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Eddie Alvarez signs with Bellator Fighting Championships

Top lightweight competitor Eddie Alvarez will be one of the cornerstones of the Bellator Fighting Championship’s lightweight division. Alvarez informed the website on Tuesday that he has signed a deal with Bellator.

“The contract is signed and I got my advance,” he is quoted as telling the site.

Bellator will be conducting a 12-week fight series for television partner ESPN Deportes starting in April with tournaments scheduled to crown new champions in the featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, and middleweight divisions. reported on Monday that EliteXC bantamweight champion Wilson Reis is expected to sign with the promotion as one of its top stars.

Before debuting for Bellator in April, Alvarez is slated to fight for his manager, Monte Cox, during an Extreme Challenge event on Jan. 23 in Atlantic City, N.J. at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino against an unnamed opponent.

The Philadelphia native most recently competed in DREAM’s lightweight Grand Prix and qualified for the finals after going 3-0 in the tournament. However, Alvarez was denied an opportunity to take home the Grand Prix title after a cut prevented him from competing in the final against Shinya Aoki.

Joachim Hansen, who Alvarez had defeated in the quarterfinals, replaced Alvarez after winning a tournament reserve match, was declared the champion after TKO’ing Aoki in the first round.

Alvarez, 15-1, is a former BodogFIGHT welterweight champion and is contracted to EliteXC. However, because Alvarez’s primary contract is through Cox’s Adrenaline MMA promotion, he has singificantly more contractual freedom than the average fighter under contract to EliteXC.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Well here we go again.
    I wish nothng but the best for Alverez,regardless of who he fights for over here.
    I hope he continues being successful,and ends up in the UFC (or WEC) .

  • saerbarnet says:

    ok.. Either they’ll have to bring in guys to fight Alvarez or he’ll fight cans for the entire time he’s under contract.. wonderful

  • Binners says:

    Wasn’t Bellator He-man’s nemesis?

  • Drewplata says:

    Is this move indicative of poor management? Alvarez could become one of the brightest stars in the sport, but he signs with a new organization? Fight in DREAM, fight for various Monte Cox promotions until your contract is up, but another upstart league? I don’t get it.

  • Rich B says:

    Not only a new org., but one that’s being broadcast in the States in Spanish only. Desportes is a network that most carriers don’t carry unless you order a Spanish language (or multiple foreign language) package. Speaking for myself only, no chance in heck I’m ordering that, no matter how many guys they sign. ’tis a shame.

  • says:

    WTF? Alvarez is a top 5 lightweight and he signs with Bellator? What a waste! He should get his ass in the UFC to fight BJ Penn. (sorry Kenny, but you should be used to broken promises by now)

  • hambone says:

    This is a 3 month tournament. He will get some serious pub in the latinoamerican community. This will help him in the longrun. Who the F knows this guy who isn’t on MMA blogs all day?….no one. This will get his foot in the door in North America. Also, I bet this guy needs a payday right about now (notice that he brought up that he got an advance?).

    Sum it all up, I think it is a good move for him.

  • madiq says:

    Yeah, I’m not sure why fighting for DREAM is preferable to fighting in a new organization that has ESPN backing, and allows him to stay close to his family. Furthermore, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some of the ATT guys, like Aurelio and JZ, get a little shine in this organization, which is on a network that, though Spanish-language, probably gets decent penetration into Brazilian communities. Lets not start killing it before it even takes shape…

  • stuck at work says:

    I have no idea what Alvarez’s management is thinking. The only meaningful fight he would be able to get here is with Masvidal, and possibly JZ. He isn’t going to get any meaningful fights out of any of Monte Cox’s orgs. His only meaningful options right now are Strikeforce or the UFC. With Dream, he wasn’t allowed to fight Aoki because he had a chance to win(don’t tell me for a second that his cut was the actual cause), and Hellboy was given JZ. I can understand the UFC’s hesitation regarding the ProElite mess, but why not fight in strikeforce, where he could come in and fight Ishida or Melendez for a shot at Thompson. I know he could fight Ishida in Dream, with the revenge angle, but if I’m an American, I’m avoiding Dream like the plague right now…

  • Robert says:

    I love how people here think that they know what’s better for Alvarez than his management team and Eddie himself.People never stop amazing me with there arrogance.There are other places for people to fight besides the UFC and WEC.You might as well get it in your head not all the good fighters out there are fighting for the UFC .Believe it or not some may not want too.

  • Chris says:

    I lost respect for this kid. I thought he was a guy who wanted to fight the best, fuck that is his backed by ESPN, its on Deportes, not the main 2 ESPN channels, plus there is no big top talent to bring in. Who? Unless they can get Dream fighters, even still, wow. He will fight cans for an upstart org that will probably die in a year. What a joke. I wanted to see him fight real LW top guys, he could have stepped in to the UFC and fought Diaz, Stevenson, Edgar, Sherk, Griffin, Huerta etc right away and if he wins fights, he would be a star. Fighting for a nothing upstart org who has no big talent, what a joke. Dont say oh you dont know whats good for him, look I get it, he probably will get more money to fight bums and win the whole shit, be the main guy for the org, but dont expect anyone to take you serious as one of the top LW in the world cause you ran from the UFC. And yes, the UFC has the best talent, so one or two guys out there he can fight, then what? Tell me BJ, Huerta, Diaz, Danzig, Edgar, Kenny, Sherk, Griffin, etc, there are the top talent, big names, top fighters, he comes in and beats them, he is a star. I just think its stupid, its mostly cause I think he could be a big star, and I wanted to see him fight in the top org, fighting the best in the world. Anyway, so Eddie Alverez is gonna make this org last? I dont think so. They need to land about 15 more TOP 10 Fighters, spread out for each of the divs, atleast 3 top 10 guys each div to even catch my interest. That isnt gonna happen. What WW are they gonna get? Shields is coming to the UFC, that means the whole top 10 WW are in the UFC, how is that div gonna be? What a joke. Either dont bother, or all these other orgs need to join up, Aff, EXC, Strikeforce, Cage Rage, Bellator, Dream, etc, they all needed to joint up into one org, than they would have a decent roster that would still be way behind the UFC, but would be ok. What WW are there gonna be? What FW are they gonna get? The best FW are in the WEC. Oh, Reis? Wow. What MW? Paulo, the fuck up? Probably someone like Ninja, or Radjach, I think Lawler and Radjach should be in the UFC. I think this is gonna be a glorified IFL, thats what it is, except its backed by ESPN, Deportes, but still ESPN the name backing an MMA org, thats why people think it could work. But its just gonna be another IFL that is dead within a year.

  • fightfan says:

    @Sam Caplan or 5ozof pain staff………..

    Why are some guys able to sign with other promotions, while others are still struggling to get free of Pro Elites grip??? You got a top fighter Eddie A here that seemed to sign with ease for another organization….while Jake shields said that Pro Elite is preventing him from being a free agent…telling him, as they tell others that they “STILL” plan on holding events in 09. (LOL).

    Anyone have this answer???? Why can some simply go and sign, while others are having troubles??


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