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Sources: Major changes made within the WEC’s front office

Multiple sources have revealed to within the past seven days that Zuffa-owned World Extreme Cagefighting has made two notable changes to its front office.

Scott Adams and Reed Harris were the original co-owners of the WEC prior to selling it to Zuffa in 2006 and remained with the promotion in high-level positions following the acquisition.

Adams had been serving with the promotion as its primary matchmaker and is considered by many within the industry to be one of the best in the business. Meanwhile, Harris had remained in charge of the WEC’s production during the post-acquisition period.

While Adams and Harris are still with the promotion, separate sources have informed Five Ounces of Pain that the two are no longer serving in their original roles and are working with the company in a reduced capacity.

In regards to Adams, sources indicated that he was held responsible for middleweight prospect Jake Rosholt’s victory over Nissen Osterneck making the telecast of WEC 36 on VERSUS earlier this month instead of a lightweight bout between former WEC champion “Razor” Rob McCullough and Donald Cerrone.

Rosholt is a three-time NCAA wrestling champion but displayed raw standup ability during his second round TKO over Osterneck. Meanwhile, McCullough and Cerrone were not only competing for the right to take on WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner but ended up earning the show’s “Fight of the Night” honors in a three-round war. WEC television producers tried to fit the fight into the telecast but did not have a time window big enough.

The decision to televise Rosholt vs. Osterneck instead of McCullough vs. Cerrone was not a matter of hindsight because the WEC was contractually obligated to broadcast Rosholt’s match. The fact that Adams awarded Rosholt a contractual provision that mandated his fights be televised is believed to be a central issue in Adams having his power within the organization usurped.

UFC Vice President of Talent Relations Joe Silva is said to be handling matchmaking responsibilities for both the UFC and the WEC.

Five Ounces of Pain attempted to contact both Harris and Adams but was unsuccessful. A number supplied for Harris was no longer in service with no forwarding number given. A call placed to Adams was disconnected and he did not answer the phone during subsequent attempts to reach him.

  • steve says:

    honestly i don’t think this one little screwup is enough for them to be demoted within the org. i feel that with what they have they’ve been doing just as well as UFC with all of the amazing cards they have put together.

  • JOe K. says:

    Here’s the solution that that problem: Have an event that is longer than 2 televised hours.

    For a card that big you need at least 3 hours with all of those commercials and with the programming on VS. no one will miss anything even if they make it 5 hours.

  • Stan the Caddy says:

    Interesting stipulation in Rosholt’s contract. It certainly was disappointing to have that match televised as opposed to Razor vs. Cowboy. Not that the fight was shitty by any means but Rosholt is just too green atm for my tastes.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Weird… I mean, unless you’re getting paid really well, I’d almost NOT want to be televised. More tape / PVR material for other fighters to watch. I’m assuming this was probably related to sponsorships, though.

  • JoHn says:

    i think adams does a better job than silva in matchmaking, but thats just my opinion, i mean take the latest rumor of liddell vs couture #357, not a fight i am tremendously interested in considering all the other fights that could be more interesting


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