report by stating that there are no plans for Werdum and Affliction to talk in the future and that “Werdum will not be competing for Affliction.”

Werdum, considered by many pundits to be a top ten heavyweight, was released by the UFC with several fights remaining on his contract soon after sustaining an upset loss last month at UFC 90 against newcomer Junior dos Santos.

The defeat dropped Werdum’s career record inside the Octagon to 2-2 with wins over Brandon Vera and Gabriel Gonzaga and a loss to Andrei Arlovski in his debut for the promotion at UFC 70.

A world class grappler, Werdum holds wins outside the UFC over Gonzaga, Aleksander Emelianenko, Alistair Overeem, Kristof Midoux, Roman Zentsov, and Tom Erickson.

  • Tony Fennen says:

    Back to Japan for Werdum

  • Stan the Caddy says:

    Seems like someone in Werdum’s camp spent too much time reading message boards and bought into the “uproar” surrounding his departure from the UFC. The UFC’s pay reduction might be looking like an appetizing offer right about now.

  • mburtoni says:

    Too bad. I had been hoping that Werdum would fight Barnett before they announced that Rogers was stepping in. Werdum will most likely end up in Sengoku.

  • docwagner says:

    He’ll be back

  • fightfan says:

    Poor guy…..LOL. The $375,000 and $250,000 for Lindland and Rothwell wasnt “OFF THE CHARTS”

    Shame. What could he of been asking for????? Maybe Wedum thought he was worth $500,000 in Aflliction dollars. Comparing his skills to Lindland and Rothwell and what Affliciton paid for those 2, Wedum is worth more than $500,000(given the 2 above fighter paydays).

    Big Tim was in the right place, at the right time……If Werdum was cut back before the first Affliction show, he may of been picked to fight, instead of Sylvia, and make the near million dollar payday.

    i am very curious to know what figure Affliction passed on. I would really know what they think he is worth……again, given what they paid Rothwell and Lindland

  • jj says:

    exactly, while im not the biggest werdum fan i would rather see werdum any day of the week over matt lindland.

    werdum certainly has looked better in his last few fights as his stand up game has really started to evolve.

  • dualdiagnosis says:

    Don’t get hung up on numbers from the past, ie. rothwell,lindland, sounds like whoever reps Werdum is not a very good negotiater

  • nameyourprice says:

    man, that stinks

  • JustMike says:

    Just because Affliction seriously overpaid guys like Lindland in the past doesn’t mean they’ll do the same w/ someone like Werdum now.

  • Jesus blanco says:

    Let us hope not to see werdum again. Terribly boring fights. .500 in the heavyweight division does not cut it. Also, coming in out of shape shows a lack of professionalism.

  • Simon Cason says:

    I think his sister is his rep. At least that’s what Werdum said when he learned about getting his walking paper’s from the U. I agree he was out of shape for the dos Santos fight. He stepped on the scale’s looking like a big fat fatty…He’ll find work in Bellator, they seem to be signing a lot of big name free agents.

  • Jeremy says:

    I would think Affliction probably came to their senses a little more after their first card. And with the way the economy is right now in the world they should be a little more careful with how much they sign guys for. They seriously overpaid guys on that first card. If they want to stay in business they can’t do that any longer.

  • detroit_fan says:

    Jesus- Why would we not want to see a top 10 HW compete? You say his fights are boring, but he has only 1 win by decision, all the rest are KO’s or subs. He has beat some of the best hw’s out there. I can’t understand why anyone would not want to see a top fighter compete? Are your skills better?

  • Jesus blanco says:

    After the Santos fight I do not believe most pundits will have him listed as a top ten guy. The fight with arlovski was so bad that arlovski had to apologize to his fans! I did enjoy seeing him get knocked out. I am not a professional fighter so obviously I could not fare better nor was I arguing that. He was cut because many people feel the same way as I do.

  • Justin says:

    Poor Werdum. Oh well. It just goes to show that you have to be exciting nowadays.


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