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Ten matchups finalized for Adrenaline MMA II on Dec. 11

Ten fights have been finalized for Adrenaline MMA’s second-ever event to take place on Thursday, December 11, at the i wireless Center in Moline, Illinois. confirmed the current lineup during a phone interview on Tuesday afternoon with long-time MMA promoter and manager, Monte Cox.

Headlining the show will be the first welterweight champion in UFC history and legendary MMA trainer Pat Miletich. Miletich will be returning to competitive MMA after a two-plus year layoff to take on King of the Cage and EliteXC veteran Thomas “Wildman” Denny.

Also confirmed is former IFL standout heavyweight and Affliction veteran Ben Rothwell, who is slated to square off against former IFO heavyweight champion Chris Guillen.

Chicago-area police officer and former PRIDE veteran Mike Russow, who headline Adrenaline’s first MMA show in June against Jason Guida, will be taking on Braden Bice. Bice, 6-5, was recently tapped as a replacement for Russow’s original opponent, “Cujo” Joe McCall.

Other notable fighters scheduled to compete are IFL veterans L.C. Davis, Ryan McGivern, Mike Ciesnolevicz, and Jesse Lennox.

The complete 10-bout lineup as of Nov. 25 is as follows:

  • Welterweight: Pat Miletich vs. Thomas Denny
  • Heavyweight: Ben Rothwell vs. Chris Guillen
  • Heavyweight: Mike Russow vs. Braden Bice
  • Light Heavyweight: Mike Ciesnolevicz vs. Derrick Mehman
  • Middleweight: Ryan McGivern vs. Geno Roderick
  • Lightweight: L.C. Davis vs. Billy Kidd
  • Welterweight: Jesse Lennox vs. Ryan Williams
  • Featherweight: Gabe Lemley vs. Dan Loman
  • Lightweight: Pat Curran vs. Ramiro Hernandez
  • Featherweight: Daniel Rodriguiez vs. Jacob Hey
  • steve says:

    this is a good card. is this gonna be on HDNet?

  • detroit_fan says:

    Chris Guillen has no business fighting Ben Rothwell. What a crap match up. Is this the best opponent you can come up with Monte?

    Steve- It airs live on HDNET

  • Robert says:

    I agree with detroit_fan about Rothwell/Guillen. I would have rather seen Mike Russow vs. Ben Rothwell. The Rothwell fight has got to be just to get his confidence back after the amount of offense he took in the Arlovski fight.

  • Dustin says:

    Watch out for LC Davis, the kid will be a star one day

  • Simon Cason says:

    Wow, look out for adrenaline, their hot on the UFC’s heels, with their 2nd show in 6 months. I’m all for as much MMA as one can watch, but this 2nd generation of MMA organization’s such as Adrenaline, Afflictiion, and that crap Bob Meyroritz put out, with those really old, lame-assed lay and pray fighters is bull-shit. And before the word nut-hugger gets thrown around, I paid for the first Affliction show, have HD-net, Vs., and absolutely love Strikeforce, Sengokou, the WEC, and Dream. I just don’t think MMA needs 3 major orgs. right now, this early. The UFC is the dominate org with around 90% of the best fighters in the world between the UFC and the WEC. Strikeforce has maintained their integrity while stating many times that they don’t think competing with the UFC is healthy for a mid level org. In turn, Strikeforce has a base that could rival the WEC in a year or two. But with EX/C being beat like a dead horse, and Affliction saying one thing and doing another(T-shirt guy saying how he wants to keep his fighters happy, busy, and paid, while canceling their 2nd show 2-3 times so far; and asking his fighters to take significant pay cuts) I can’t help but complain about all these orgz that lay claim to being better than one another. My compaint is there just isn’t enough Scott Coker’s in the world. And Dana White has worked hisself to the point of looking like a mad man sometimes with the things he say’s/does. But no one can deny the effort Dana has put forth to further the sport of MMA, and to get it as much attention as possible, by any means possible. I look at it this way: There is only one NFL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR, and you don’t see the less talented complaining of each one being a monopoly. Let there be one Major league of MMA. I trust Dana to do the right thing 99% of the time. Smaller orgz such as Dream, WEC, and Strikeforce will stay in buisness by being the gate keepers/minor leagues of MMA. It creates less chaos than when the UFC lets go of good-but-not-great fighters such as Gorgel and the fighters who haven’t lived up to the hype such as Sokudjou, Paulo, CroCop, etc… What if fighters like Scott Smith, or Robbie Lawler, who were not doing so well with the UFC, were still in the UFC? They’d be on the undercard of a high priced PPV with no exposure. Now both are coming into their own right with the smaller orgz like Strikeforce. Let the best fighters fight in the most established MMA organization. It makes MMA more legit, unlike what has become of boxing. And you won’t have crap like EX/C anymore make shit up as they go along, laying claims to have the better fighters when the whole MMA world new better. Not if but when this happens, MMA will be the juggernaught that we fight fans know it will be.


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