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Phillipe Nover Blog: Dana gets a hug from Polakowski, Junie’s outburst, picking a semi-final opponent, and more

I really enjoyed last night’s episode. The fight was exiting and it really showed the personality of both fighters. The fight was between the two nicest guys in the house. I would find it more difficult to fight someone who happens to be a really nice guy rather then fight an asshole.

George Roop is quiet and soft-spoken and has a really “chill” attitude about fighting. I could sit and talk to him and feel really comfortable.

As for John “the hug monster” Polakowski, he is just one big package of fun! How could you dislike the guy? Every day he would see you he’d start it off with a great big hug. At first it was kind of weird but after getting to know the guy it was fun.  He gave such a friendly feeling to the house.  John and I got along so well. He is so nice that I couldn’t imagine him hurting someone in the cage. The funniest thing I could remember is when he hugged Dana after his fight. That was hilarious!

I felt bad for Roop. Everyone knows how difficult it was to come that far and get into the house. Even though he hurt his thumb his spirit never shattered. From the looks of the thing and with my medical background, it appeared broken.  His thumb injury just made him seem even more hungry for battle. Who would want to have the fight of your life with an apparent thumb fracture? He has the heart of a lion. Not to many fighters have that mental ability. That is what makes him scary.

Pre-fight you saw Nogueira tease Roop. It was all fun and games.  Big ‘Nog is a really down to Earth guy. As you can see he comes over the house every night before one of us fight. I’m glad he did. Even if his advice was really basic and not very strategic, it still raised our spirits and as a fighter you felt stronger and more ready.  Again, might I add how happy I was to be on the red team!?

I thought the fight was pretty action packed. It was back and forth.  I would have to agree with Dana and would have rather saw a third round. I guess the judges gave lots of credit for Roop’s takedowns.  It was an all out battle and even though John lost I hope to see him still in the UFC.

In the post-fight carnage you saw John drinking for peace. John is really funny guy when he gets drunk. You can’t help but love the guy. Then you saw Junie get pissed at a few guys for throwing food at us in the jacuzzi.

Junie has a really short temper and sometimes people just want to push his buttons to have him react, as you saw in the previous episode where he’s trying to fight everyone in the pool.  Spike didn’t show how that actually escalated.  They continued throwing food as us and pretty soon someone got so mad that a beer bottle flew up into the kitchen and shattered on the floor. I’m not going to say who threw it. It just got worse from there.

For the semi-finals, as you all can see I chose Roop. It is my sole strategy to enter into the finals and take the easiest fight. I think Roop was the weakest link but not because of his skill level, as he is very skilled in all areas of fighting. I felt Roop was weak because he was injured. He had a hurt thumb and he had just fought. Look at his eye. He only had a week to recover from John before he fought me.  If he was wasn’t that injured then I might have chosen someone else.

  • damon says:

    Last night’s episode also leaked that Junie was in the finals. During the food fight, Junie ran up the stairs and some one told him to cool it because he was already in the finals. Hopefully you can walk over him in the finals unless he’s been kicked off in the future.

  • brad says:

    if any one noticed in one of the Dana VBLOGS leadin up to UFC91… he ran into Junie, saying he had been kicked off once, he wasnt gonna screw it up again….??? something bout him training at Xtreme Coture now, and those guys, i guess Forrest and Randy etc were saying how much he has improved and quit drinkin…. its the last VBLog from last week i think

  • Stan the Caddy says:

    I was a little pissed when that spoiler about Junie happened. Pretty shitty editing on Spike’s behalf. Looking forward to the fights next week.

  • goodguy says:

    It is refreshing to hear honesty instead of macho b-s coming from a talented young fighter. Kudos for choosing who you feel would give you the easiest path to the finals.

    I hope that Junie doesn’t get kicked off the show as a punishment for his antics. His real punishment should come from your fists in the finals. Good luck Nover! Win one for the Goodguys!!!

  • kdawg says:

    From Bader: “We fight the semifinals on the second to last and last day, the “pork chop” incident happened before this so Spike did not screw up and leak that Juni was in the finals. They were talking about the semi finals, just to clear that up.”

  • goodguy says:

    on a side note–I will believe that Junie is fighting in the final when he actually steps in the octagon. I am forgetting about the spoilers. He is just a lighter version of Jesse. Pathetic. Anything can happen in the down time waiting on the Finale.

  • tom says:

    I think there is a chance that the person meant “semi-finals” not “finals” when talking to Junie, because after the semi-finals everyone leaves the house and goes home to get ready for the finals……just a thought

  • Robert N. says:

    You looked really worked up going into the cage during the previews, lol.

    I wanted John to win that fight at first but Roop won me over with his heart and generally superior skill level. Smart reasons though, for picking Roop–you can be prideful and fight only the best badasses in perfect health after you’ve been champ a while. :)

    Good luck.

  • Jake says:

    So you picked a guy because he was injured so you could have the easiest path to the finals? That seems wrong to me. They should have pulled Roop if he was that injured and brought in an alternate.

    I realize no one is 100% going into a fight, but it was so obvious from Roop’s fight that he couldn’t throw his right hand much. He was basically jabbing and wrestling his way to victory. I have no doubt you will destroy him next week so why should I even watch?

  • THORAZINE says:

    I thought it was bad editing on Spike’s part as well, I’m pretty damn sure Junie is in the finals. John is hilarious, and Roop is a great guy as well, him n’ John hug before the fight was definitely a 1st! Even if Roop was a 100% healthy I’m sure Phillipe would beat him each rnd. Thanks for the write up!

  • steve says:

    i really dont like this guy, the whole season.

  • Dominic says:

    What fight did ya’ll watch anyway. I am not trying to critize too harshly but come on. Roop took Pol down about 2 mins. into the fight and dominated on the ground. He kept busy with punches on the ground especially wwhile in his guard. When he took his back he kept with the punches and inside elbows. Not to mention he was going for the choke. Granted he could not sink it as nicely as if he had two good hands but he still attempted the sub. I like Pol and he did rock Roop a couple of times but that does not mean he wins the round. He did not OUTSCORE Roop in the 2nd round. If you do not believe watch the fight again and pay attention to the time things take place.

  • chuntsmanbjj says:

    i agree with dominic

  • weoweoweo says:

    you better win this season and compete in the UFC card in the philippines.. hehe. goodluck.. :)


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