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New MMA promotion scheduled to announce launch later this week

A new promotion to be known as the World Cagefighting Alliance is scheduled to announce its planned launch later this week, has learned.

Sources within the organization confirmed to us that the WCA plans to adopt the same business model as Strikeforce, with the notable exception that it will operate in the Northeastern corridor of the United States as opposed to the West Coast.

WCA’s founders are looking to build up the East Coast MMA scene and take advantage of a void created by the demise of both the International Fight League and Elite Xtreme Combat, both of which promoted several major events in the Northeast region.

The promotion is also expected to rely on a management team that has vast experience in promoting MMA events in the past. When the WCA announces its launch later this week, has learned that three-time heavyweight kickboxing champion Derek Panza will serve as the promotion’s president. He is being to be joined by former Cage Fury Fighting Championship matchmaker Gary Marino along with former UFC and IFL Operations Manager Keith Evans.

The WCA’s first event is scheduled for February 6  at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, N.J. and the promotion will be looking to promote four to six events a year. While the organization’s first event will be in New Jersey, there are plans already in place to expand into New York and Pennsylvania once MMA becomes regulated in the respective states.

While fights for the Feb. 6 event have yet to be confirmed, the card is expected to include some of the top fighters from the East Coast MMA scene. The WCA is also believed to be open with working with other partners in the MMA industry and that the organization is specifically looking to partner with local businesses in promoting its events.

  • modogg says:

    sounds like great news. I’m sure the potential is even greater then Strikeforce’s. California is big, but if they can represent NJ, PA, and NY, among all of the other surrounding states, it can really get a big following. let’s hope it is managed correctly and can be around for a longtime.

  • Patrick says:

    If they bring more light to V.A. mma and the people within it… I’m all for it. We need more shows, people, interest, anything here. Badly.

    There’s only so much Lloyd Irvins camps and the interspersed DLR/Gracie camps can do around here.

  • egad81 says:

    AC is the center of MMA on the entire east coast. you get fighters from everywhere. this should be good.
    Gary Marino has all the fighters on speed dial.

  • Infernal says:

    On paper this sounds like great news for a lot of people.

    If it can position itself correctly, I’d think that the WCA would fill a useful void on the East Coast – great for both MMA fans and fighters who won’t need to travel so far to compete. As in most sports, you need multiple competition levels and the regional-level focus sounds like a business model that could work as it would provide fighters with the opportunity to gain tougher professional level experience before entering the national stage. Those with good records coming out of organizations such as this and looking to enter the big leagues would then be in a better position in terms of their skills and their negotiating ability.

    It’s also good news for the bigger organizations too – which to be honest is simply the UFC as Affliction has only one event in the bag so far. With more regional organizations, talented fighters outside the UFC will be more dispersed making it potentially more difficult for competition to get together to oppose the UFC on a national level. It should also be good for UFC recruitment policy as it’ll be easier to gauge the abilities of fighters that they might want to bring into the UFC. Plus those that they do bring in could have a decent fanbase already established.

    A couple of other thoughts:

    If you’re not the UFC, co-promotion is essential. If it gets off the ground, I could see some Strikeforce vs WCA events where fighters and champions from each organisation go up against each other. Similar to the IFL concept but simply not on such a regular basis, maybe once a year at best. It’d be a classic East vs West battle or the Rose Bowl of MMA.

    I’m sure the WCA would love Eddie Alvarez to headline that first card – I wonder if that’s possible… Monte Cox might have ideas of his own for Adrenaline/Extreme Challenge.

  • Matt says:

    This is great news as I’m from Jersey and would love to see more local MMA.

  • steve says:

    this is perfect, first event on my birthday and right in jersey.

  • egad81 says:

    I wonder what will happen to promotions like BCX & ROC with this new abbreviation on the east coast? Thats where some good co-promoting could take place.


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