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Brian Bowles looking forward to title shot with win over Will Ribeiro

Many may have yet to have heard the name Brian Bowles but all of that will change after he faces off with Will Ribeiro on the main card of WEC 37 on December 3. Bowles has compiled an undefeated record of 6-0 in his mixed martial arts career while finishing every one of his opponents while Ribeiro holds an impressive record of 10-1.

Both men are seen as two of the top fighters in an increasingly stacked bantamweight division. This bout is of the utmost relevance to the 135 pound weight class as the winner is sure to face off with the winner off the Miguel Torres/Manny Tapia fight on the same card.

Going into his seventh professional mixed martial arts contest against Ribeiro, the Athens, Georgia native has no interest of taking things slowly during his career. Already facing and defeating top bantamweights Charlie Valencia, Marcos Galvao and Damacio Page during his 3-0 run in the WEC, the 28-year old with a knack for finishing his opponents told in an exclusive interview that he is eager for his chance at championship glory.

Cory Brady: Thanks for taking this time with us Brian. How are you feeling right now physically in the days leading up to your fight with Ribeiro?

Brian Bowles: I feel really good. I actually feel better now than I ever have coming up for a fight. I got some really good training in. I’ve traveled around, went out of state and trained with some different guys for this one and everything’s coming together really good. I went to Ultimate Fitness for a few weeks and trained with Urijah Faber and those guys. Most of my training is done right here in Athens but then I’ll go down to Atlanta once a week and train with some other guys.

Cory Brady: So what do you know about Ribeiro and how do you feel you guys match up?

Brian Bowles: I know he trained with an Olympic boxing team and he has a brown belt in jiu-jitsu so he sounds like he’s really well rounded. From watching his tapes he seems real unpredictable and he seems to push the pace. He’s a tough opponent. I don’t think you’re going to get any easy opponents in the WEC anymore.

Cory Brady: Have you been focusing on any specific element while training for Ribeiro?

Brian Bowles: I’m just training like I always do. Just making sure that I’m in the best cardio shape that I can be and just watch some tape on him to see what he does but I don’t really change my game depending on what my opponent does. I just kind of watch them and see what they do and just train like I always train. Just train hard and make sure to get all of my boxing, grappling and wrestling in and just try to be in great shape.

Cory Brady: You’ve face some really tough opposition throughout your undefeated career. Do you think you would be in line for a title shot if you win impressively against Ribeiro?

Brian Bowles: I think so. I think it’s between me and him who should get the title shot after this but I can’t make the decisions for them I have no idea what they’re thinking.

Cory Brady: Would you be ready if you were approached about a title shot this early on in your career?

Brian Bowles: Oh definitely. Might as well.

Cory Brady: How do you feel like you match up with the current bantamweight champion Miguel Torres?

Brian Bowles: He’s a tough guy. I think I match up well with him. You never really know until you get out there and start mixing it up with somebody but I think I match up well with whoever I fight.

Cory Brady: Obviously you will be paying very close attention to the bout between Miguel Torres and Manny Tapia at WEC 37. Any thoughts on who you think has the edge in that one?

Brian Bowles: You never know in MMA, the better fighter doesn’t always win but I think that Miguel is going to be too much for him. I think he has too much reach on him.

Cory Brady: So you’ve finished every single one of your fights. Do you look for the finish or is it something that just comes?

Brian Bowles: I’m always looking for the finish. I’m always looking to just get out of there and get the win. They just seem to be coming though. I don’t know what it is. When it comes it comes and you have to make the best of it.

Cory Brady: So what does the future hold for you. What are your goals in mixed martial arts?

Brian Bowles: I hope to have a long career. I want to stay healthy, keep fighting and get bigger and bigger as the sport grows. Hopefully make some money and make a name for myself.

  • steve says:

    WAR Bowles

    ive been followin this guy since his first fight in WEC and he could definately hang with Tapia or Torres.


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