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Josh Hendricks released by the UFC following loss to Gabriel Gonzaga

Josh Hendricks’ tenure with the UFC has ended after just one fight, as the heavyweight fighter has been released in the wake of his first round knockout loss against former UFC heavyweight title contender Gabriel Gonzaga. confirmed the news early Thursday morning with Hendricks’ agent, Ken Pavia of MMA Agents.

“By mutual decree, we decided it was best for Josh to get additional fights outside of the UFC,” Pavia informed Five Ounces of Pain during an interview. “Fighting in front of 15,000 people was overwhelming. As much as we tried to prepare Josh, there was nothing we could do to replicate it. Josh will get bigger and stronger and learn from the experience.”

Hendricks, who is 15-5 in 20 professional fights, landed a UFC contract after putting together a streak of 10 consecutive fights without sustaining a loss.

A talented wrestler in college, the 32-year old was a part of Randy Couture’s training camp in anticipation of Couture’s heavyweight title defense against Brock Lesnar at UFC 91 this past weekend.

The UFC currently has over 180 fighters on its roster and is expected to attempt to reduce its roster to 140 over the course of the next several months. Hendricks joins Fabricio Werdum, Paulo Filho, Marcus Aurelio, Jason Lambert, Jon Fitch, and Christian Wellisch as fighters to have been released by Zuffa in recent weeks.

  • Robert says:

    Josh Hendrick’s should have never been matched up with Gabe Gonzaga to begin with he was way out of his league.If you look at the list of opponents each guy fought there was a huge difference in competition.

  • red says:

    Totally and Gabe should fight Kongo next. Bot of them have been given a step down in the comp level.

  • Robert says:

    I was disappointed at ufc for this fight, gonzaga earned the main card grant it, but hendricks did not, thus making this a lopsided fight even though hendricks was currently undefeated, but not undefeated in the ufc making his appearance unwarranted, hendricks was fed to the wolves, and gonzaga ate him up, maybe next time the ufc will match up an unknown w/ an unknown. maybe and unknown w/ an unknown, them move them up to the likes of the ufc heavyweight wolves….

  • Bullylover says:

    To Red- I agree did you ever even hear of the last opponent Kongo fought. He was a nobody and showed it in the cage.At least if these two fight it’ll be an interesting match up though i’ll have to give it to Gonzaga due to the fac that Kongo isn’t close to the caliber Gonzaga is on the ground.

  • matthew says:

    It would appear the UFC is taking the broom to its fight roster. Any chance that broom might sweep the upper floors also? The ones making decisions that will open doors for fans to explore other organizations now and in the future?

    I think not.


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